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Somehow, Marvin felt that the current Owl was a lot nicer than he was earlier in the conference room.

He was watching Marvin’s expression with some amusement, but didn’t have the disdain and hostility he had toward Constantine’s group earlier.

Shadow Thieves always appeared and disappeared unpredictably. He had never crossed paths with the Legend Shadow Thief in the past, so today was the first time they met.

"Maybe there are people more troublesome than Seers in this world," Marvin ambiguously answered.

Owl unexpectedly nodded. "Yeah, Seers are a bunch of overconfident people. They think they can look into the future, but the future isn’t that simple."

"The future we see now could change in less than a second because of a single difference."

"The future is an ever changing world. Seers can only see one corner of that world."

Marvin’s heart became cold.

This Owl was really out of the ordinary. He was obviously a Shadow Thief, but his insight exceeded this era.

His understanding of the future was a little closer to how the gods commonly thought of it.

Before Marvin could say anything, Owl suddenly said something mysterious.

"You look a lot like her."


"Who?" Marvin was curious.

"Your paternal grandmother." The Shadow Thief turned a bit to the side and for a moment, he looked like he was shrouded in shadow.


Marvin couldn’t help but be surprised.

"Hey, Kid, you underestimated my age, didn’t you?"

Owl’s laughed, appearing somewhat pleased. "I fought with your grandfather back in the day… But I wasn’t a Legend at that time."

"Later, he and his wife came to this countryside area and they never returned north."

"I was also recently invited by Hathaway, and suddenly realized there was a place in this world called White River Valley."

Though Owl was smiling, his tone carried a hint of loneliness.

Marvin felt a little awkward.

Someone from the same generation as Marvin’s grandfather? And it looked like his relationship with Marvin’s grandfather was also rather subtle.

‘Hold on, he said my grandfather came from the north?’

Marvin had always been curious about his mysterious grandfather and immediately asked, "Were you close with him? My grandfather?"

‘Close? No way," Owl calmly said. "He was a young master born to an influential family. He couldn’t avoid rebelling when he was young and thus left home. He adventured outside and incidentally met me, the poor kid. It was that kind of scenario. However, although he already died a long time ago, I still hate that he showed up that day."

"He appeared and snatched the girl I liked. I was heartbroken at that time."

Marvin immediately got a headache. He hadn’t expected it to be such a melodramatic story.

Anyhow, was it really necessary to bring up that kind of thing?

Marvin had no interest in the love triangle of these old men. What caught his attention was hearing that his grandfather was actually the son of an influential family in the north.

His origin wasn’t an insignificant matter. In the White River Valley family tree, Marvin had investigated his grandfather’s notes, and there were very few mentions about his deeds.

It just said that he was a wandering Wizard who got lucky while clearing a territory in the wilderness.

Marvin had always been skeptical about this identity. How could a wandering Wizard get a hold of a Ninth Month Medal?

How could a wandering Wizard keep such a strange and mystical thing in a hidden room? A thing that was attracting the attention of so many people?

If his grandfather was an offspring of a influential clan in the north, that could explain everything.

But when Marvin asked Owl more things about his grandfather, Owl seemed to have lost interest.

"Seize the opportunity, Little Marvin. People often meet the right girl, but overlook it."

"I know that feeling. You currently have too much pressure, busy raising your own strength, busy defending your own territory. But sometimes, strings that are stretched too tightly will easily snap."

"Oh right, let me give you something before leaving."

"This is a small thing your grandmother liked the most. I am very clumsy, so it took me such a long time to learn it."

The Shadow Thief then suddenly vanished.

A pure white paper crane flew down, landing on Marvin’s hand.

Marvin carefully took a look at this paper crane to see if there was anything special about it when suddenly, it merged into Marvin’s body!

He hurriedly looked at his logs, and the outcome made him overjoyed.

[You received a Unique Secret Skill taught by the Legend Shadow Thief – Origami]

[Origami (49)]: You are currently in the first training phase of Origami. You have the skill to fold paper into any shape. The material used determines the nature of the origami.

Behind the precipitous cliff was the castle city’s tallest peak.

There was one obstacle remaining.

Marvin took a deep breath while facing the uneven cliff, directly rushing up!

Anti-Gravity Steps!


He quickly walked up the near vertical cliff face and arrived near the hilltop in the blink of an eye!


A stone fell from under Marvin’s feet, making him stumble and almost fall down.

He grabbed the corner of the hilltop and used some force to pull himself up. He rose up in the air before stably landing on the ground.

"They said I could find you there," Marvin said, still somewhat gasping for breath. Climbing this peak was still very challenging even with his dexterity.

Sixteen year old Hathaway was wearing a red dress as she stood on the peak, barefoot, and looked toward the west.

She quietly murmured, "You need me for something?"

Marvin walked forward and stood next to her. "I saw many things regarding the Crimson Patriarch."

"Why don’t you tell them yourself?" Hathaway’s voice was very soft. She seemed quite gentle in her young lady form.

"Regarding my Seer’s identity, isn’t it better to hide it?" Marvin whispered.

"Yes," Hathaway softly said, "I’ll let them know those important pieces of information you tell me."

"This time, the Crimson Patriarch will definitely not leave White River Valley. Of course, there is still Glynos."

Her voice trembled slightly when she said that last name.

Marvin nodded.

He had originally planned to tell the old blacksmith, but since there was a more suitable candidate now, it was a lot better to let Hathaway pass on these pieces of information to the Legends.

The Crimson Patriarch was very sly and had many life saving tricks!

In Marvin’s memories, he had more than 6 life saving items in addition to 3 kinds of escape techniques. And he was extremely cautious and cunning, so even if a Legend wanted to kill him, it would be very difficult.

If he was no match for his opponent, he would quickly flee. This guy totally lacked the pride of a powerhouse.

But Marvin remembered that there was one small team of Legends from a high ranked player guild that had managed to push the Crimson Patriarch against a wall.

If not for the Green Sky Patriarch suddenly appearing to save him, he might have truly died that time!

But after that fight, the Crimson Patriarch’s trump cards had all been exposed. Marvin, as a Ruler of the Night, already wanted to slaughter that fat fish, so he had always been paying attention to any information about the Crimson Patriarch. But unfortunately, he still hadn’t met the Crimson Patriarch before he transmigrated.

But he also hadn’t expected that he would come in contact with the Crimson Patriarch so soon after his transmigration.

This time, he couldn’t act himself. He had to strike with the help of others.

In fact, Marvin’s plan only needed Constantine and Endless Ocean to kill the current Crimson Patriarch.

Because he knew all his cards!

His plan was foolproof.

What’s more, now there were three more Legends. He simply couldn’t imagine how the Crimson Patriarch could escape!

After all, information was always the most important resource. Marvin was familiar with a lot of powerhouses’ cards and tricks. This in itself was a huge advantage.

When Marvin decided to bring those eleven golden bulls back to his territory, the Crimson Patriarch’s fate had already been sealed!

"There are so many life saving means." Hathaway frowned. "No wonder the Demon Hunter and Endless Ocean couldn’t catch him."

"Your Seer’s visions are a bit different from mine, they’re so clear…"

There were some doubts in her eyes.

Marvin forced a smile. He was about to take a step closer to Hathaway, but how could he have expected the young girl to suddenly ask, "Is that all you had to say?"


The next second, a huge power twisted around Marvin!


"If you’ve said everything, you can go." Hathaway was still using that gentle and tender tone.

A powerful force threw Marvin down from the peak!

Just as he was approaching the ground, his descent slowed, making Marvin dizzy.


He plunged head first into the wheat field. A nearby farmer showed a stunned expression.

"Lord Marvin…" He cautiously asked.

"It’s fine, it’s fine." Marvin forced a smile as he crawled up. He inwardly raised a middle finger toward that peak.

"Damn… One day, this Lord will…"

He didn’t even dare to think about the rest of the sentence. Hathaway was a Seer and a Legend. Things involving her could definitely be easily perceived. It was better to stay careful.

On the peak, Hathaway stood up.

"Without being a Legend, you don’t have the qualifications to stand alongside me," she softly whispered.

But at that time, a joking voice echoed beside her. "Tsk tsk, very subtle."

"No wonder Jiska said that it was in women’s nature to play with people’s hearts…"

Shadow Thief Owl.

Hathaway’s expression didn’t change. "Is that all you had to say?"

Owl grimaced awkwardly as his mouth hurriedly said, "Don’t make the posture too unsightly…"



Another shadow was thrown down, ruthlessly smashing into the wheat field!

She hadn’t stopped at all this time. A huge hole appeared in the field.

The Legend Shadow Thief’s fall wasn’t interrupted. Hathaway wasn’t lenient with him.

Seeing the two men mumbling stuff at each other after coming out of the wheat field, Hathaway suddenly was in a good mood.

But unfortunately, there wasn’t a third tactless person around for her to throw down.

Truly regretful...

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