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Chapter 113: Snow Demon Nest

Two minutes earlier.

From the summit, Marvin coldly watched those three people surrounding Wayne. The snowy wind was biting cold, so they might have been able to see Marvin, but the line of sight wasn’t that great.

But Marvin, towering above them, was still more or less able to see them clearly.

He had made Wayne choose that kind of spell setup. If they really fought now, Wayne would definitely not be their opponent!

Because Marvin’s setup was too extreme!

Thus, Wayne could only run.

‘Wayne has so much faith in me, I can’t disappoint him.’

‘Whatever, let’s gamble! In any case, I have good balance. I don’t believe my luck will keep being bad!’

A decisive expression flashed through Marvin’s eyes.

Most of the things that happened since he transmigrated could be considered as being dealt with through meticulous plans, steadily carrying them out. He had the experience after all.

But today he had no choice but to take a risk.

Because Wayne fell into such a dangerous situation after trusting him. In any case, Wayne was the one that needed protecting!

"Let’s go!"

Marvin took a deep breath and suddenly ran to that shield on the ground!

Indeed, the shield!

The two meter tall shield was still there after the Guardian’s death!

That shield wasn’t too heavy. It was because the Guardian didn’t expect to meet people with great physical power in the Battle of the Holy Grail. At the same time, there would be three Wizards, so he chose a shield with relatively good Magic Resistance.

Thus Marvin’s strength was barely enough to raise it!

But doing any quick maneuvers with it would be totally impossible. After all, his strength was too low.

He pushed the shield to the edge of the snowy slope and adjusted the orientation.

He then suddenly gave it one last shove and jumped on it!

That’s right, Marvin was using the shield as a sledge, wildly sliding down the steep slope!

That was a crazy gamble.

Marvin’s balance was very good and his dexterity was also very high, but sledding wasn’t that simple.

If there was a broken tree stump hidden in the slope… The consequences would be disastrous!

And when Kate saw Marvin jumping from the summit, she almost cried out!

"Too dangerous!" She couldn’t help but mutter.

"What happened?" Lohart looked at Kate, somewhat surprised.

Kate realized she had lost her composure and slightly shook her head.

Lohart was puzzled. But when he turned to look back at the other screen, he froze on the spot!

Because on the magic screen, a shadow was rushing down the mountain as fast as lightning. He arrived near those three in less than a minute!

That was too fast!

"What happened?" Lohart leapt up from his seat in an instant, alarmed!

His eyes widened, his reaction even more extreme than Kate’s!

Marvin was riding the shield, trying to keep his balance.

Snow kept splashing on his face on his way down, along with some bits of ice!

"Woosh!" "Woosh!"

His face had a few deep cuts.

The shield was sliding faster and faster!

Marvin firmly opened his eyes, letting the snow blow against his eyelashes. He tenaciously locked onto Wayne’s position!

He struggled to keep the shield steady, crazily sliding toward the people below.

In an instant, he reached the edge of the slope, approaching that ledge they were on!

"Wayne!" He roared!

The loud voice instantly startled the three people. But Marvin came too fast, and they were caught unprepared.

Before they could react, the shield carried Marvin right past them!

At the last moment, Marvin displayed his Rope Master’s abilities.

The Wishful Rope in his hand was simply omnipotent.

A simple tug and Wayne was pulled to the "sledge"!

The two brothers immediately disappeared down the slope at the end of th

e ledge.

Three people were left behind, totally dumbstruck!

The audience watching the magic screen was frantic.

They didn’t think this year’s Battle of the Holy Grail would actually start in such a wonderful way.

"Heavens! I was actually able to see such a crazy move…"

"He actually made it! He made it! Damn… Is that Baron Marvin a sledding expert?"

"His rope skills are also amazing! I have to ask him for some advice later!"

"Too smart! You see those three competitors’ faces, they have no expression at all, as if they met a ghost!"

A few young nobles couldn’t help but cheer for Marvin’s move!

The other were watching, excited!

Though it was only for less than two minutes, everyone’s eyes had focused on Marvin’s body.

It felt as if the other competitors turned into supporting characters in that moment.

The audience carefully watched Marvin, wanting to see what else that shocking guy could do!

"Very creative." Hathaway’s eyes shone.

Marvin’s move was definitely beyond her expectations. No one thought that the Guardian’s shield could actually be used like that!

On this vast snow mountain, Marvin carried Wayne and lowered his center of gravity as the two slid down at great speed!

They weren’t safe yet.

The shield’s sliding speed was too high, they simply couldn’t stop it. It wasn’t a sledge after all, so there were no brakes.

"Brother! I can’t see anything!" Wayne shouted with difficulty.

"Hold me tight!" Marvin yelled.

He seemed to see a forested area ahead in the distance, rapidly approaching!

If he let the shield hit a tree at such a fast speed, the two brothers would lose their life.

It crucial to be able to see clearly now.

Marvin let out a breath and focused his spirit.

He spotted two tall trees ahead, one on either side.

He spread his hands, ready to throw both his Wishful Ropes.

"Yes!" Wayne answered, holding onto Marvin’s waist.


The instant the shield entered the forest, Marvin threw both ropes out!

They coiled onto the two trees to the sides.

And at the same time, Marvin kicked with both feet, jumping from the shield!

Because he was carrying someone, his jump wasn’t as forceful as usual, but it was enough to get rid of the shield.

The shield which continued rushing downward, spreading a great amount of snow on the way, directly knocked against a few trees in the dense forest, almost cutting them down!

And the two were forcefully slowed by the pull from the Wishful Ropes.

Even so, they were still going forward as the trees were bending, and then Marvin released the ropes just before they landed.


The two fell in the snow while hugging each other.

Even if they cut a sorry figure, they still luckily survived.

Marvin who had gently held onto Wayne let go of his hand. He then sprung back up to a standing position.

Wayne rubbed his nose that had bumped into Marvin, and resolutely stood up.

The two took a glance at the mess caused by the shield and couldn’t help but let out a long breath.

The two fistbumped and then looked up to see that those three had already transformed into faint specks in the distance.

"We got rid of them for the time being." Wayne forced a smile. "I truly thought I was about to die."

"But I knew that Brother would certainly come to save me."

"And then you came."

Marvin smiled too. "Although we didn’t start out with much luck, it seems pretty decent now."

He pointed into the forest and said, "We didn’t wander too far from our objective."

Wayne nodded.

"Let’s go, while they are still behind." Marvin urged them.

The two immediately began running for the other side of the forest.

"Damn, even like this little bastard got away?"

Lohart glared at the magic screen with an extremely ruthless look. The rest of the audience at the side was clenching their fists for the brothers!

Most people were gradually supporting Marvin and Wayne!

Because, since the start of the Battle of the Holy Grail, each climax and exciting event was mostly directed by Marvin.

First was the coincidental fight with the Guardian, with that series of dazzling dagger moves that simply left everyone stunned!

And the Guardian being stripped of his armor was a scene that the audience would never be able to forget.

This was a technique that had never appeared in all of Feinan’s history, because it was a player made skill, making use of the gaps between layers of armor to disassemble it. This required excellent blade skills and excellent weapons! And Marvin was obviously using Blazing Fury with the [Shatter] property. Only a weapon this sharp could accomplish it so efficiently.

And then after that, the crazy sledding scene.

What normal person would use a Guardian’s shield as a sledge? And Marvin not only made an attempt; it was perfectly executed!

The two brothers finally managed to stop halfway down the mountain.

But this opening half hour scene was enough to make most of the audience cheer in satisfaction.

The anger in Lohart’s eyes became more and more clear as he heard the others endlessly praising Marvin’s skill.

He came this time with a clan order. He had to get rid of Marvin and Wayne by all means, to prove the Unicorn clan’s strength!

That Gemini killer was specially chosen by him. The reason he didn’t pick assassination but instead chose the big stage of the Battle of the Holy Grail, was to display the strength of the Unicorn clan to the East Coast.

But who knew that when the stage was built, the one in the limelight would actually be Marvin!

This pushed him into a nasty mood.

"They won’t be able to escape!"

"I swear!" Lohart clenched his teeth while watching the magic screen.

Kate frowned and suddenly said, "I’m feeling unwell, excuse me."

Lohart was stunned for a moment, but then nodded.

Kate stood up, turned and left.

She needed to find a secluded area to at least avoid Lohart’s sight!

At the other end of the forest, Marvin and Wayne arrived close to cavern that wasn’t really hidden.

"Finally." Marvin let out a breath.

There were more than a dozen similar caverns nearby in the snow mountain.

‘Since we found the cavern, the next plan will be a lot easier.’

The shortcuts players had found when they participated in the Battle of the Holy Grail could be used.

Although they had a rough start, now that they’d gotten to this point, they’d just go along with it.

"Let’s go, and be ready to use your spells." Marvin nodded at Wayne. The latter immediately followed.

The two entered the cavern.

Marvin remembered very clearly that there was a nest of Snow Demons in every cavern.

These caverns were actually Snow Demon lairs!

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