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Chapter 140: Dragon Killer Sword

The Ancient Red Dragon was angrily roaring in Tornado Harbor.

He lifted his head high up, struggling to flap his wings, trying to forcefully fly up. But the two Mountain Giants at the ends of the iron chains locked him in place.

The two rogue Legends also continued to use fierce burst attacks.

The Shadow Thief’s dagger had clearly been enchanted with Armor Break and was targeting the Red Dragon’s neck.

And on the other hand, the Slaughterer, which was more proficient in attacking, was making progress on the base of the Dragon’s wing, endlessly attacking it.

He was using short blades that were a bit longer than daggers, but this pair of short blades was emitting a faint dark color.

This was a Legendary Item!

After a few moments, the Red Dragon’s indestructible scales were scraped open. He then slashed, leaving a bone deep injury!

The Ancient Red Dragon Ell angrily opened his mouth and spat a dragon breath once again. Countless ordinary soldiers were directly turned into ashes!

Even if they had shields to protect them, they would instantly turn into molten iron on them and they would painfully fall to the ground, screaming in pain.

The Mountain Giants couldn’t escape the disaster either!

Their bodies were burnt by the Dragon Fire. Despite their exceedingly strong Magic Resistance and Constitution ensuring they wouldn’t instantly die from the Dragon breath, they still painfully fell on the ground.

One of them even had his eyes burnt and began to run around the city!

The previously advantageous situation appeared to have taken a turn for the worse.

The four Legend class holders were more fortunate, as the Barbarian and the Monk managed to escape to the sky thanks to the Wizards’ support.

And the Shadow Thief and the Slaughterer also had their own methods to dodge the Dragon Breath. One entered the Shadow Plane while the other Flickered to another place. Despite that, the Slaughterer was also completely drenched in cold sweat. That Dragon Breath arrived so suddenly that he barely dodged it!

There was no sign, and it simply didn’t follow the usual Dragon Breath pattern!

It was commonly known that Dragon Breath was one of their most powerful attacks. But there was a limit to the number of times it could be used, along with the frequency.

The Ancient Red Dragon Ell had used a Dragon Breath on Tornado Harbor’s Arcane Barrier earlier. In principle, he should have needed at least 10 minutes before using another one.

And the next Dragon Breath’s power would be a lot weaker.

But the strength that guy displayed completely exceeded the strength of an Ancient Red Dragon!

That breath, when compared to the first one, was still very frightening!

The Dragon’s restrictions had suddenly been broken.

The Dragon chanted in a low voice, in the Dragon’s Magic Language!

Under Ell’s incantation, his body rapidly shrank, turning into a one meter long serpent!

Legend Shrink!

The serpent immediately freed himself from the chain’s restrictions, frantically flapping his wings and flying toward the sky!

The Red Dragon had once again recovered. His malevolent head appeared once again.

"I’ll kill all of you!"

He grabbed that helpless Legend Barbarian who had dodged onto one of the Wizard’s magic carpets!

‘A Legend level grapple!’

Marvin squinted in concentration. He had a deep understanding of the Ancient Red Dragon Ell, and knew that his strength was extremely high.

Level 43 overall, a large number of Legendary spells, a powerful breath, cunningness...

Since he dared to come to East Coast to wreak havoc, he must have felt confident that he could destroy the currently unmanned East Coast!

But he had also underestimated how determined the South Wizard Alliance was about defending the East Coast. At the same time, he also didn’t expect the sudden emer

gence of the Elven War Saint!

Ivan’s punch was in fact extremely crucial. If not for that punch, the Red Dragon’s charge would have directly downed the Arcane Barrier.

His breath could destroy one fifth of Tornado Harbor!

Even if the Legend Wizards joined hands with those four Legend class holders, they wouldn’t be able to capture him.

The Monk and the Barbarian had strong melee abilities but their jumping ability was very ordinary and they simply couldn’t catch a flying dragon charging around that fast.

Even though Wizards were theoretically invincible at the same level compared to other class holders, when the opponent was a dragon, it would become very troublesome.

As for the Shadow Thief and the Slaughterer… When fighting a Dragon, rogues would usually be reduced to being support.

Only the reckless Ivan could fight the sturdy Dragon in close range.

In spite of Ivan only being level 21, he simply couldn’t be compared to ordinary Legends. His body was probably a lot stronger than the Legend Monk’s!

This definitely had something to do with the Great Elven King. Marvin knew that although the Great Elven King was arrogant on the surface, not even looking at his own son, he actually cherished his son very much. Ivan’s body had countless strengthening spells, and moreover he was also strengthened once every week during his childhood...

It was also because of this that when Ivan collided with the Red Dragon, he was hit kilometers away, but didn’t actually have much trouble.

If it was one of the other two Legends, regardless of whether it was the Barbarian or the Monk, they would have died!

If Ivan hadn’t acted on his own and instead contacted the South Wizards Alliance’s people, they might have truly been able to kill that Dragon!

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen like that.

Marvin’s arrival changed a few things, but there shouldn’t be too much change in the fate of the Ancient Red Dragon Ell!

The Legend Barbarian was caught in the claws of the Ancient Red Dragon and the others simply couldn’t do anything about it. The Red Dragon used his claws to tear him into pieces!

The body dripping with blood was sent flying!

A Legend fell like that.

Wailing could be heard in Tornado Harbor, as people lagging behind were hurriedly running. The fire and blood mixed together making the scene look like they were in purgatory.

"Damn…" Fury flashed through Ivan’s eyes.

He knew he had been too impulsive. Before he acted, he had also made some investigations about the Red Dragon, but he hadn’t thought that guy was so strong!

He also knew that the situation might have been different if he was in Tornado Harbor right now.

What a pity...

There was no time for regret!


As the Red Dragon was showing his might, Leymann and the other Wizard who had been preparing for a long time were finally ready to counterattack!

To deal with a Dragon, ordinary spells wouldn’t be effective.

Only Legend spells would do!

A thick pillar of lightning streaked across the sky, with countless explosive sparks twisting around it.

"Aurora Burst!" Marvin made out what Legend spell it was with a simple glance.

[Aurora Burst]: Legend spell, powerful variant of the 3rd-circle spell Aurora Lightning.


Aurora Burst exploded on the body of the Red Dragon, staggering him and almost making him fall to the ground once again.

Despite Ancient Red Dragon’s Magic Resistance being astonishing, that turbulence made his flying unstable.

"To have the cheek to hu…" The Red Dragon didn’t have time to finish his nonsense when a 2nd Aurora Burst exploded once again.

Leymann preparing for such a long time wasn’t just to ready one Aurora Burst!

Arcs of lightning kept flickering across the sky as 6 Aurora Bursts kept exploding one after the other!

‘Damn… As much as 6 Aurora Bursts…’ Marvin was also stunned.

Leymann definitely came prepared. He certainly had many casting Legendary Items or even Half-Artifacts!

Otherwise it would have been impossible to store and release 6 Aurora Bursts.

One Aurora Burst could level a small town.

Six Aurora Bursts made the Red Dragon confused and disoriented. He fell head first into the dock, half his body falling in the seawater.


He raised his neck, covered with cuts and bruises.

Leymann in the sky had a pale face.

He had already severely overdrawn on his power. Continuously using 6 Aurora Bursts in a short time was his limit.

And the spell prepared by that other Legend Wizard suddenly appeared before everyone’s eyes.

A huge sharp sword materialized in the sky.

This sword was light yellow, emitting an awful smell.

Legendary spell – Dragon Killer Sword!

This was a Legend spell that had been long lost because Evil Dragons would join hands to chase down any Wizards who knew this spell.

Dragon Killer Sword was the bane of Dragons!

The South Wizard Alliance even got a Wizard with Dragon Killer Sword!

This meant they had no intention to let Ell leave this place.

He had to leave his head in Tornado Harbor!

The Dragon Killer Sword slashed its way over. Ell was frantically flapping his wings, suddenly flying up from the ground!

His speed was almost raised to his limit, but the Dragon Killer Sword kept following him closely like a shadow, about to slash down!

"Will they kill it?" Ivan muttered.

"Unfortunately…" Marvin shook his head.

Lola was staring foolishly at this shocking scene, not knowing what to say.

Just as the Dragon Killer Sword was about to land on Ell’s neck, the Red Dragon’s mouth produced a thunderlike chant.

In a blink of an eye, a spatial distortion appeared in front of him.

The next second, the Red Dragon entered a black hole, disappearing above the sea.

The Dragon Killer Sword ruthlessly slashed down, splitting the sea in two. Countless Dragon scales fell as if they were raindrops.

There was also a part of a thin tail.

Violent waves formed and grew into a tsunami that crazily rushed toward the Six Pearl Harbors as if about to topple mountains and overturn the seas.

And the Ancient Red Dragon Ell angrily said something before he left.

"Filthy Wizards, you are vermin on this dry land. Your era of ruling this land is coming to an end!"

"I saw the future, I heard various gods’ whispers. You are bound to taste a bitter death!"

"When that time comes, I’ll cleanse this land with flames!"

A gigantic wall of water rose up and rushed over. If the Six Pearl Harbors weren’t on elevated terrain, they might have been submerged by this seawater.

No one listened carefully to the Red Dragon’s declaration of vengeance. After the disaster, the people began to silently walk out from the caves.

Weeping sounds accompanied an eerie silence.

And Marvin on the Pyroxene Hill couldn’t help but tightly clench his fists.

He was still too weak!

He could only be a spectator in that kind of fight. Never mind getting involved, if he was in Tornado Harbor, even surviving himself might have been quite difficult!

‘This won’t do, I must raise my strength faster!’

‘Only being at 2nd rank is really too slow!’

Marvin ground his teeth, inwardly making up his mind.

Even though the Ancient Red Dragon was a peak existence in Feinan, during the Great Calamity, only this kind of powerhouse would have a chance to survive on the cruel stage!

Keep getting stronger.

This was what he needed to do to protect his people!

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