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Chapter 126: Outcast

Purple hair...

Marvin pondered for a while before forcing a smile and shaking his head.

Purple hair was relatively common in Feinan. For example, the Fate Sorcerer he met in the Thousand Leaves Forest, Kate, had light purple hair. There was also that Valkyrie who defended three towns in the North by herself during the Calamity, who also had purple hair.

If his younger brother was really a Seer, then what he saw would probably happen!

No wonder he would be embarrassed! No matter how precocious he was, he was only a 9 year old kid.

In his dream he saw his older brother with a woman… Wasn’t that extremely embarrassing?

Marvin then sighed and seriously told Wayne, "Regarding what you saw in your dreams, you mustn’t tell anyone, got it?

Wayne nodded. Seeing Marvin’s expression, he knew there was something wrong.

After seeing the Shadow Prince today, he also understood that he could see things that ordinary people couldn’t.

"For the next month, you’ll will keep studying magic in the Three Ring Towers." Marvin chose his next words carefully. "But you have to promise me one thing."

"Yes, Brother!" Wayne promised straightforwardly.

"You can’t advance," Marvin said seriously.

Wayne was immediately stunned.

One hour later, Marvin was sitting in an hot air balloon while Wayne was waving farewell.

Even though Marvin’s last request was a bit strange, Wayne still accepted.

He promised Marvin that he wouldn’t advance to a 2nd rank Wizard this month, even if he was on the verge of advancing.

Marvin’s method wouldn’t necessarily be effective if Wayne had already advanced to a 2nd rank Wizard. The collapse of the Universe Magic Pool wasn’t something anyone could stop, unless the Wizard God returned to Feinan and suppressed the New Gods.

But Marvin had the feeling that the Wizard God wouldn’t return in the short term. He definitely had gone to higher level universes to explore.

This was a piece of information mentioned in the game.

Feinan, which had been peaceful for many years, would finally enter an era of chaos.

Devils and Demons would also become restless, and Evil Spirits were already moving their pawns. The forces guarding Feinan were weakening.

Marvin himself didn’t have the ability to protect all of Feinan. He could only protect people at his side, protect White River Valley.

To do this, before he became truly powerful, he couldn’t attract the attention of the gods.

And constantly being in contact with Legends would definitely attract the gods’ attention.

If he said some things about the future to Hathaway and Inheim, it might change a few fates, but it wouldn’t change the general situation in Feinan.

The Third Era New Gods entering Feinan and their gathering of faith couldn’t be prevented.

And Marvin had to preserve his own life, to develop and grow to the point where he could contend with these gods, and then he could reveal his forces.

Enduring, this isn’t weakness.

The hot air balloon swayed and landed in the Moonlight Forest.

With a pass, Marvin’s journey was unhindered. He went through the Skull Valley, crossing the Despair Hills and reached the Mad Lich’s cottage.

But when he gave the Eternal Flower to Fidel, the latter dejectedly groaned, "Sasha is gone."


Marvin was stunned.

He only reacted after hearing Fidel’s explanation. A few days ago, the Lich left her place, not leaving any trace.

Fidel had laboriously searched, only to find a letter left behind by Sasha.

She temporarily left, saying that she was going to find a Great Lich up north, to look for true power.

Now that she had lost human emotions, she couldn’t accept Fidel.

She hoped he could move on.

There weren’t many characters on the letter, but Marvin could feel the helplessness of the Lich when she wrote this letter.

‘Lost your human emotions? If you really lost them, would you leave this letter?’

‘People in love are always blind and ignorant, always thinking they made the best choice for the other. In fact, they are just being foolish!’

‘I’d guess she’s looking for the Body Revival skill. Perhaps she didn’t want to waste Fidel’s time because she thought the hope was very faint?’ Seeing Fidel’s dazed face, Marvin almost blurted out what he knew.

But he could only say it in his mind. He wanted to keep his identity as a transmigrator hidden after all.

Marvin could only carefully choose his words. "Maybe you misunderstood what she meant."

"Think carefully, if she really lost her human emotions like she said, why would she leave a letter?"

"She could have just left."

Fidel’s eyes immediately brightened.

As if lit by the fire of hope.

"You are right!"

"Sasha leaving this letter, isn’t it to let me know to look for her in the north?"

Marvin felt like facepalming.

This guy was not only a roller coaster of emotions, but it also seemed like there was something wrong with his brain.

‘What’s the use of looking for her now? Your girl clearly doesn’t want to see you because of her appearance, are you looking for her or are you hunting her?’

Marvin reassured, "Don’t worry. Aren’t you rushing her too much?"

"Maybe she only needs some time."

"You previously said that before that thing happened, you were very close. She clearly has feelings for you. You just need to leave her some space. And some time."

A hint of sadness flashed through Fidel’s eyes. "But I’m afraid she would forget me after some time."

"I heard that Liches don’t really have emotions."

Marvin was silent, unable to think of an answer to this.

He waited in Fidel’s small room for a while, and after making sure this guy wouldn’t brainlessly turn into a Lich, Marvin left.

Before leaving, Fidel gave Marvin a reward for delivering the Eternal Flower.

Fidel seemed to be quite wealthy. He was probably an heir to a Wizard clan and had all kinds of natural resources at hand.

This time, he gave Marvin a very rare bracelet.

[Wristband of Gratitude]

Quality: Uncommon

Effect: Nature Affinity +3

Nature Affinity was a very rarely seen property.

It represented the affinity or dislike of all the Nature Gods toward a creature. The Ranger was obviously a class with a high Nature Affinity, so they had special bonuses in forests.

And the higher Nature Affinity was, the stronger a Ranger’s skills like Hide and Stealth would be.

Nature Affinity +3, based on Marvin estimations, meant that his skills would be strengthened by at least 9%.

This was a great enhancing equipment.

After Marvin thanked Fidel, he equipped the Wristband of Gratitude.

Before parting, he still told Fidel that when he was bored, he could come take a stroll in White River Valley. The latter gladly agreed, saying he would pay a visit later on.

In any case, there wasn’t much to do other than hang around at home, and now that Sasha left, he didn’t have many friends.

After leaving the Despair Hills, Marvin headed straight for River Shore City.

He hadn’t returned to White River Valley for a long time. Who knew what it would be like now? Not having their overlord wouldn’t do.

Thousand Leaves Forest, a ragged silhouette carrying a broken worn out sword left the forest step by step.

What that imposing voice said kept echoing in his ears:

"Ivan, you have been stripped of your Elven Prince status, you are no longer an Exiled."

"From now on, Thousand Leaves Forest is no longer your hometown. You won’t be allowed to take half a step into Thousand Leaves Forest."

"From now on, you are an Outcast."

"Leave. Maybe one day, when you are powerful enough to defeat me, you’ll be able to set foot on this territory."

"Otherwise, I’ll personally kick you out. Go!"

That was the intimidating and awe-inspiring voice of the Great Elven King!

Ivan lasted a long time in the duel between father and son but he still lost, as was expected. But he hadn’t expected that what awaited him was not that group of stone people in the Stone Giant Territory, but rather being permanently banished!


Ivan’s eyes were blank for the first time.

‘Sure enough, has he given up on me?’

‘I already worked so hard, but still can’t catch up to him. Yeah, how could my talent compare with the strongest Wood Elven Ruler in all history?’

‘No matter how desperately I train, I am still a waste in his eyes. From childhood to adulthood, I never entered his sight.’

Only suppression and contempt. That superior expression made Ivan feel as if his heart had sank in an icy hole.

‘Liking or not liking women, those are trivial matters… All I care about is to make you look at me!‘

The pitiful Elven Prince walked out of the forest, under the glaring sun.

"Clang." His worn out sword fell to the ground.

A dragon’s roar coming from the east startled him out of his sad mood.

The next instant, he picked up his sword and headed east.

‘Fuck. I’m in a bad mood. Let’s slaughter a dragon!’ Ivan looked like wounded wolf.

Thousand Leaves Forest, Mirror Lake, two people were standing.

Surprisingly, on the surface of the lake was the scene of Ivan picking up his worn out sword and going toward the east..

"My King, Ivan, he…"

Ollie respectfully said with extreme sincerity, "He, he really likes you."

"He is also working hard."

The Great Elven King’s face was blank. "Not enough. Far from enough."

"With this kind of strength, how could he protect the territory after I leave?"

"With these kinds of childish thoughts, how could I feel relieved handing him the Thousand Leaves Forest?"

"I’ve already decided, you don’t need to say more. Withdraw, Ollie."

Ollie bit her lips and silently left.

Only the Great Elven King was left next to the Mirror Lake.

Nicholas silently walked to the lakeside and extended his right hand.

The next instant, the scene on the lake suddenly changed!

The running Ivan disappeared, and a young face surprisingly appearing in front of the Great Elven King.

A strange light flashed through the Great Elven King’s eyes when he looked at that person’s face.

‘All the gods in Heaven chose Glynos because he had the [Time Worm]’s skin which let him pass through the Universe Magic Pool’s barrier. They think everything is already set.’

"But little did they know, the Wizard God Lance chose you to stand up for Feinan."


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