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Chapter 118: Awakening! Hidden Bloodline!

In the Three Ring Towers, all of the spectators watching the competition looked at each other in dismay!

They hadn’t expected such an amazing reversal to happen again!

Only the male Gemini remained in the Snow Demon Lair. But his Steel Skin had already been broken thanks to the effects of Rainbow Jet!

The tides appeared to have turned again.

"Today’s competition… It seems like even "full of twists" wouldn’t be enough to describe it!"

"Did anyone see how that hidden Teleportation Gate ended up appearing?"

"Hmm? But Baron Marvin and his brother intentionally went there, didn’t they already know about the Teleportation Gate?"

They all couldn’t help but chat about it.

Even harsh critics wouldn’t be able to raise an issue about the quality of today’s wonderful competition.

It was such a great show.

Marvin’s amazing performance, the Gemini’s overbearing appearance, both sides’ intense melee battle, the sudden appearance of the Teleportation Gate, and Wayne’s quick-witted reaction...

This was something they couldn’t have seen in any previous Battle of the Holy Grail.

The previous competitions mainly consisted of Apprentice Wizards throwing a few spells at each other to see whose spell setup was better, or who had higher Magic Power.

As for the followers, they were there to help the Wizards appear powerful.

But this time was completely different. Both Marvin and the Gemini were dazzling!

They completely eclipsed the other three Wizards’ glory!

"Look! He is moving!" someone exclaimed.

In the scene on the magic screen, Marvin no longer hesitated and brazenly advanced.

"You just threw this Lord on the ground and almost made me lose consciousness!" Marvin said imperiously.

"So don’t blame me for not showing mercy!"

Marvin took a deep breath as he craftily slashed forwards, his daggers flowing like water.

The male Gemini bellowed, throwing a fist over!

But his dexterity wasn’t as good as Marvin’s. Marvin relied on his rich experience and ability to predict the opponent moves to easily dodge past him while slicing the male Gemini’s thigh.


The same metallic sound as before.

But this slash left a deep wound on the enemy’s skin and blood started flowing out.

The attack was effective.

Marvin smiled.

He lowered his head, avoiding the male Gemini’s counterattack, using Burst once again!

He stepped forward in an instant.

Wishful Ropes!

Enhanced by the Rope Master title, two ropes coiled around the male Gemini’s hands and feet!

Vine Metamorphosis!

Marvin put his daggers away for the moment, both hands transforming into barbed vines, firmly locking onto the male Gemini!

"You can’t bind me!" The male Gemini bellowed.

The muscles on his upper body began swelling at a pace that was clearly noticeable. "Bang!""Bang!"

The vines originally tying the male Gemini’s upper body actually began to break.

Marvin coldly replied, "Restraining you for a moment is enough."

The male Gemini froze, but before he could react, a scarlet light already filled his sight!

Lava Fireball.

Wayne’s last spell was used on this frightening guy.

When the exploding flame that could melt a Snow Demon Leader was about to hit the male Gemini, Marvin firmly let go and rolled away.


When the Lava Fireball smashed into the male Gemini’s body, his skin was instantly charred!

"Rrrar!" he bellowed.

He wouldn’t die from this 1st-circle spell.

But his skin was already thoroughly destroyed.

The flame burnt his skin and blood. He was painfully rolling on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire.

But what awaited him when he stood up was Marvin’s ruthless dagger!

Blade Technique – Rapids!

The male Gemini had already become very bloody, and the resistance from Steel Skin wa

s gone.

But he still had his battle instinct. He crossed his arms in front of him, covering himself while he tried to retreat.


One slash after another.

Marvin’s attack were extremely unbridled, apparently venting what happened earlier.

The most important feature of Two-Weapon Fighting was the smoothness of the attacks.

The daggers flowed around the male Gemini’s body, constantly flashing. The male Gemini’s arms turned into bloody paste under Marvin’s assault!

This was more torture than killing!

Marvin had a grim expression, the daggers in his hand continuously attacking.

In mere moments, he had already slashed no less than 20 times!

The male Gemini could only passively retreat. Almost all the flesh on his forearms had been cut apart by Marvin.

But his bones were very hard, and they managed to barely resist!

However, he could only back away!

If he turned around to run, Marvin would have more space to attack. He had already lost his ability to resist.

Marvin took a deep breath and fiercely dashed forward, suddenly approaching even closer to the male Gemini.

21st slash!

Blazing Fury moved in a perfect arc, ruthlessly slashing down!

The Gemini helplessly used his forearms in a cross to once again block in front of him.

But this time, under everyone’s shocked gazes, Marvin’s slash surprisingly broke the extremely solid bones!


Frightening noises echoed in the cavern as the Gemini’s howl instantly covered the whole area.

[Reckless Dual Wielder]’s Strength bonus plus [Blazing Fury]’s Shatter effect stacked together!

The male Gemini’s arms were neatly chopped and his body was completely exposed in front of Marvin.

He suddenly looked up, his eyes filled with unwillingness.

"Don’t try to harm someone under my protection."

"Or else you’ll die a very miserable death," Marvin whispered.

The next instant, he did a dagger combo, butchering the male Gemini as if he was just cutting meat!

Upper arms, shoulders, abdomen, thigh, knees!

He chopped another 20 times!

After 20 slashes, the male Gemini was thoroughly dismembered!

He was dismembered alive, not after death.

The male Gemini with the heaven defying defense had turned into a pile of meat in an instant!

The bloody scene was so frightening that everyone felt their blood run cold.

Marvin’s face was expressionless, making him seem even more fierce and cruel.

There was also some blood on his face. He looked like a demon king walking out of Purgatory.

Wayne quickly walked over from behind. Seeing Marvin’s fierce appearance, he only said softly:

"Brother, your face is dirty."

He took out an handkerchief and gently wiped the blood on Marvin’s face.

It was just like what Marvin did when Wayne was young, wiping the mud off his younger brother’s face after playing.

Marvin smiled, but suddenly got hit by a fit of weakness!

‘Not good, I used Burst too many times…’

His body couldn’t resist as he softly hit the ground.

Wayne supported Marvin up, "Brother, how are you…"

But Marvin had already lost consciousness.

Excessive use of his physical strength made him lose consciousness.

On the snowy slope, a speeding shadow suddenly stopped. She let out an unwilling shriek and finally fell on the floor.

Even though Geminis were strong, they had one deadly weak point. Once one of them died, the other would also die!

Wayne’s smart reaction not only let them gain some time, it also gave them the chance to kill the Gemini!

The female Gemini also died.

Only the brothers and the anxiously waiting Celina were left on the snow mountain.

Everyone silently looked at that scene. The shock in their hearts was impossible to fake.

A Gemini!

That was a Gemini.

Anyone with a bit of common sense knew that this kind of lifeform couldn’t be judged using common rankings.

A level 7 Gemini was something that even a level 10 ordinary class holder wouldn’t necessarily be able to kill.

Their defense was too strong, and their offense was too ruthless.

It was also because this race was too powerful that they were hunted to death by the South Wizard Alliance.

With the emergence of a Gemini in the competition, ordinary people would realize that they couldn’t win!

But Marvin and Wayne had accomplished it.

At the last moment, Marvin used more than 40 extra attacks, shocking everyone!

So much anger was released with this Blade Technique.

Everyone cheered when the Gemini died!

Apart from the unsightly Lohart, all of the neutral spectators cheered for the brothers’ performance.

Even if they had no way to win the Battle of the Holy Grail today, news of the brothers’ performance would spread throughout the surrounding East Coast.

White River Valley, this countryside area, would also gradually become known!

"It’s such a pity, Baron Marvin actually overused his stamina."

"Yeah, and that Gemini’s throw also hurt him quite a bit."

"That Celina did nothing, is she going to become the winner of the Battle of the Holy Grail? It’s too unbelievable!"

The Wizards were discussing spiritedly.

The nobles even raised a complaint.

But in any case, the outcome of the competition had already been decided. Marvin had lost consciousness and Wayne, who had used up all his spells, couldn’t be Celina’s match.

Moreover, they still had to climb up the mountain.

They would concede, surely?

This was what everyone was thinking. The situation was very clear after all.

"Brother?" As Wayne saw his brother losing consciousness, a hint of anger flashed through his eyes.

He slowly and gently laid Marvin on the ground.

‘Should I concede?’ This thought flashed through Wayne’s mind.

He soon rejected this kind of thought!

Because he knew that if Marvin was awake, he would definitely not concede!

‘In that case, I can’t give up!’

Wayne took a deep breath, strenuously lifted Marvin and then, to everyone’s surprise, put Marvin on his back.

"Brother, you were always the one carrying me on your back. Today, let me carry you for the first time."

Everyone watched Wayne carrying Marvin and leaving the cavern one step at a time.

He was moving slowly but every step was firm and resolute.

Outside the cavern was the vast snow mountain.

If he still had spells, he could easily climb the mountain. Unfortunately, he didn’t. And the Battle of the Holy Grail had to end in one day.

If they waited in the cavern without moving, they would be disqualified for being inactive.

Therefore, he simply carried Marvin on his back, climbing the mountain one step at a time!

Everyone was moved!

This 9 year old child was actually so strong-willed?

Time passed as they watched Wayne carrying his brother on his back toward to summit.

No one felt this was boring. They only felt this child was worthy of respect.

Maybe using child to describe him wasn’t too appropriate.

He was already a true man.

The icy wind gradually became stronger in the boundless snow field.

Wayne was arduously moving forward when suddenly, he misstepped, immediately making him lose his balance.

That was a hole in the ice!

The brothers fell in together!

Sharp pain, ice-cold.

That was all Marvin felt.

He tried to open his eyes, but he only saw darkness.

But at that time, a log flashed on his interface:

[Your hidden bloodline is awakening (Passive Trigger Luck +1)!]

[You gained a subclass…]

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