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Chapter 125: Djinn


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Prayer -> Wish

Fairy Turin -> Pixies


Pixie’s Wish!

It was the weirdest of all the Wish skills.

In the past, the Pixie race had a bright civilization.

But this race had one particular characteristic; they all had a mischievous nature. Perhaps for this reason, Pixies only appeared in history for a short period.

This force controlled the West for a brief period before collapsing.

Only leaving behind the Pixies’ 49 Rings of Wishes.

Each Ring of Wishes had two spells attached, one 1st-circle spell, and one 3rd-circle spell!

The 1st-circle spell was different for all the rings, but the 3rd-circle spell was the same.

That was Pixie’s Wish.

Marvin held the ring on his palm, slowly chanting the incantation that faintly appeared in front of him.

This was the Pixies’ language. Though Marvin didn’t know more than a few words, Hathaway was able to read the language. She read it aloud once and Marvin immediately followed along.

Soon, a unique radiance was emitted from the Ring of Wishes!

The light gathered and formed an adorable fairy in the air.

That fairy had a weird smirk while looking at Marvin, as two doors materialized behind her.

One black, one white.

This was the appearance of the Pixies.

"Anyone with a wish can receive the care of the Pixies."

"But Fate is ever changing."

"There are two doors behind me, you can only open one."

"Holder of the Ring of Wishes, which one do you wish to open?"

That Pixie was smilingly looking at Marvin.

Marvin glanced at Hathaway, but the latter shook her head, she also didn’t know.

The characteristic of the Pixie’s Wish made it so that there was no way to know what was behind these doors.

Marvin had no methods to find out what was behind these two doors so he immediately chose a random one.

"That white door," Marvin said.

The pixie blinked. "I wish you luck."

The next instant, she opened the white door. At the same time, the black door disappeared!

Wind fiercely blew!

A loud voice echoed through the top of the Ashes Tower, "Who interrupted my sleep? I’ll tear that person into pieces!"

Marvin’s expression changed!

A huge hand came out from the white door, sweeping toward Marvin and Hathaway.

The wind instantly pushed Marvin off the ground and fiercely blasted him against the wall!

He only felt pain all over as his sight darkened, and he almost lost consciousness!

"Fuck! What kind of thing did I end up summoning!?"

Marvin spat out blood.

This was such bad luck.

The results of Pixie’s Wish were usually relatively good.

Hathaway, still standing in the same place, answered, "A young Djinn."

Marvin let out a cold breath.

This thing was a lifeform from the Astral Plane and was a lot stronger than the Asuran Bear!

Fortunately, he was summoned in front of Hathaway.

The Djinn wasn’t a frightening lifeform in front of a Half-Legend!

Hathaway raised her hand and quickly cast [Shrink]!

The Djinn’s body suddenly shrank and was directly pulled out of the door by the power of the Wish, awkwardly falling on the ground.

"Still dare to be arrogant in my territory?" Hathaway coldly smiled.

The next instant, the 19 spells imbued in the top floor shone on the three people!

Marvin instantly felt dazed, as a great amount of chaos and arcane magic flooded the top floor of the Ashes’ Tower. He was even pressed against the wall by a strong force. One action and he couldn’t move!

Too depressing!

A sense of powerlessness welled up in Marvin’s heart.

Half a minute later, the top floor was left in a mess.

Hathaway was actually looking at Marvin, teasing, "And you consider yourself a man? Such a bad luck."


in forced a smile.

What did being a man have to do with luck?

"As a Seer, your luck shouldn’t be that bad, right?" Hathaway was looking at Marvin strangely.

Marvin’s heart sank, worried about how to answer. Fortunately, Hathaway didn’t mind too much.

She raised a small stone shaped object toward Marvin and said, "Stretch out your right hand!"


Marvin was somewhat puzzled, but he still did as told.

Hathaway took out a silver knife with her left hand and quickly cut a cross on Marvin’s palm!

A sharp pain was emitted from his hand, but Hathaway didn’t stop, quickly pressing that stone shaped thing on Marvin’s palm.

She then started a very long incantation!

Even if Marvin didn’t know what she was doing, he knew that disturbing her would certainly end badly.

The incantation was finished three minutes later.

Weariness could be seen on Hathaway’s face.

"This is my gift to you. It didn’t come cheap."

"This is the wind core left behind after the djinn’s death. Due to my magic power stimulating it, it can now produce a Wind Fairy."

"Congratulations, you gained your first servant. There aren’t many opportunity to get one as a Ranger." Hathaway said.

Wind Fairy? Servant?

Marvin froze, before being overjoyed.

He hurriedly looked at his right palm. That knife wound had already healed, leaving behind a faint yellow cross. The cross was surrounded by a half circle.

He could feel a life being nurtured inside his palm.

"What do I need to do?" Marvin had really no experience toward nurturing servants.

"No need to do anything. The Wind Fairy can absorb chaotic wind power from the Astral plane by herself," Hathaway explained, "

"I believe he’ll become a good companion for you."

Marvin wholeheartedly thanked Hathaway.

His Pixie’s Wish messed up the top floor of the Ashes Tower and also made Hathaway use three Legend spells to kill the Djinn. And the one who got something out of it was him.

Even if it might be nothing much to Hathaway, Marvin would still engrave this in his heart.

He would never forget those that helped him.

When Hathaway saw him off, she clearly told him that Wayne would be very safe in the Three Ring Towers. Wizard Leymann would look after him a bit.

And Hathaway herself was about to start leveling up to Legend.

With the Book of Nalu, she was quite confident in becoming a Legend.

With the Shadow Prince being beaten like a stray dog by the Legend Monk Inheim, now was the perfect opportunity to rank up.

Marvin no longer bothered her and soon returned to the dorms.

In the dorm, Wayne was sitting in front of a table by himself, staring at the Magic Grail in a daze.

He apparently had something on his mind.

The old butler was nowhere to be found. Marvin directly went in front of him and patted his shoulder.

"Ah… Brother!"

Wayne was startled.

"What was that earlier?" Marvin asked in a heavy voice, "What are you hiding from me?"

On the snow mountain summit, Marvin had relied on his intuition forged through the years to barely manage to notice that the Shadow Prince was approaching.

But if not for Wayne, he wouldn’t have had time to warn Hathaway.

He remember very clearly, Wayne said "That monster".

The Shadow Prince was indeed not human before he became a god.

The question was, how did Wayne know?

Wayne looked at Marvin with a serious expression, biting his lips. His face alternated between white and red, and he hesitated for a long time before slowly saying, "Brother I really don’t know whether to tell you about this. Because I think this is really too ridiculous… And there are some things, I don’t know if I should talk about."

"One thing at a time," Marvin calmly said. "Start from the easiest, how did you know the Shadow Prince would assassinate Hathaway?"

"I saw it in my dreams," Wayne said sincerely.

"I had a lot of dreams, and those dreams are very strange, I don’t understand anything. But some dreams happen in places we are familiar with."

"What happened on the snow mountain summit, I had already seen it in my dream!"

‘As expected…’

Marvin had vaguely guessed it earlier.

His own younger brother was a true Seer!

He was like Hathaway, a real Seer, able to vaguely look into the future.

"What else did you see?" Marvin asked.

Wayne blankly shook his head, "Some dreams are really too blurry."

"I saw flames and explosions, and also a huge monster flying over from a distant place."

The Universe Magic Pool shattering would attract that Ancient Celestial Beast. Marvin inwardly shook his head.

Truly a Seer.

"What else?" Marvin kept asking.

Wayne’s complexion suddenly turned red.

"Brother… I saw you."

"Me?" Marvin was suddenly startled!

What would be embarrassing about seeing me? Why did Wayne blush?

Marvin was puzzled!

"What’s wrong with me?"

Wayne made a weird face as he mumbled, " I saw you in the raging flames, with a woman… You were…"

Marvin impatiently said, "I what?"

"You were having sex…" Wayne naively said.

Marvin snorted disapprovingly, "This was what happened? We are men, isn’t it only a matter of time? Why do you look at me like that?"

Wayne clenched his teeth:

"I’m sorry brother, I phrased it wrong."

"In fact you weren’t…"

"What I saw was you being forcibly taken by a woman…"

"Even though you appeared to enjoy it, you kept resisting, trying to push down that woman."

"But you kept failing. You ended up reaching a compromise."

"In short, you were, by a woman, cough cough..."

Wayne’s face was completely red. He had told everything!

Marvin listened dumbstruck!

After a long time, he slowly said with a mysterious expression, "Wayne, did you have a clear look at that woman?"

Wayne shook his said, and very seriously said:

"It was truly too blurry, regarding that woman, I only remember her having purple hair."


A few people instantly appeared in Marvin’s mind.

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