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Chapter 117: Thunder Fairy Boots

"Why do you pinch my face everytime you are worried!" Ding quietly growled, in a bad mood.

"And not only do you pinch it when you are worried, you pinch it when you are happy, and when you are unhappy. I am a magnificent Fortune Fairy!"

Kate angrily said, "Then think of a way to stop him from dying!"

"I can’t do anything!" Ding helplessly complained. "My blessing won’t trigger in the incomplete plane of a Legend Wizard."

"What? You have no solution?" Kate froze.

She had no choice but to raise her head to look at the magic screen.

That toothy maw was about to encircle Marvin!

"Then what’s your use!?" Kate worried let her chubby pet fall on the floor!

The latter dejectedly crawled up and wiped a tear. How did she become a pet?

"But you shouldn’t worry…" Ding comforted. "He won’t die."

"Hmm?" Kate blankly looked at the screen and saw the toothy maw abruptly stopping in mid-air!

While Marvin was dizzy, he only managed issue one command!

This was out of pure battle instinct.


Two strange barbed vines appeared and tightly locked on the male Gemini’s neck, firmly pulling the frightening mouth back in the air.

Shadow Doppelganger!

In that moment of life and death, the Shadow Doppelganger rushed over, using the same skill as Marvin.

Vine Metamorphosis!

It forcefully pulled on the male Gemini’s neck, giving Marvin a lifeline.

The Shadow Doppelganger’s feet were pushing against the male Gemini’s back, and both hands turned into vines, pulling at his neck.

If not for its help, Marvin might have already been swallowed!

But fights were always constantly changing in situation.

The male Gemini suddenly let go and turned to send a heavy fist at the Shadow Doppelganger!

The latter flew out like a broken kite, entering a disabled state!

It didn’t give Marvin a lot of time.

About two seconds.

But it was two seconds he needed!

They changed the battle’s situation.

Marvin took a deep breath after falling on the ground, and then used his willpower to rise and roll aside!

This roll was quiet and was done in anticipation of the male Gemini’s next move!

As expected, after he dealt with the Shadow Doppelganger, the male Gemini turned and stomped where Marvin originally was.

Unfortunately, this stomp was fated to hit nothing!

Marvin rolled farther on the ground and then kicked the back of the male Gemini’s knee, forcing the latter to lower his lower body.

Marvin suddenly jumped up and extended his right hand, the Ring of Prayers aiming at the back of the male Gemini’s head.

Rainbow Jet!

The frightening Rainbow Jet’s rays landed on his skin!

The crystallization began to take effect, as a layer of colored glassy material appeared on his skin!

"Fuck off!" The male Gemini bellowed, suddenly turning around and throwing a fist.

But Marvin had already retreated!

He coldly looked at the rainbow colors on the male Gemini, a hint of lingering fear flashing through his eyes!

That was really too close.

That guy actually pushed him to this extent.

This was totally because of his Steel Skin being too troublesome!

Skin with Physical Immunity, this was far more troublesome than a Guardian.

To handle a Guardian, Marvin could still use the Armor Strip technique, but Steel Skin was quite a headache.

‘Fortunately, there is still the Ring of Prayers!’

‘His Magic Resistance is very high, but Rainbow Jet has an additional crystallization effect! It will definitely open up a vulnerable point in his skin!’

Marvin narrowed his eyes, focusing on the male Gemini’s skin. He saw a spot turning into crystal and peeling off, carrying a piece of bloody flesh with it!

It was really effective!

Even though Rainbow Jet wouldn’t cause too much harm to the male Gemini, it caused a Br

oken Effect!

Thus, Marvin’s attacks would become highly threatening.

The tides had turned.

But at that time the male Gemini coldly laughed, commenting, "Quite a resourceful guy."

"It’s a pity, you did so much… But what about your younger brother?"

Everyone in the audience in Three Ring Tower had their heart stuck in their throat.

They were watching as Marvin was about to be eaten, but then a huge reversal happened. The Ring of Prayers in Marvin’s hand was noticed by the Wizards!

"It’s actually Rainbow Jet."

"Yes. This male Gemini’s strong point is that Physical Immunity. With his defense broken, Baron Marvin can definitely kill him!"

"Wizards are the strongest after all!"

They were all discussing.

But the female Gemini in the magic screen was chasing after Wayne!

In her eyes, without the protection of the Shadow Doppelganger, Wayne was just a piece of meat that had been delivered to her mouth.

"He did that because he had completely given up on his brother’s life!"

"Hey! No one could do anything about this situation."

"If it were me, I might have already conceded."

A few senior nobles couldn’t help but shake their heads.

Even though Marvin was still alive, his move definitely pushed Wayne into a fire!

"Seems like your disciple really had a strategy. Maybe it was something leaked by Dame Hathaway."

The group of Magore Academy’s teachers were gathered together. The one who had complained earlier to Hanzel couldn’t help but say, "At least his spell setup, even if it is unreasonable, was completely tailored for this Snow Demon Lair. But unfortunately…"

"He’s screwed. That Baron Marvin cannot give up his life to save his own younger brother."

Hanzel’s expression was ashen.

When the brothers were exploring the Snow Demon Lair, he was pleased beyond expectation. It turned out this was the reason!

Apparently they were aware of the existence of the Snow Demon Lair. Even if Hanzel wasn’t happy about Marvin’s move, he also knew that this young noble of White River Valley had his own way of thinking. Moreover, he was close with Dame Hathaway, so maybe he had received some guidance.

Thus he wasn’t too angry.

But when the Gemini rushed in, his heart started beating faster!

If Wayne’s spell setup wasn’t this extreme, the brothers’ coordination would be enough to fight a Gemini!

Gemini, these freaky monsters, were very strong. But a combination of a prepared Battle Wizard and a powerful 2nd rank Ranger was also strong.

But unfortunately, Wayne’s spells were already spent!

Marvin fighting one versus two would definitely be very hard.

The course of events was also more or less what Hanzel expected. Marvin, in order to save himself, ended up unable to take care of Wayne.

Wayne’s screwed!

"No good, I will concede in their place!" Hanzel was very worried.

"Wake up. I know you are worried about your disciple’s safety. But they are the only ones who can choose to concede!" The teacher who was good friends with him instantly pulled him back.

"I can’t just watch my disciple being eaten by a monster!" Hanzel angrily shouted.

"You must trust them!" That man pointed at the magic screen and said, "Watch!"

On the magic screen, the female Gemini was charging toward Wayne, drooling.

And Wayne, standing next to the hidden door, didn’t panic at all.

He whispered an incantation and a bright blue light shone from under his boots!

"Thunder Fairy Boots!"

Hanzel’s eyes suddenly brightened!

He finally remembered, he had personally lent those boots to his own disciple yesterday!

Thunder Fairy’s Boots.

Magic Item.

Effect: Increase running speed.

This was a relatively popular magic item among the Wizards, not only because the Wizard God Lance also had an artifact like this, but mainly because this thing was too useful.

Under Wayne’s incantation, this pair of boots personally enchanted by Hanzel displayed its unique effect!

[Super Speed]!

Duration: 3 minutes.

Seeing the rushing female Gemini, he didn’t hesitate to trigger this effect.

Wayne’s silhouette crazily ran across the open space in the center of the mountain with the female Gemini in tow, unwilling to let go!

She angrily wiped her saliva, doing her best to pursue!

But both of them still had a certain distance between them.

Wayne was very smart. He was running around in figure eights, trying to keep the female Gemini away from Marvin as much as possible!

The two started a game of cat and mouse in the wide open area in the center of the mountain.

And this bought precious minutes of time for Marvin.

‘Three minutes? It should be enough!’

The corner of Marvin’s mouth exposed a smile.

The male Gemini in front of him was already in a tragic state. Though his recovery ability was very powerful, the surface of his skin had already been badly mutilated.

Marvin weighed the two daggers in his hands, considering for a moment.

‘It’s time to counterattack!’

The next second, Marvin suddenly rushed forward!

The male Gemini displayed a cruel smile as he forged ahead without showing any weakness.

Without any change in expression, Marvin kicked the ground. Burst! Imitation Shadow Step!

He shifted positions in an instant!

Marvin turned and slashed, cutting into the male Gemini’s waist, and blood spurted out!

In the Thunder Tower.

"I got an idea!" Looking at Wayne being chase on the magic screen, Ding suddenly clapped her hands and said, "I can turn that hidden Teleportation Gate on."

"That’s a hidden Teleportation Gate?" Kate failed to understand.

The Fortune Fairy nodded with assurance. "Never mind the mechanisms, as long as you are lucky, it would open."

"Let me try, haha…"

While running at high speed, Wayne didn’t forget to think about the meaning of that Ouroboros statue next to the hidden door.

But surprisingly, the mechanism suddenly let out a "Tututu" sound.

In an instant, the wall moved away, revealing the flickering rays of light from the Teleportation Gate!

"What happened!" Marvin rolled, shaking off the the male Gemini. He looked at this scene, confused.

Did the hidden door open on its own?

Wayne looked at it blankly for a moment. He then regained his senses and suddenly sped up, rushing into the Teleportation Gate!

The next instant, he arrived at a place covered in snow!

The Snow Mountain Summit!

But he wasn’t alone there. There was someone else, the Thunder Tower’s Witch, Celina!

Celina saw the Teleportation Gate appearing and Wayne rushing out of it and was very shocked!

She immediately took out her magic staff and aimed at Wayne.

Wayne immediately turned back when he saw her reaction, rushing back into the Teleportation Gate.

And at that time, the female Gemini also emerged from the Teleportation Gate!

The two of them just brushed past each other!

Wayne made it back inside the Snow Demon Lair while the female Gemini arrived on the summit!

The next second, the Teleportation Gate lost its radiance!

This Teleportation Gate had only lasted 7 seconds!

Only Marvin and Wayne remained in the lair, along with that male Gemini covered in blood.

Marvin shrugged. "Well, this outcome is a bit unexpected."

"But it is quite satisfying."

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