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Chapter 124: Gods’ Agreement

Thus, that Shadow Prince’s avatar was shattered!

The Legend Monk’s frightening strength could clearly be seen.

Obviously, Inheim’s strength reached the peak of Feinan. He had definitely surpassed level 30, and wasn’t a simple Legend.

His voice let people feel at ease.

The death of the Shadow Prince’s avatar made everyone there sigh in relief.

"Glynos is becoming more and more savage," Leymann solemnly said. "Isn’t he afraid of other gods taking advantage of his main body weakening after losing an avatar?"

There was some doubt on Inheim’s face.

These Legends naturally would communicate with each other. But even though Hathaway had foreseen the destruction, they hadn’t realized that the new third generation gods had already reached an agreement!

Only Marvin was aware of the contents of this agreement due to the game!

The agreement was to attack the Universe Magic Pool at all costs!

The Universe Magic Pool was Feinan’s barrier, but it also was the cage of many gods. The first three generations of Ancient Gods realized that their avatars could easily descend on the world through the Universe Magic Pool because they were originally born in Feinan. But most Ancient Gods had already gone dormant by the third era. Some had fallen.

And the rise of the third era’s New Gods was due to the strength of the Fate Tablets which successfully granted them Godhood!

At that time the Wizard God Lance opened up the outer layer of Heavens to them, allowing them to create their own God Kingdoms.

These powerhouses who had originally emerged from Feinan’s various races left Feinan in high spirits and began to happily focus in establishing their God Kingdoms.

But when they finished, they discovered with great shock that they had been tricked by Lance!

That passage in the center of the Universe Magic Pool was tightly sealed after they left.

In other words, the 3rd era’s New Gods couldn’t descend on Feinan anymore!

The sealed Universe Magic Pool was covering Feinan along with its surrounding wild regions. The New Gods seemed trapped in the heavens. Developing their followers would be very difficult!

This was because they couldn’t use their holy powers in the mortal world. Even if they secretly managed to enter Feinan through some special means, they would be found and stopped by the Wizard God.

Even after the Wizard God left, they still couldn’t do anything.

There was still a group of Legend powerhouses in Feinan. That group of Legends wasn’t inferior to the gods. The reason they didn’t become gods was simply because they didn’t get a fragment of a Fate Tablet.

Moreover, many among them were actually qualified to become gods, but they took it upon themselves to defend Feinan and didn’t leave like those New Gods.

Before Lance left, he had clearly said, "Those who became New Gods through the Fate Tablet fragments must not enter Feinan."

This made all the New Gods extremely gloomy!

They had been plotted against by the Wizard God!

Lance tricked them into going to the heavens, but didn’t let them come into contact with Feinan’s mortals. This was like being in prison!

The Wizard God also didn’t completely eradicate them, still leaving them a chance of survival.

He opened some secondary planes for them. These secondary planes were derived from Feinan: Feinan’s Underworld, Abyss, and Evil Spirit planes.

There were all kinds of races on these secondary planes, but they weren’t as prosperous as Feinan.

At the beginning, even though the New Gods complained, they could only comply and fight over territories and followers in these secondary planes, suppressed as they were by the Wizard God’s power.

After a long time, and especially after the departure of the Wizard God, the third era’s New Gods began to turn restless.

They wanted even more power, even more followers!


d the power of faith provided by living creatures was the most suitable.

If they could enter Feinan… Then these New Gods’ strength would drastically strengthen.

But these desires weren’t enough to turn those New Gods crazy.

Wizard God Lance’s influence still lingered after all. No one knew the extent of Lance’s power and temper. If they broke the rule, what if Lance came back?

And there was still that Eternal Dragon appearing and disappearing unpredictably!

It was the Wizard God’s closest companion.

That dragon was as strong as the Ancient Nature God, Ancient Elven God, and other powerful gods. And he could instantly appear in Feinan from a distant higher universe.

Due to these factors, Feinan was calm for many years.

The Universe Magic Pool slowed the New Gods’ growth while also guaranteeing the Wizards’ Rule.

Up till the end of the 4th Era.

A frightening fire was lit.

There was a rumor that began to transmit through the God Kingdoms.

The 4th Fate Tablet!

The one who acquired it would have the same power as the Wizard God.

The New Gods were frantic.

They mutually agreed that they had to use everything to break the Universe Magic Pool!

These New Gods had already left Feinan for too long. In their eyes, the lives of Feinan’s living beings were already completely had nothing to do with them.

They had already forgotten their own origins, and only thirsted for stronger power.

The shattering of the Universe Magic Pool might cause a disaster, but they hadn’t cared about it from the start.

Moreover, in the midst of great troubles, the ignorant common people would suffer, giving up all hope.

And at that time, their faith would gain more followers. The power of faith the gods received would be even more generous!

"Regardless. I won’t allow him to keep harming Feinan’s Legends," Inheim solemnly declared. "Among those who reached godhood in the 3rd era, only Glynos can send his avatar due to that artifact. Regardless of their plan, as long as I keep track of Glynos, there shouldn’t be too much trouble."

Hearing this, Marvin couldn’t help but sigh gloomily, ‘If only…’

The reason Glynos the Shadow Prince jumped around like that was naturally to weaken Feinan’s Legends through assassination. But the most important reason was to attract the Legends’ attention to himself.

Everyone would be worried about the Shadow Prince assassinating them and no one would pay attention to the Universe Magic Pool surrounding Feinan!

Marvin wanted to tell them this point.

But he ultimately stayed silent.

Because he knew that saying it wouldn’t change anything. The Universe Magic Pool was bound to be shattered and the New Gods’ avatars and divine souls would successively enter Feinan!

From that point, chaos would be everywhere, various churches would rise, Wizards would thoroughly fall, and evil forces would spread.

In all of Feinan, there wouldn’t be one place left untouched.

It was to the extent that time would be messed up after the Heavenly Beast invaded, and everything was linked to the fall of the Universe Magic Pool.

Inheim left, going to look for that Great Druid in the north. After the loss of Divinations, it seemed that only that Great Druid’s Divine Spell from the Ancient Nature God could accurately predict the time and location of the next descent of the Shadow Prince’s avatar.

This Legend Monk was truly preparing to spend his time chasing the Shadow Prince.

Hathaway returned to the Ashes Tower with Marvin and Wayne. The Shadow Prince’s avatar was exterminated for the time being, letting her feel relieved.

Leymann once again turned on the magic screen and announced that the winners of the Apprentice Battle of the Holy Grail were the brothers, Wayne and Marvin.

And the 2nd rank competition would be pushed back for the time being due to the Emergency in the East Coast. This made the spectators somewhat regretful.

But they were also content after seeing such an amazing Apprentice competition.

Quite a lot of people were very interested in Leymann’s "Emergency" and soon, every intelligence organization quickly went to work.

Not long afterwards, every power in the East Coast was shocked!

An Ancient Red Dragon had blatantly attacked Unicorn clan’s Crystal Island!

When did evil forces became so savage?

At the same time, the Three Ring Towers announced that they were on alert!

The people of the East Coast instantly became anxious. Every large territory began imposing emergency measures.

In Ashes Tower, Wayne still felt weak even after the Rejuvenation spell, so he returned to his dorm to rest.

Only Marvin and Hathaway remained on the top floor.

The atmosphere felt somewhat depressing.

Hathaway stood there, calmly looking toward the East.

Marvin was behind her, and he noticed her hand that wouldn’t stop trembling.

He whispered, "Scared?"

Hathaway’s body slightly shook. She weakly sat down on the sofa.

Rather than focus on her frail appearance, Marvin calmly walked to a window on the side, looking at the dark clouds covering the East Coast.

"Thank you," Hathaway whispered.

She took a deep breath and suddenly stood up, regaining her previous dignified image.

Marvin was right, she had truly been frightened!

She was almost killed by the Shadow Prince!

Almost gone forever!

This thoroughly frightened her to her bones, no words could describe that. It was to the extent that when she returned to the Ashes Tower, even in front of Marvin, she couldn’t handle it for a bit.

But a Legend Wizard was a Legend Wizard. She had high willpower and soon pulled herself together.

Marvin smiled from the corner of his mouth. "This is the Dame Hathaway I know."

Hathaway coldly snorted and wipe a teardrop from the corner of her eyes.

"You helped Ashes Tower win its first Battle of the Holy Grail."

"And you just saved my life. Tell me, what do you want?"

Marvin looked at Hathaway’s beautiful face and her eyelashes shuddering from the extreme fear, and was almost unable to stop himself from teasing her.

But the strength difference between both sides was too great. So in the end, he said with a blank face, "Help me out!"

"Hmm?" Hathaway looked curiously at Marvin.

Marvin pointed at his Ring of Prayers and said, "I want to use a Prayer skill."

"Turin’s Prayer."

"If it goes well, then never mind."

"If I accidentally summon some bastard... Please help me."

Hathaway displayed an understanding look.

"Pretty good, this is a true Ring of Prayers."

"The luck of us Seers is always good. Let me see what you summon."

"Summon it here, Sir Leymann helped me secure this floor of the tower with 19 Legend spells. Even if Glynos came here, he would also have a tragic end!"

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