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Marvin stared blankly at the group!

What was going on today? No less than five powerful Legends gathered in the small White River Valley!

Druid, Night Walker, Wizard, Monk, Shadow Thief!

Add Ivan to this lineup and they could even slaughter a god!

And not just a god’s avatar, but a true god!

Of course, it would be some of the weaker gods.

This group of amazing Legends appeared in White River Valley. It really astounded Marvin too much.

Both sides also discovered one another.

As Hathaway’s group had come uninvited, Constantine’s group felt somewhat weird.

"You invited others?" He walked over and asked Marvin, surprised.

He looked at Marvin with a strange expression.

A small countryside Lord could actually invite those three powerhouses!

Among those three Legends, he wasn’t too familiar with Hathaway because she had recently advanced. But Inheim and that Shadow Thief were relatively active Legends in the south.

Even if these experts didn’t meet each other, they would still know of the myths about the others.

In the Legend realm, they could recognize the subjects of those myths by looking at them.

"You should be the distinguished Inheim who keeps chasing after the Shadow Prince’s avatar?"

"This person should be [Owl] who fought against the Ancient Red Dragon Ell a few days ago?"

"And that lady is…"

Constantine looked toward Hathaway but was actually unable to come up with a name.

"I am Hathaway, Ashes Tower’s Master." Hathaway gently raised her chin. "I recently advanced to Legend rank."

"The day before yesterday to be exact."

Constantine displayed an expression of understanding. "Turns out you recently advanced, no wonder I didn’t hear about you."

At that time, Inheim who had kept quiet suddenly took a step forward and addressed Constantine, "[Demon Hunter] Constantine. I heard rumors about you."

"And this lady is a powerful Druid, you should be [Endless Ocean] I presume. [Eternal Tree] mentioned you. He said that you are the Druid with the greatest chance of becoming one of the most powerful of our time."

Everyone gathered and started chatting for a while, leaving Marvin to the side.

Marvin actually felt pretty awkward. He couldn’t just butt in the discussion between those Legends.

Every Legend had some pride. When they met someone who was on an equal footing, they would answer with an attitude befitting their status.

They continued chatting for a moment before realizing something.

Their gazes all focused on Marvin.

It would be a lie to say that Marvin wasn’t under a lot of pressure when being stared at by five Legends.

He coughed, "Honored Legends… To tell the truth, I didn’t expect White River Valley to welcome so many outstanding powerhouses today."

"Everyone certainly has something to say, or to ask."

"But we should put the discussion off for now."

Constantine nodded and entered the castle first with Endless Ocean.

And Hathaway looked at Inheim and that Shadow Thief called "Owl". Seeing them nod, she followed Marvin in.

From seeing that, Marvin guessed that Hathaway didn’t have much authority within that group.

She had to consult Inheim and Owl first.

‘What happened, to make Hathaway suddenly pay a visit?’

Marvin’s brain was filled with questions. He brought the five outstanding guests to an unused living room.

A grand discussion slowly started.

"So your target is the Crimson Patriarch? That leader from the Twin Snakes Cult?"

In the conference room, Marvin had started first and explained his own plan on behalf of Constantine’s side.

After listening, the Shadow Thief Owl laughed. "I heard you two joined hands and still let that snake escape, tsk…"

He had a malicious gaze, even carrying a hint of provocation.

Constantine and Endless Ocean looked very calm.

"The Crimson Patriarch is very sly. A lot of people try to kill him and end up failing. I don’t want any interference with this plan."

Constantine gently added, "The lives of Baron Marvin’s entire family and territory are being used as bait. I don’t want this plan of ours to get ruined."

Owl sneered, "You think we came to this damnable area to join you in playing house?"

"What does the Crimson Patriarch even count as…"

But Inheim suddenly interrupted and said, "Mister Owl, the Demon Hunter and Endless Ocean aren’t our enemies."

"We only have one enemy, and that is the Shadow Prince. Please stay clear on this point."

Owl dully shrugged.

It could be seen that he was quite respectful of Inheim, and even somewhat afraid!

Inheim was able to beat the Shadow Prince’s avatar like a dog when he was wearing the Void Boots, let alone a mere Legend Shadow Thief.

"The Shadow Prince?"

Hearing this, Marvin had a premonition.

"That’s right, the Shadow Prince!"

Hathaway looked at Marvin, smiling, "Are you surprised?"

"In at most two weeks, the Shadow Prince’s new avatar will finish forming. He would set off from the God Realm and go through the Universe Magic Pool to arrive in Feinan."

"And all we have to do is to kill him after he descends, while he hasn’t completely adapted to Feinan’s restrictions yet!"

Inheim supplemented, "More than just killing."

"If it was only killing, I could do that by myself, but we need to do more."

‘Hold on!’

Marvin reacted immediately. "You mean, the Shadow Prince’s avatar will descend in…"

"White River Valley?"

He looked at the three with an disbelieving look.

Is there really such luck?

The Shadow Thief Owl looked at Marvin as if he was looking at an idiot. "What else?"

"Do you think I would come to this lousy place? A territory without a high-class brothel?"

It was quiet in the conference room for a moment.

A long three hour discussion ensued.

Marvin almost felt like collapsing from exhaustion at the end.

The information from Hathaway’s sudden visit was really too important.

But in the end, Marvin was far more pleasantly surprised than shocked!

According to the forecast of the Great Druid, [Eternal Tree], the Shadow Prince’s new avatar would descend in White River Valley!

And Inheim who had kept chasing the Shadow Prince was weary of the repetition, so he thought of a new plan.

Thus he looked for Hathaway and Owl to coordinate with him.

In any case, the three would inevitably live in the castle as guests for the next two weeks.

This meant that White River Valley would have no less than five Legends standing guard there!

Five Legends!

What kind of situation was that?

Marvin had originally prepared a series of plans to kill the Crimson Patriarch, afraid that Endless Ocean and Constantine wouldn’t manage to take care of that snake.

But now...

He suddenly somewhat sympathized with the Crimson Patriarch!

Because the five Legends had reached a unanimous agreement.

Since they were all gathered together, they could also act together. Regardless of whether it was the Crimson Patriarch or the Shadow Prince, as long as they didn’t appear together, the five would be able to join forces to deal with them.

Five Legends!

There might not be a stronger lineup in all of East Coast!

Marvin was standing on the castle’s highest balcony, overlooking the distant White River.

After the end of the meeting, Inheim took out four protective talismans and gifted them to the other Legends. These protective talismans were said to have been personally crafted by Eternal Tree and could be used to hide one’s aura.

Originally, if it was only to handle the Crimson Patriarch, they could have hidden their auras with their own power.

But the crafty Shadow Prince wasn’t as easy to deceive.

Hathaway and the others made proper preparations for this plan.

The previous attempt on her life left a huge shadow on Hathaway’s heart.

If not for Marvin’s timely warning, she might have died under the Shadow Prince’s attack.

But she had now reached the Legend rank thanks to the Book of Nalu and naturally wanted to settle that problem.

"I heard you stole eleven golden bulls from the Twin Snakes Cult’s Hidden Granary, but I only saw one." A voice suddenly spoke from behind him.

"This is the room of the Lord of this castle."

Marvin didn’t turn and continued, "Only the Overlord and his lady can come in."

"Is it?" Hathaway walked over and leaned on the railing next to Marvin.

Marvin took a glance… and his eyes couldn’t help but twitch.

‘Hathaway, this woman… She actually changed to that six year old appearance again!’

She was wearing a simple dress that looked pleasant, but her voice sounded abnormally mature.

"Eh? I forgot the voice change." Hathaway suddenly also noticed that point. The last word sounded extremely cute.

Marvin began to have a headache.

This Ashes Tower’s Master could definitely be described as weird.

He didn’t know why she came here!

"Thank you," Hathaway quietly said.

Marvin shook his head. "You also helped me quite a lot."

"No, I wouldn’t have been able to advance that quickly without the Book of Nalu."

Hathaway’s expression was hard to decipher. "You saw me when I was most frightened."

"If it were an ordinary person, I would have thrown a [Mind Wipe]."

Hearing this, Marvin felt his blood run cold.

But the next second, Hathaway suddenly stood on tiptoe and kissed Marvin.

Marvin froze where he stood.

"Like it?" she asked.

Marvin blankly nodded, his brain vacant.

Hathaway turned around and left, her laughter echoing like a silver bell, "Such a small girl kissed you and you enjoyed it that much, I didn’t expect you to be a lolicon!"

"Unfortunately you have to remember that I kissed you, not the other way around."

"If you want to be the active one… You’ll have to quickly become a Legend."

Hathaway’s small silhouette disappeared in a shadow of the castle.

Marvin still hadn’t reacted. That kiss felt like an illusion.

He even feebly looked at his logs, but there was no [You have been kissed for the first time] kind of idiotic message.

"First time you got intimate with a girl? Little Marvin?"

A lazy voice echoed behind him.

Marvin suddenly turned. He didn’t know since when, but the Shadow Thief was also leaning on the railing, happily laughing at Marvin.

"Chasing after a Seer is quite straining, don’t you think?"

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