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Chapter 116: Border of Life and Death

The atmosphere became tense in the cave.

Marvin took a step forward, moving in front of Wayne to protect him.

Two people stood in front of him, a man and a woman. There was no apparent relation between the two.

However, Marvin smelled something fishy about them!


He solemnly watched those two.

The Gemini looked at each other, clearly surprised. They hadn’t expected Marvin to see through their identity in a glance.

But it didn’t matter, so what if he saw through it?

They came here to ruthlessly kill the two brothers under the countless eyes, thus uplifting the Unicorn Clan’s prestige!

"Wayne, fall back. See if you can open that hidden gate," Marvin said in a heavy voice.

Wayne didn’t act stubborn, as he only had one Lava Fireball left. Facing those two who weren’t to be trifled with, there was naturally nothing he could do to help Marvin. He might even turn into a liability.

He instantly ran toward the hidden gate and began studying the relationship between the Ouroboros snakes and the hidden gate mechanism.

This was a Teleportation Gate installed by a Wizard and Wayne had previously studied in this field.

"We are two, do you think you can stop us?" The Gemini woman laughed softly.

Her laughter was sometimes hoarse, sometimes seductive. The inconsistence was strangely frightening! This was caused by the Geminis’ body structure being unstable, making the vocal cords sometimes be out of alignment, leading to variation in tone!

"You are only one," Marvin calmly replied.

He had dealt with Geminis in an instance of the Evil Spirits Plane before, and had killed no less than a hundred of them.

The members of this frightening race were innate killers, but they could only become pile of experience in front of a Ruler of the Night.

The current Marvin was obviously not as powerful as back then, but the Night Walker + Ranger class made Marvin confident enough to be able to take both on alone!

Shadow Doppelganger!

A small silhouette slowly appeared from the shadows of the cavern, but immediately disappeared on the spot!


The first time Marvin used his doppelganger, he was in stealth and used it as a probe. This time, he let the shadow enter stealth while he himself started the attack!

This was because he wasn’t alone. He couldn’t retreat or hide.

If he retreated, Wayne would be exposed in front of the Gemini. Based on Geminis’ methods, Wayne’s defensive items wouldn’t be of much use.

"A sneaky helper?"

The female Gemini suddenly started sniffing the air, directly locking onto the Shadow Doppelganger in Stealth!


‘Isn’t this woman too perverted?’

Marvin cursed in his heart, but he didn’t hesitate, instead grasping his daggers and dashing forward!

Direct confrontation!

This was Marvin’s only solution now!

Blazing Fury in his right hand, a Fang in his left hand. Even though the two daggers were different, under the effects of Two-Weapon Fighting, they would be able to display some synergy.

Moreover, Marvin needed Blazing Fury’s spell!

[Arcane Missiles]!

Five consecutive Arcane Missiles chaotically flew towards the male Gemini!

And Marvin was also rushing in that direction.

The man laughed, as the muscles on his upper body suddenly swelled. He let the five arcane missiles hit his body!


Heavy noises echoed through the cavern, sounding like an iron hammer hitting a stone wall.

The male was safe and sound.

‘Force Immunity!’

The name of this specialty flashed through Marvin’s head. Arcane Missile belonged to the school of Force Magic. Geminis are really abnormal. Despite only being level 7, he already had a specialty that was the bane of ordinary wizards.

Marvin reached the male in an instant, slashing down at his arm with



A shallow bloody mark appeared on the male’s skin!

‘Steel Skin!" Marvin was fuming!

This Gemini was really an elite amongst elites.

Marvin’s attacks were nearly ineffective.

The male Gemini suddenly opened his toothy maw and lunged down at a ridiculous angle, while his arms reached to surround Marvin!

At the same time, the female Gemini also moved. She glanced at Marvin throwing himself into a trap with a sneer on her face, and ignored the Shadow Doppelganger to dash straight toward Wayne.

‘They are done for!’

That was the only thought in the hearts of the audience!

When the male Gemini opened his toothy maw, they had already come to the conclusion: Marvin was screwed!

Because Bergner died the same way!

The female Gemini had broken all of Bergner defensive spells and the desperate Bergner didn’t have time to surrender before his head was cleanly bitten off by the male!

The scene before their eyes was nearly the same!

"Too bloody…"

"This Baron Marvin looks pretty handsome. Dying at the hands of a Gemini, what a pity. How could they let such a monster in the Battle of the Holy Grail? They can’t be considered human!"

"Yeah, but then again, who made him offend the Unicorn clan? Moreover, if you haven’t noticed, this Battle of the Holy Grail is a little strange."


While a few Wizards were discussing, the scene on the magic screen suddenly reversed!

Everyone’s eyes widened.

On the magic screen, Marvin was about to be embraced by the male Gemini. He suddenly ducked and sneaked under the Gemini’s armpit like a cat.

Before anyone could sigh in relief, Marvin stepped on the back of the male Gemini’s leg and suddenly spun, coiling his legs around his opponent’s waist. The two daggers suddenly flashed together!

"I don’t believe your throat is protected by Steel Skin!"

Marvin ruthlessly used Burst to push his body to the limit!

He used his most familiar Thief combo.

The two daggers rotated, their sharp edges pointing toward the Gemini’s throat!

Marvin’s extremely sharp moves stunned the audience. Could Marvin really have a chance to kill him?

They held their breaths, nervously looking at the screen.


Two consecutive metallic sounds could be heard!

Marvin stiffened on the spot.

His two daggers had actually been grabbed by the Gemini!

Cutthroat failed!

‘Damn! Curved daggers really can’t match the attack speed of straight daggers!’

‘Moreover, my rotating also took extra time, allowing the opponent to counter.'

That was Marvin’s judgement of the situation!

This combo was originally the most commonly used Thief combo when he was playing, but Thieves and Rangers were different.

If it was with the speed of straight daggers, this Cutthroat would have definitely hit, the opponent wouldn’t have had time to react!

And in order to increase the strength of curved daggers, Marvin had to make a larger movement to increase Cutthroat’s effect.

But it was because of this point that his attack couldn’t be perfect, leading to a huge flaw.

Ordinary class holders wouldn’t be able to exploit that flaw.

But it was a very frightening gap when facing experienced experts!

For example, when he fought Diapheis, Marvin had also miscalculated.

Not to mention this frightening Gemini in front of him. His hands were immune to physical damage and actually forcibly grabbed Marvin’s daggers.

"Aaah!" The Gemini bellowed, grabbing the daggers and dragging Marvin out from behind his body.

Marvin didn’t have time to release them before his body was ruthlessly smashed on the ground!


He couldn’t help but let out a mouthful of blood. Marvin felt his body creaking all over. This wasn’t a light fall!

He could hear the sound of his bones breaking!

His constitution was still too low!

The Gemini smiled sinisterly and extended his hand to grab Marvin’s collar, wanting to lift him up.

Marvin had almost entered the stunned state!

Everything before his eyes was fuzzy, and he couldn’t breathe properly.

He attempted to wave his daggers, but he couldn’t do anything!

In the end, he had underestimated that Gemini’s strength!

He hadn’t expected to have just a small gap get exploited. Marvin was in a very desperate situation!

That throw left him dizzy and unable to do anything.

"Hehe, that one I ate before was too old, this one is pretty good."

A hollow laugh could be heard from the male Gemini, as his toothy maw suddenly opened, ruthlessly biting down!

‘Am I going to die?’

Marvin’s consciousness was too fuzzy!

Everyone was solemn in the Three Ring Towers.

Some people were already protesting that this Battle of the Holy Grail shouldn’t be having a Gemini in it!

It was too abnormal, having both physical immunity and magic resistance!

Its methods were so frighteningly ruthless. Not in line with the goal of the Battle of the Holy Grail.

This was a Wizard competition! But instead Marvin grabbed the limelight and then it was the Gemini who took over!

What about Wizards? Where did the Wizards go?

What about Wizards’ prestige?

The three Academies’ Apprentice Wizards were basically non-existent!

How did it unwittingly turn into a follower competition?

This would have never happened in the past!

Followers usually played the supporting role in the Battle of the Holy Grail. Who could have imagined that there would be such a reversal this time?

Magore Academy’s Wayne, for the sake of some crazy plan, had prepared five Lava Fireballs! And maybe a sixth!

Thunder Tower’s Celina worked together with the Unicorn clan and hadn’t shown any of her strength.

And the pitiful Bergner actually wanted to display his own power, but ended up easily disposed off by the Gemini!

This was a complete joke!

The Wizards shook their heads one after the other. Some already started to talk about whether they should cancel the participation of followers in the following Battle of the Holy Grail!

No one cared about Marvin’s fate.

Because for them, the outcome was already clear!

Thunder Tower won. The Gemini would get rid of the two brothers in only an instant.

But in one corner, a young lady was angrily pinching a plump creature’s cheek, furiously saying:

"Ding! Help, if you don’t act, it’ll be too late!"

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