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Chapter 114: Shortcut

Back on the snow mountain, the two sides were facing each other.

Bergner was clearly at a disadvantage. After Marvin took Wayne on the shield and escaped, he was left facing the Thunder Tower duo alone.

His Guardian had already been beheaded by Marvin, but he wasn’t aware of this yet.

"Hey, listen." Bergner turned, trying to move the other side, "Didn’t your Unicorn clan contact me before?"

"But you denied us." Celina didn’t speak, and it was the man on the side who replied while smiling.

"I agree now," Bergner said, with a forced smile.

"We have a common enemy, those two kids from the Ashes Tower, right? Wouldn’t it be better to split up?"

He slowly prepared to retreat.

But at that time, the Gemini suddenly displayed a very painful expression, "Aaah… Can’t you endure for a bit?"

Bergner was immediately frightened. He didn’t know what this guy was talking about.

Suddenly, a slender white foot came out of the man’s sturdy body!

A seductive woman’s voice also echoed from the spot, "Can’t help it. How long has it been since you killed someone? Isn’t it a waste? I already can’t help but want to taste blood!"

Under everyone’s frightened gaze, a delicate woman forcibly drilled out of that man’s body!

The two people’s flesh were definitely connected! The connected part was separating like mud, or jelly.

One person turned into two under thousands of gazes.

That woman was bald with a very ugly appearance and wasn’t wearing anything. Yet she didn’t seem cold in that freezing wind.

"Zhhh!" Her nails suddenly grew, turning into extremely sharp blades!

"Why are you still stunned?" The woman urged, "Kill him!"

The man helplessly shrugged and shook his head. The originally normal mouth turned into a toothy maw, and his muscles swelled up all over his body, as if he was turning into a demon!

Bergner’s expression was filled with fear!

‘What the hell is that thing?’

But before he could react, "Woosh!", that woman had rushed in front of him.

The sharp nail directly pierced his magic armor!


Everyone felt a chill wind in the three towers.

Most of the nobles knew that Marvin and his brother had provoked the Unicorn Clan and would definitely incur their retaliation.

After all, White was killed by Marvin according to the competition’s rules, so the Unicorn clan decided not to do anything under the table to uphold their face as a Wizard clan.

They chose the toughest stance, getting involved in the Battle of the Holy Grail.

The higher-ups of the Three Ring Towers didn’t intervene in that since on one hand, they didn’t wanted to be too stiff with the Unicorn clan, while on the other hand, as long as the competitors agreed, it would be allowable.

Thus everyone was very much looking forward to what kind of person the Unicorn clan would send.

The outcome made people draw cold breaths!

It was actually a Gemini!

Hadn’t this strange race disappeared from Feinan a long time ago?

How could it appear in the Battle of the Holy Grail? And with the identity of a follower!

Where did the Unicorn clan find such a terrible race?

Geminis had a cruel nature. They were born hermaphrodites, able to split in two with both halves mentally linked. When killing, their coordination was flawless.

Geminis reproduced by themselves, and new Geminis would be born from the male and female halves.

This lifeform had been slaughtered by the Wizard Alliance, mainly because most Geminis had a fanatical craving for blood.

In the current Feinan, very few of these innate killers could be seen.

"Baron Marvin is in trouble this time!"

The audience blankly looked at Bergner dying under the joint attack of the Gemini and the witch Celina and couldn’t help but worry about the brothers’ fate.

"Good. Now we have three keys and

they also have three."

The Gemini woman picked up the key and threw it to Celina with an indifferent expression. "Go to the summit. I’ll take over."

Celina didn’t complain. She had reached an agreement with the Unicorn clan. In this Battle of the Holy Grail, she would follow her follower.

She took the key and began to struggle her way up.

And the Gemini duo followed the traces left by Marvin and Wayne!

Their goal was simple: to ruthlessly kill that pair of brothers!

"Hahah… I’m already impatient," the woman said. "That small Wayne looks very tender and lovely."

"The flesh on his face will surely be quite tasty…"

"Careful, ahead is a Snow Demon nest," Marvin softly reminded.

After turning a corner, a few strange silhouettes could faintly be seen in the obscure cavern.

Wayne nodded.

Marvin hadn’t planned according to common sense from the start. As a veteran player, he’d lost count of how many times he passed this instance of the Battle of the Holy Grail.

He knew that there were two instances split into two ranks. The Apprentice level and the 2nd rank Wizard level had different difficulties.

But they both had a common point, a shortcut!

The Snow Demon Lair! And it wasn’t formed naturally, it was deliberately created by the Legend Wizard Leymann.

These Snow demons were originally planned for the 2nd rank Wizard contestants, because in every nest there were five Snow Demon Leaders. These five Snow Demon Leaders were all 2nd rank creatures with powerful fighting abilities. Without special preparations, it would be very easy to suffer at their hands.

And only Leymann himself knew this information. Even Hathaway didn’t know.

When Marvin told Wayne, he naturally said he’d gotten the information from Hathaway. Wayne also felt that Marvin and Hathaway’s relationship wasn’t ordinary and was thus convinced.

Dame Hathaway was a Half-Legend. And needless to say, Wayne would firmly carry out the plan his older brother had put forward!

Thus he chose his spells yesterday, early in the morning. If others knew, they would be shocked!

He didn’t pick any 0-circle spells to use!

He chose six casts of the same 1st-circle spell. Whether he was able to preserve those six spells before he entered the cavern was the key for Marvin’s plan to succeed.

After all, even though the Wizard class was powerful, it had one big flaw. If they used up all their spells, they couldn’t keep fighting.

It was generally better to use the setup Hanzel had chosen. Marvin’s setup was too extreme...

Of course, it was meant to be used in the most extreme circumstances!

The shadows in front gradually become clear. Although Wayne couldn’t see, he still entered deeper into the cavern under Marvin’s guidance.

Not far away, a Snow Demon Protector was standing in the middle of the cavern.

There were 5 or 6 similar Snow Demon Protectors behind it.

These Snow Demon Protectors were simply 1st rank creatures, not much of a threat to the arriving Marvin and Wayne.

"I’m going!" Marvin whispered, entering Stealth without a change in his expression.

The Snow Demon cavern was also considered as a wilderness area, so a Ranger’s Stealth didn’t have any penalty there.

And on top of that, Snow Demons didn’t have a high perception to begin with.

Soon, Marvin arrived behind the Snow Demon and fiercely slashed at its head!

He was using Blazing Fury!

The Snow Demon’s HP reached 0 in an instant. Its entire body broke down into pieces of snow, collapsing on the ground.

The other Snow Demons immediately senses something wrong, rushing up alarmed and angry.

Marvin still didn’t let Wayne act. Because he could take care of those Snow Demons himself!

Snow Demons’ bodies were very weak but they had high resistance to most spells. However, they had no way to defend against physical injuries.

This creature was very sinister. It was said that the spirits of those who died unjustly in this place covered in ice and snow would turn into them.

Marvin had no issues killing those!

His hand nimbly flowed among those Snow Demons and in an instant, those remaining 4 Snow Demon Protectors were annihilated.

"Let’s keep going," Marvin called to Wayne.

The two continued moving forward.

On their way, the brothers met many Snow Demon Protectors and Marvin still hadn’t let Wayne act, taking care of everything by himself.

Until they met a Snow Demon that was somewhat different.

This Snow Demon was somewhat smaller than the average Snow Demon, but the snow on its body seemed to be a lot more solid!

"It’s your turn," Marvin softly said.

Wayne nodded, taking out the snake-like magic staff and gently aimed at that totally clueless special Snow Demon.

The next instant, a large fireball took form on top of the magic staff!

What Marvin and Wayne didn’t know was that their actions had already caused a lot of discussion in the audience.

The audience watched the brothers going deeper in the cavern through the magic screen. They met with many Snow Demons along the way which were all effortlessly killed by Marvin.

They didn’t focus on Marvin being able to kill those Snow Demons, but rather the reason Marvin went in the cave!

It felt as if he knew what was inside!

This really made people puzzled.

And the amount of Snow Demons on the way confirmed one point: Marvin wasn’t just randomly running around, he actually had some kind of goal.

This made everyone puzzled.

How could Marvin look like he knew Leymann’s incomplete plane like the back of his hand?

"He is cheating!" Someone shouted.

"He is clearly cheating! They certainly know something."

Many similar voices rose up in the crowd, but most people didn’t believe that Wizard Leymann would help Marvin cheat… And so obviously.

Marvin was from the Ashes Tower’s after all, not the contestant of the Thunder Tower.

Meanwhile, someone uninvited suddenly showed up at the top of the Ashes Tower.

"Sir Leymann, should I take this as a provocation?" Hathaway coldly looked at that old man who suddenly intruded her own Wizard Tower.

"Hathaway, I wouldn’t have been this rude if you hadn’t broken the rule of this competition." The old man frowned.

"How did they know about the Snow Demon Lair?"

Hathaway coldly groaned, "You think I leaked it."

The old man didn’t comment on that. "Don’t tell me you believe they mistakenly went in?"

"No." Hathaway shook her head, a strange expression flashing through her eyes as she indifferently replied:

"Sir Leymann, you should know I’m not the only Seer in this world."

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