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In the afternoon, the news of Lord Marvin coming back with eleven golden bulls spread through the entire territory.

According to those who went to look, each golden bull could spew out endless amounts of food.

And Lord Marvin was the only one able to make those bulls spit food by using a mysterious technique.

As if to confirm the rumor, before night fell, each household near the castle received a lot of food from the guards.

That food could last until fall.

As for the few remote farmer households, Marvin announced that they would soon receive their food too.

Soon, the people of White River Valley were all excited.

Such a big food issue was settled by the magical Lord Marvin just like that!

Marvin’s prestige in the territory rose straight up, even surpassing his father’s, and catching up with that of his grandfather, who was a Wizard!

But not everyone was happy about it.

There were always some unstable factors in the territory.

Some people discreetly spread the news out. That evening, some stories of Baron Marvin and the eleven golden bulls were spread through some taverns of River Shore City.

If Old Tucker and that 3rd rank Wizard knew, they might have died from anger.

They had schemed to protect Marvin, but didn’t expect that he would directly swagger back to his territory with the golden bulls.

Even if doing so could increase the territory’s morale, it would also leave clues to track down!

The other Officer Cleric might not know about the eleven golden bulls’ origins, but the Crimson Patriarch definitely knew.

Because these eleven golden bulls were enchanted by King Cobra on his orders.

Once this news reached his ear, Marvin and the entire White River Valley would fall into a huge crisis!

Naturally, ordinary people wouldn’t know this.

Even Anna and the garrison’s members were deeply impressed by Marvin’s amazing performance and didn’t think too much about it.

But it was different for Marvin.

Late at night, in the study.

Marvin silently took out a special candle and very carefully lit it.

The candle gently burned and the glow formed a vague pattern.

A few chaotic noises were emitted.

After a while, an impatient voice was transmitted from it.

"Why did you look for me this quickly? Is something up?"

This was the voice of the old blacksmith.

Like the Twin Snakes Cult, the Night Walker organization also had their own communication method.

This special candle was very precious, and could allow one to communicate with the chosen Night Walker from long distance.

Marvin composed himself and said, "Obviously I have good reason for looking for you."

"In fact, it’s about the Crimson Patriarch."

"I have a plan, I need your help."

The old blacksmith was silent for a moment before saying, "Talk."

"I need you to contact that Night Walker chasing the Crimson Patriarch!"

Marvin calmly said, "I already have a plan ready, but I need the strength of the organization."

Ten minutes later, Marvin’s candle burned out.

When he was in the underground river this morning, Marvin had carefully thought about this problem.

Should he secretly carry those eleven golden bulls back to White River Valley, or do it out in the open?

The latter would surely attract the attention of the Twin Snakes Cult.

And since Marvin transmigrated, he was always careful about fighting with this kind of large evil power openly.

He had also carefully considered when he took away that Fearless set.

But while he was floating on the underground river, he recalled the conversation between King Cobra and the Crimson Patriarch!

At that time, the Crimson Patriarch seemed to be hunted down by a Night Walker.

Marvin suddenly realized that the current him wasn’t that loner from the game anymore. He had actually forgotten that his current self was no longer that unsociable Ruler of the Night.

The current Marvin was a Night Walker with an organization, and he also had quite a few friends.

Even if his strength was a bit lacking, the forces he could mobilize were sufficient to bury the Crimson Patriarch!

He carefully thought it through for a very long time before making a bold decision!

And that was to openly bring the eleven golden bulls back into his territory.

Thus, the news would soon spread. The Crimson Patriarch would definitely come to the White River Valley.

Marvin knew that based on the Crimson Patriarch’s level of ability, even if that Legend Night Walker and Legend Druid teamed up, they wouldn’t be able to catch him. If he was unable to beat them, he would definitely run away.

If the Crimson Patriarch escaped, that Night Walker would definitely be very annoyed.

With all this in mind, Marvin came forth with his daring plan!

Use himself and White River Valley as a bait.

Force the Crimson Patriarch to make a move.

This plan was very bold, but worth trying. If it succeeded, Marvin’s status among the Night Walkers would definitely rise.

And he would also solve a huge hidden danger, and receive a lot of benefits.

If he failed… Then what awaited Marvin and White River Valley would be the Twin Snakes Cult’s vicious retaliations.

But Marvin was confident that if everything went according to his plan, that nearly immortal Crimson Patriarch who was complained about by countless players would certainly lose his life in White River Valley.

‘After all, he still doesn’t have that thing yet,’ Marvin secretly thought.

The next day, Marvin sent a trusted guard to Black Dock Harbor to find Lola, telling him of the Spider Crypt’s path.

The others kept going from house to house to distribute the wheat from the first golden bull to the territory’s inhabitants.

Marvin roughly estimated that a single golden bull stored enough wheat for White River Valley to last more than a year!

But he didn’t intend to give all that to the farmers yet, only giving them enough food to last through the winter.

Only by doing so would he increase their motivation to work. Marvin’s territory wouldn’t raise useless people.

He only left one golden bull in the castle’s granary.

He put the remaining 10 in the secret path below the castle, so no one should know about them.

The next day, in the evening, a carriage arrived in White River Valley.

Under the castle, Marvin was there to welcome them in person.

There were four people in the carriage. The first to come down was the old blacksmith Sean.

The old man scowled and stopped to say, "You don’t want to live Brat!?"

"Using yourself as a bait? That’s your idea!?"

After his outburst he directly walked toward the castle, not looking back.

Marvin was stunned.

The second person to come down was a handsome middle aged man. He looked at Marvin and extended his hand while displaying a calm smile.

"I am Constantine. Even though it’s the first time we’ve met, I have to say, you are really qualified to become my brother!"

"I was still annoyed at failing to catch that Crimson Patriarch last night, but then I heard such good news."

"You are very brave. Be at ease, we will definitely succeed."

Marvin nodded.

He naturally knew that this seemingly ordinary middle-aged man was one of the three most powerful people in the Night Walker organization!

A Legend Night Walker!

It was said that his level was approaching 30, level 10 Ranger and level 18 Night Walker. His level was higher than that of the Elven Prince Ivan.

This middle-aged man was the most important person in the attack on the Crimson Patriarch.

The third person was a Great Druid.

But what surprised Marvin was that this Great Druid was actually a woman.

"Thank you for your hospitality." She seemed very courteous. "I am Endless Ocean, but you can call me Nicole."

Endless Ocean!

Surprise flashed through Marvin’s eyes. It was actually one of the future Four Legend Druids of the north, Endless Ocean!

This was a pleasant surprise. Marvin hadn’t been to the north much and also hadn’t met many Druids. Nevertheless, Endless Ocean’s reputation was still very amazing.

However, she became famous in battle because she eliminated a god’s avatar on the Thunder Mountain. That was obviously after the Great Calamity.

The current Endless Ocean should still be a very low-key Great Druid.

‘But her strength should already be more or less what it was at that time! For the Crimson Patriarch to manage to escape from that kind of line-up, he really must have had many life saving things.’

Marvin sighed in his heart. Fortunately he had made proper preparations and also knew some things about the Crimson Patriarch.

The fourth person was Sean’s daughter, Jane.

"Father is just a bit worried about you. He told me a lot of things last night. I wasn’t able to react at all."

Jane softly continued, "I always felt curious about father’s mysterious background. In fact, I should thank you. If not for you doing something so amazing, he would have never told me anything."

"Well, I actually don’t know how troublesome that bad guy is, but with Uncle Constantine making a move, it must definitely be a super strong bad guy."

"I hope your plan will succeed!"

Marvin nodded and got some people to find a good place for the carriage and went inside the castle with the four.

But suddenly, Constantine and Endless Ocean stopped walking at the same time!

They abruptly turned and looked far into the distance.

Marvin heart sank, this… Could the Crimson Patriarch already be there?

He wouldn’t be that fast, right?

It had only been a day since information started spreading, it couldn’t have spread to Jewel Bay yet!

He also subconsciously turned to look.

Far in the distance, two carriages were quickly approaching.

Farmers were curiously raising their heads to look at the carriages as they worked.

White River Valley was rarely this lively. It had so many people paying a visit today!

The carriage stopped under the castle.

"Wayne! Why did you come back!?"

This was something outside of Marvin’s calculations.

"What? Don’t tell me we aren’t welcome?" A familiar sweet voice of a woman voiced echoed from the carriage.

Marvin froze for a moment.

That woman leisurely stepped out from the cart, showing a surprised expression. "Oh, you have a lot of guests today!"

Ashes Tower’s Master, Hathaway!

The corner of Marvin’s eye faintly twitched. Hathaway’s presence in this place meant one thing for certain.

She had already advanced to Legend!

‘I didn’t expect the Book of Nalu to be this effective!’

Marvin was extremely amazed.

But what happened next shocked him even more.

There were two other people coming out from the carriage.

Marvin also knew these two people!

He was left completely speechless.

Legend Monk Inheim!

Along with that Shadow Thief who had fought the Red Dragon back in Tornado Harbor!


ED/N: Hi guys! I just got home after a ~10 hour drive. Saw salt trucks for the first time. To prevent snow and ice from accumulating, they spray salt on the highways. But not as much as European fans watching football. Next chapter should be out in an hour or two.

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