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Chapter 112: Gemini

"How did he do that!?"

In the Thunder Tower, the man who called himself the 6th heir of the Unicorn Clan was extremely shocked at the scene in the magic screen.

Due to his shock, he didn’t notice the girl beside him letting out a long sigh of relief.

‘This guy is so bad, actually using this kind of method to kill that Guardian.’

‘He is such a bad guy,’ Kate secretly thought.

She completely ignored that Lohart guy next to her.

"Eliminating Guardians was this easy? How did he strip the Guardian of his armor?" Lohart was puzzled.

He frowned as he saw Marvin taking away the Guardian’s key, feeling unhappy.

But subconsciously glancing at Kate, a smile shone once again on his face.

In front of a lady he liked, he at least had to show some calmness.

He coughed and told Kate, "There is nothing to worry about, the abilities of those killers trained by my family isn’t inferior to his."

Kate slightly nodded.

But unknowingly, she already had a bad opinion of Lohart and his family.

Lohart obliviously kept talking, "This Guardian wasn’t one of our men, or else that Marvin would have already died."

"Miss Kate, you see, that one is an elite killer of our family. Haha, he and that witch grouped up. That witch is also working with our Unicorn Clan. We provided her with a lot of supplies and tracking items. This Marvin and his brother won’t be able to escape."

Kate’s attention was brought to another magic screen.

Indeed, in that screen the witch from the Thunder Tower, Celina, and her follower in name had grouped up. The latter was a very sturdy man, but he had mauve hair. What made people even more stunned was that in this world of ice and snow, he was wearing light clothes. And they couldn’t see where he hid his weapons.

"He is the 2nd best elite of the family." Lohart saw Kate’s gaze focusing on that man and conveniently explained, "Don’t look down on him, this guy’s fighting skills are extremely frightening. He went through training ordinary people couldn’t imagine. He would be fine in that snow mountain even if he wasn’t wearing any clothes."

"His cold resistance is comparable to a Barbarian’s. But his strongest point… hehe..."

Lohart stopped there, deliberately creating a cliffhanger.

Kate couldn’t help but frown, she softly asked, "Strongest point? What is it?"

Lohart pridefully said, "He is a Gemini!"


Kate was startled, and immediately became more worried as she watched Marvin’s expression.

On the summit, Marvin was focusing his gaze in the distance. The snowy wind was thinning.

He could finally make out who the two people were!

The one fleeing in front was his own younger brother Wayne.

And the one in the back was the Craftsman Tower’s Wizard named Bergner. The Guardian he just killed was his follower.

Wayne was running strenuously, blue light radiating under his feet. This was a pair of boots with a speed effect, specialized for snowy environments.

In fact, if not for these shoes, Wayne would have been overtaken halfway there!

‘A bit of bad luck.’ Marvin frowned.

He had encountered the Guardian earlier, and if not for that Armor Strip technique, he would also still be in trouble. And Wayne’s luck was the same; in the vast snow mountain, he immediately met a competitor.

Based on Marvin’s strategy, Wayne couldn’t use a spell now because he needed to save them for later!

Therefore, he could only run!

To outsiders, it felt very stupid and cowardly.

"What’s going on with that Wayne? Even if he is a child, he still is a Wizard, why is he inferior to his older brother?"

"Isn’t he a talented student of Magore Academy? Why is he fleeing from his enemy?"

"Weird, when I watched Wayne fighting in the qualifiers before, he had a very unyielding style. Why did it suddenly became so strange..."


he audience started discussing. They weren’t familiar with Wayne, they only felt that this guy had lost the Wizards’ face.

In this era, Wizard was the supreme class!

Every Wizard had their own pride. Participating in the Battle of the Holy Grail was like meeting rivals, they should stake everything!

But surprisingly, this kid saw Bergner and immediately started running.

The most important part was that he was running extremely fast! Bergner used various 0-circle spells on himself to raise his speed but still couldn’t catch up.

This kind of outcome was intriguing.

In the Ashes Tower, Hanzel looked at Wayne running like that with an ashen face. His friends nearby glanced at him with questioning looks.

"This is the strategy you gave your disciple? The Battle of the Holy Grail 1st rule: [Run as soon as you meet an enemy?]" One Wizard always at odds couldn’t help but ridicule him.

The others also had a strange expression.

Hanzel had previously promised them that for this competition, he and Wayne had planned a lot of strategies, choosing the optimal spells...

With this outcome, he didn’t know what happened to Wayne, changing his former unyielding style to directly running.

This made him as a teacher lose face!

"Hey, maybe this kid has a plan." Another teacher who was watching the magic screen attentively suddenly said, "You guys, look at the route he is taking, it seems like there is a goal."

"Come on. How could he have a goal in this vast snow mountain. I think he is afraid. But don’t blame him, he is a 9 year old child after all," he mocked.

Hanzer stayed silent.

Everyone was firmly staring at the magic screen, unwilling to look away. At that time, some change appeared on the screen.

Perhaps Bergner felt vexed at chasing Wayne, but he took out a scroll covered in a lot of decorative pattern.

The next second, he used the spell on the scroll!

1st-circle spell, Lightning Speed!

A very strong support spell.

Bergner’s speed suddenly increased by more than 30% and the distance between him and Wayne was decreased in an instant.

"Let me see how you can escape!" Bergner coldly watched that back that kept running ahead of him.

Hanzel looked at his disciple with some worry. He wasn’t clear what had happened to Wayne.

But he was clear on one point, this kind of change was definitely because of Marvin!

Only Marvin could make Wayne change the plans he decided with his teacher.

‘This Marvin is too much. He would actually take risks with his own brother’s life!’

‘Who does he think he is? He know nothing about magic! A countryside noble actually dared to randomly changed my plans!’

Hanzel had already cursed Marvin to no end in his mind.

If not for his self-restraint and not wanting to be the joke of those Wizards watching, he might have already exploded!

Such a huge loss of face...

And at that time, two shadows appeared in front of Wayne.

That was the Thunder Tower duo!

The witch Celina and that follower that had been switched to at the last moment who registered as... an Assassin.

But as an Assassin, that man was a bit too sturdy. His build felt like a muscular Fighter.

"Attacked from both sides!"

"He has nowhere to run!"

"What a pity, this boy looked quite lovely."

The people in the audience shook their heads and sighed. The situation on the magic screen was very clear. Wayne was chased by Bergner when the duo from the Thunder Tower appeared in front of him.

Regardless of what happened, Wayne would definitely be surrounded by those three people.

And his elder brother Marvin was still on the summit, unable to come down to save his brother.

If he didn’t admit defeat, he might have to pay with his own life.

"By all means, don’t concede!" In the Thunder Tower, Lohart smiled while looking at the magic screen.

"In any case, my people won’t give him the chance to concede."

Kate frowned, she couldn’t understand why Wayne had avoided fighting all this time. This was a very weak approach.

The Battle of the Holy Grail’s rules were already very clear, they needed to snatch the other keys to get that Magic Holy Grail.

They would have to fight sooner or later, why avoid it?

Now it was worse, with him surrounded by three people.

In this open snow field, unless they made proper preparations and had relatively good hidden cards, fleeing wouldn’t be effective!

‘Hold on…’ Kate eyes suddenly brightened.

Because her gaze suddenly focused on the other side, which was temporarily ignored by other people!

That was Marvin on the summit!

What was he trying to do?

Kate’s eyes widened.

"You have nowhere to escape!" Bergner coldly said.

Wayne had already stopped. It was because he had already discovered those two shadows in front of him.

He couldn’t move forward. Thunder Tower’s duo had already grouped up, giving him a feeling of crisis!

"What should I do?" Wayne was a bit worried.

If he was using his previous style, he would have already raised his magic staff and casted a spell!

He would have risked everything with the other side!

His fighting spells were unusually strong, his strong point.

But Marvin’s warning kept echoing in his head.

‘I can’t rashly waste spells!’ Wayne ground his teeth.

The Thunder Tower’s duo had clearly discovered them and quickly surrounded Wayne, not giving him any chance to escape!

The three surrounded him in a narrow ledge, next to a cliff.

"Finally found a prey," the sturdy man sneered while looking at Wayne, ready to attack.

But at this time, the sound of wind could be heard coming from the summit!

A black shadow rushed down at an unimaginable speed!

It reached their side in an instant!

A rope was thrown out, coiling around Wayne without any difficulty. Marvin pulled on the rope with force, dragging Wayne up.

In an instant, snowflakes splashed as the shadow sped along.

Outside the Three Ring Towers, the audience watching the magic screen was dumbfounded.

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