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Chapter 139: Battle of Legends!

That silhouette powerfully leapt from the city wall, hurling towards the Ancient Red Dragon’s face!

The Ancient Red Dragon Ell, this extremely evil existence, was almost the strongest of Feinan’s Chromatic Dragons.

He was originally thinking of sweeping Tornado Harbor with his Dragon Breath, but an obstacle ended up appearing.

That was an elf.

But he was approaching at such high speed, that there was no way to stop him.

Both sides collided!

The other side punched the Ancient Red Dragon’s head.

It was as if time was suddenly twisting.

The Ancient Red Dragon’s crazy momentum was suddenly quashed. He actually got knocked over by the other side’s fist, falling into the sea!


The fall formed a huge geyser, making violent waves spread through the sea.

The Red Dragon was pushed back two kilometers!

Cheering could suddenly be heard echoing from the walls of Tornado Harbor.

But the other person also didn’t have it easy. After impacting the Red Dragon so violently, he was also pushed back!

That person shot more than fifteen kilometers away, landing halfway through Pyroxene Hill, south of Tornado Harbor.


An angry roar could be heard coming from the seabed. The earth shook as the sea level began to rise.

Flames suddenly began to emerge from the sea, as the Ancient Red Dragon Ell rose up from the sea, extremely angry! He violently flapped his wings. A caved in spot could be seen on his head!

He rushed toward Tornado Harbor’s city walls and spewed out a frightening Dragon Breath.

An ice-cold declaration accompanied Ell’s frightening flames.

"I am Fire!"

"Nothing can stop me!"

On Pyroxene Hill, Marvin was speechlessly looking at that person that was having trouble getting up.

‘The voice was so familiar…’

‘It turned out to be this guy!’

Marvin watched as the Elven War Saint tried to get up several times but kept falling down. He immediately rushed over and helped the pitiful Elven Prince stand up.

"Why aren’t you in the Stone Giant territory?" Marvin couldn’t help asking.

This reckless fellow was actually the Elven Prince Ivan he had met in the Thousand Leaves Forest!

After the collision with the Ancient Red Dragon, Ivan was dizzy that he collapsed on Marvin’s shoulder.

"Eh? It’s you, right? Or am I wrong?" Marvin asked surprised. "I must be wrong, right?"

"The Great Elven King doesn’t allow elves to leave too far from the Thousand Leaves Forest."

"Fuck that Great Elven King!" Ivan cursed as he pushed Marvin away, forcing himself to stand on his own.

"This prince came out on his own!"

"Anyways, let’s talk after I get the Dragon Killer title."

After saying this, he was about to rush toward Tornado Harbor.

But Marvin suddenly splashed a bucket of cold water on him, saying, "If you run now, the fight might already be over by the time you reach Tornado Harbor!"

Ivan immediately stiffened, displaying a dejected expression.

Marvin felt something wrong.

Where did that shrewd and cool-headed Elven Prince he met in the Thousand Leaves Forest go?

He was as reckless as a kid...

"What happened to you?" Marvin asked.

Ivan shook his head, not talking. Suddenly, a timid voice echoed from the side.

"You are an elf?"

Lola looked at Ivan, extremely curious.

Ivan expressionlessly nodded.

"Wow! You have such a nice white skin…"

Lola moved closer, looking at Marvin and Ivan. "Are you good friends?"

"I truly didn’t expect the Overlord to have such handsome elven friends…"

"Ah, Overlord, don’t misunderstand. In fact you are also handsome, but not as handsome as this mister…"

The corner of Marvin’s mouth twitched.

Ivan gave Lola a very strange look, and then looked back at Marvin. "Your woman?"

Marvin shook his head.

"I understand, you wouldn’t have such bad taste to actually like women." Ivan displayed a knowing smile.

Lola opened her eyes wide and looked at Marvin and Ivan, not knowing what to think.

At that time, an Arcane Barrier was raised over Tornado Harbor!

The blue light and the sea water merged together. When the Six Pearl Harbors were first established, the South Wizard Alliance had set up a strong Arcane Barrier defensive system.

The South Wizard Alliance already had a solution even before the news of the destruction of Crystal Island was sent out.

Thus, the Arcane Barrier was ready to be launched as soon as the evil Dragon attacked.

Dragon Breath was disgorged at the blue Arcane Barrier. Some holes appeared in a few areas, leaking a bit of Dragon fire.

On the docks, many transport ships were set on fire. The same happened to the business district.

On the city walls, aside from three silhouettes, the rest of the soldiers retreated behind the defensive walls to avoid being sprayed by Dragon fire.

And apart from those three silhouettes standing straight, two awe-inspiring silhouettes appeared in the sky.

Legend Wizards!

After Anthony’s death, the south wasn’t without Legends. But there was also very wide gaps between Legends. A Legend like Anthony was an extremely rare existence in the South Wizard Alliance. These two Legend Wizards were temporarily protecting East Coast’s Six Pearl Harbors and Thousand Sails City.

Despite this, they had the courage to face the attack of the strongest Red Dragon in history!

"I’m stupid!" Ivan mockingly said to himself.

"Fucking made a move against the Red Dragon."

"Those few guys in the back could clearly act as fishermen, getting the Dragon Killer title."

Dragon Killer?

Marvin shook his head, "Let’s go to the top of the hill to look. It won’t be that easy for them. That Ancient Red Dragon’s strength isn’t inferior to ordinary gods’ avatars!"

Ivan froze a moment, but just at that time, Lola couldn’t help but interrupt.

"Mister handsome elf, I heard Elves were graceful. How come you…"

"It’s really easy to learn from bad examples, Lola," Marvin bluntly interrupted. He then led the two to the hilltop.

Ivan originally was a special case among the wood elves. Him exploring outside now was probably due to the Great Elven King driving him away from the Thousand Leaves Forest.

If this was the case, then history had already started to change.

Marvin remembered that after the Great Calamity, the Thousand Leaves Forest took emergency measures. The Great Elven King was guarding that place while Ivan was still staying at the Stone Giant territory at that time.

But right now, Ivan had just rushed to the East Coast to kill a Dragon for some unknown reasons.

But Marvin knew that his own arrival definitely changed history.

The game in his previous life was after all just a game. What he was facing now was a real world. A world about to face great transformations.

He had to make proper preparations.

Watching from the top of the Pyroxene Hill was relatively better. After all, Marvin’s eyesight had been strengthened by the Night Monarch’s blessings back then.

Elves were also able to look far in the distance. Ivan explained a few things to Marvin, "I already knew the South Wizard Alliance made some preparations. I just didn’t expect their preparations to be that great."

"Looks like the most unlucky ones were that Unicorn clan. But they also courted their own death. I heard they were mining a vein of ore in the seafloor, using the northern dwarves’ explosion technique. It ended up leading to a volcanic eruption at the bottom of the ocean which woke up this monster."

"Crystal Island has already sunk, only leaving behind a few reefs. East Coast should be able to hold on. There are 6 Legends in Tornado Harbor after all."

Six Legends.

This was the South Wizards Alliance’s move.

Two Legend Wizards, four other Legend class holders. One of the two Legend Wizards was Leymann from the Three Ring Towers. Marvin wasn’t too familiar with the other one, but he apparently was someone who was temporarily transferred here from the west.

In the past, the East Coast was actually the safest area because of Anthony’s protection.

But the Shadow Prince’s assassination changed everything.

With Anthony, even if the Ancient Red Dragon awoke, he wouldn’t dare to rush over to the East Coast.

Without Anthony, he wouldn’t stop himself from releasing his Dragon fire!

The Red Dragon’s huge silhouette swept past Tornado Harbor’s city walls, knocking against two towers from which a few Magic Marksmen were still shooting arrows. Unfortunately, the arrows didn’t harm the Dragon. Ordinary classes’ attacks simply couldn’t injure the Ancient Red Dragon!

The Red Dragon arrogantly flew toward those two flying Wizards.

"I’ll eat you!"

The two Wizards didn’t move. Suddenly, two Teleportation Portals appeared next to them!

The Legend Wizards didn’t use the portals to flee. Rather, two people jumped out of the Teleportation Portals.

The two people were robust and sturdy. It looked like their Strength was very high!

‘Legend Monk!’

‘Legend Barbarian!

Marvin squinted, immediately seeing through those two’s classes.

The Legend Barbarian, who came over from the Teleportation Portal, grabbed the Red Dragon’s head.

[Falling Star]!

An extremely powerful skill was immediately used. The Red Dragon who was flying thirty meters high in the sky, lost his balance from being thrown in the opposite direction!

And on the other side, the Legend Monk also grabbed the Dragon’s left wing!

[Vajra Strength]!

Under the assault of the two Legend class holders’ fierce skills, the Ancient Red Dragon directly fell from the sky!

It awkwardly fell on Tornado Harbor’s west city wall, crushing some houses. Even if most inhabitants already received the warning to evacuate to the caves, there were still many people lagging behind who were crushed to death!

A Shadow Thief and a Slaughterer appeared together. These two advanced rogue Legend classes had extremely frightening burst power!

They unhesitantly targeted the base of the Red Dragon’s wings and neck.

And to the sides, the elite soldiers who had been watching all along rushed over and twisted huge chains around the Dragon’s body, and both ends were held by two Mountain Giants!

The Ancient Red Dragon Ell, the insufferably arrogant Senior Red Dragon, was actually nailed down on the ground by those heavy chains.

And on each end of the chain was a Mountain Giant weighing more than ten tons!

Struggling free wouldn’t be easy!


In Tornado Harbor, only the angry roar of the Ancient Red Dragon remained!

The two Wizards coldly watched the Ancient Red Dragon struggle and slowly raised their hands, beginning to cast their spells.

‘Are they really going to kill that Dragon today?!" Marvin was startled.

Other people weren’t aware, but he knew. What may have changed history was Ivan’s punch!

This completely changed the Ancient Red Dragon’s situation, or else the Legend Barbarian and Legend Monk skills wouldn’t have been so effective!

‘Not likely…’

‘That guy is an Ancient Red Dragon with about 43 levels!’

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