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With Night Tracking active, the red line he saw wasn’t very long!

Marvin took a sharp turn, but suddenly, a mass of darkness fell down.

Black Spider!

Marvin stepped smoothly, putting some distance between him and the Black Spider!

But at that time, Marvin noticed something!

He saw a piece of clothing below the Black Spider’s stomach!

It was Lola’s dress.


Marvin's anger soared. That beast had already eaten Lola in such a short amount of time?

He rushed over in one step, but surprisingly, he heard an odd sound!

The tip of a blade emerged from the Black Spider’s back.

Marvin froze.

The Black Spider’s Eight limbs shivered and a groan could be heard coming from under it.


"I am being crushed to death…"

Marvin was speechless.

He hadn’t noticed that when the Black Spider had dropped from above, it didn’t look lively!

The Black Spider… was dead?

He hurriedly put away his daggers and lifted the Black Spider’s body with difficulty.

As expected, Lola, in a mess, was revealed in front of Marvin.

She miserably held on to the torch that was already extinguished, and that dagger was deeply stabbed in the Black Spider’s abdomen!

The dagger accidentally pierced the Black Spider’s heart. It was killed by Lola in such a baffling way...

Marvin couldn’t help but imagine what the scene looked like.

That girl’s luck was way too high, wasn’t it?

She was saved by him when the gnolls were about to eat her, and this time she unexpectedly got rid of a 2nd rank monster with the strength of an ordinary person.

This luck was close enough to being blessed by a Fortune Fairy.

"You, how was that protecting me! You promised that you would definitely protect me. What was the result?"

Lola who had narrowly avoided a disaster twisted the young Halfling’s cheeks, furious.

"You escaped when you saw that Black Spider?!"

The young Halfling felt wronged and said, "Wuwuwu, I am a thief. Father taught me to use Stealth first if I met an enemy I was no match for…"


Lola twisted his cheeks even more ferociously.

"What’s so frightening about this spider, it was poked to death with my dagger!

The young Halfling stammered, chastised into obedience by Lola.

Old Tucker actually laughed, unconcerned.

Marvin looked very apologetic, as he pulled Lola, wanting to say something, but she suddenly started crying.

"I almost died! You know…" Lola sobbed, feeling extremely wronged. "That spider was very frightening. I was really scared to death. She wanted to eat me so I could only use the dagger to stab her… Wuwuwu, if not for my good luck…"

Her weeping came to an end there.

The entire tunnel was now extremely quiet. Old Tucker dragged the young Halfling to start moving first.

Lola opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Marvin had gently hugged her.

"It’s fine, everything is over."

"I promise, there won’t be anything similar happening."

A lot of thoughts flashed through Lola’s brain in an instant, before she finally froze.

The originally very talkative Lola could only utter one word:


Even though the tunnel was very long, it ended eventually.

After eliminating the twelve Black Spiders and the Red Spider, this tunnel became a relatively safe passage.

Before other monsters came to occupy it, this place would be smooth and unobstructed. This would be enough time for Marvin to buy food from Jewel Bay and ship it to White River Valley.

It would be enough to last this winter.

And the next winter would be… Very difficult.

Because there would be a serious drop in crop production. Even an affluent town like Jewel Bay would have a lot of demand but not enough supply.

Marvin had to stock up a large amount of food before the Great Calamity. He wasn’t some sort of Savior, he could only protect a small part of the population.

His ability was after all, limited. White River Valley was his territory.

When they came out of the tunnel, the first glimmer of dawn could be seen.

A fresh and clean sea breeze blew over from the east, making people feel mysteriously clear headed.

Jewel Bay, at last.

After Marvin thanked Old Tucker, they temporarily parted ways.

Old Tucker went toward Wooden Horse Town to the northwest to buy some everyday necessities while Marvin continued northeast.

There, the hugely flourishing world of the Six Pearl Harbors and the Thousand Sail City were waiting for guests to visit.

And a bit to the south was Anthony’s Holy Tower.

Ever since the Legend Wizard’s fall, this Holy Tower had been blocked by the South Wizard Alliance. Anthony’s disciples were also taken away by several other Legend Wizards.

Marvin carried Lola and sped through the night. They finally climbed a tall hill before sunrise.

"This hill is called the Pyroxene Hill. It produced brilliant shining stones in the past."

"Adventurers and workers came here to try to make a fortune. There are many villages in the surroundings, providing places to rest like inns to those adventurers, and providing enough brothels to let people vent."

"It’s now declining because the shining brilliant rock had already been exhausted."

Marvin stood on the hilltop, looking at the scattered areas under the hill and said while sighing with sorrow.

He remembered spawning for the first time at the southernmost of the Six Pearl Harbors, Tornado Harbor. And after leaving Tornado Harbor, his first quest was to deal with the Pyroxene Hill’s goblins. That was a team quest, so an uncommon item would appear from the Goblin Leader. At that time, Uncommon items were still great treasures, so the team fell apart. Since Marvin was a Thief, he was weak in combat and was instantly eliminated.

He still didn’t know who had ended up with the uncommon [Goblin’s Green Leather Hat]. But after that event, he rarely participated in team quests.

Thinking about it now, a group of gamers became enemies over a green hat. It was too funny.

The line of sight from the top of the small hill was very good, and now with the rising sun, Marvin could see the extinguished Eye of the Bright Sun at the Holy Tower.

And even further north were the Six Pearl Harbors embraced by Jewel Bay, a smooth coastline, a calm sea, and a blue sky filled with white clouds.

There was also the Thousand Sail City in the distance, which could only be seen as a small point.

And Crystal Island not far from the Jewel Bay was actually not visible from here.

Marvin dragged Lola and intended to set off.

But suddenly the whole sky over Jewel Bay turned into blazing flames.

Many large red clouds could be seen coming from the east.

The sea breeze began to turn berserk, and the waves surged up violently as the wind whistled.

The dawn in Jewel Bay was originally peaceful, but had now turned into a strange situation.

The ordinary people seemed to have not awoken from their dazed state.

Marvin squinted toward the east and suddenly reacted.


The dragon is coming!

When the dragon’s roar was heard from the east, the vast Jewel Bay had awoken.

Everyone was roused from their dazed state. They ran to the main street out of fear, looking at the sudden change in clouds.

Fire suddenly began to rain from the sky!

Even if it wasn’t a lot, it was still very frightening!

Every drop of rain was like a drop of oil. The oil would ignite pretty quickly, suddenly setting houses on fire.

Marvin dragged Lola from the hill, making her dodge a drop of fire which soon burnt a tree down!

If not for the Pyroxene Hill being relatively free of trees, they would have been caught in a forest fire!

A huge shadow violently arrived from the east, bringing world destroying flames with him.

An Ancient Red Dragon!

‘He already wrecked Crystal island~!’

Marvin looked apprehensive. That dragon flying over the sea with his large wings open was a pretty spectacular scene!

Waves parted before him, as if the sea also had yielded to that frightening dragon.


The strange dragon’s roar was getting gradually closer, and that fire cloud in the sky was the Ancient Dragon’s Legend spell, [Burning Firerain]!

Wrong, Burning Firerain’s area of effect wasn’t normally this large. Marvin let out a cold breath. This was clearly a Burning Firerain that had been strengthened a few times!

The Ancient Red Dragon was even stronger than he’d thought.

He should have suffered some injuries after wrecking Crystal island, as after all, the Unicorn clan was somewhat powerful.

He had plundered Crystal Island’s wealth but he was still extremely dissatisfied.

Thus he set his sights on the affluent Jewel Bay and its six Pearl Harbors and Thousand Sail City!

People were losing it.

The watchman on the tower sounded a bell and multiple red flags were raised!

In Feinan, there was only one circumstance which would make a city raise this kind of flag!

That was the attack of an evil dragon!

The Firerain kept falling down. Lola was looking at that scene, shocked. Ordinary people like her probably hadn’t thought that a disaster of this magnitude could happen!

At that time, a pillar of light soared in the southernmost Tornado Harbor!

The pillar scattered the red cloud surrounding Tornado Harbor.

Tornado Harbor’s Firerain was stopped, but it still affected the rest of the region!

‘A Legend Wizard made a move!’

Marvin also watched nervously.

Jewel Bay was different from anywhere else, because this was the the eastern headquarters of the South Wizard Alliance. Apart from Anthony, there were at least one to two Legend Wizards there!

And there should also be a few Legends of other classes. But they weren’t as dazzling as Wizards.

As expected.

The Six Pearl Harbors and Thousand Sail City had a Legend powerhouse showing themselves and using all kinds of means to scatter the Firerain.

But the other regions were still burning!

From the top of the small hill they could see the entire Jewel bay on fire!

A kind of suffocating terror was spreading.

The Ancient Red Dragon flew extremely fast, and his first goal was actually Tornado Harbor!

His voice spread through all of the East Coast, "Weep… Mortals… Offer your treasures to me."

"Otherwise, these life erasing flames will carry you to Hell!"

But at that time, a voice as loud suddenly echoed from Tornado Harbor!

"Ancient Red Dragon Ell, I have been waiting for you for quite a long time."

"Fucker, if it wasn’t because this lord couldn’t fly, I would have already crossed the sea to catch you!"

The next instant, a silhouette appeared from Tornado Harbor’s city wall and leapt in the air. He flew like a bullet, rushing toward the Ancient Red Dragon!

Marvin immediately opened his eyes wide!

‘Wait, this voice, why does it sound familiar?’

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