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Chapter 109: Universe Magic Pool

But after a long time, Wayne shook his head. "Forget it, this isn’t a big deal."

"Let’s talk about something else."

Marvin frowned.

Wayne’s expression was a little weird.

His little brother would rarely hide something from him.

Still, his look… Why was his face flushed? That guy was only 9 years old, what happened in the end?

He was actually unable to guess his own younger brother’s thoughts?

Marvin was a bit depressed. When he killed his girlfriend before, Wayne didn’t say much. But hesitating like that and stopping himself from saying something, this behavior was too suspicious!

But since he didn’t want to talk, Marvin wouldn’t question it, he would at best pay more attention in the following days.

"In that case, we should first make a plan," Marvin said in a heavy voice.

"Were the rules of the Battle of the Holy Grail released?" He asked.

Wayne nodded and handed a scroll to Marvin.

The contestants were limited to two persons, the Wizard as the leader, and the follower. The follower’s level cannot surpass the Wizard’s level by more than 2 levels.

Marvin was currently level 7, meeting the requirements.

The other two opponents would both most likely also have a level 7 follower.

As for the place, as usual it was inside the incomplete plane of the Legend Wizard Leymann, Thunder Tower’s Master, at a snow mountain that stayed the same all year.

This time, it would be a lot more dangerous than the previous qualifying round. Because not only would there be stronger enemies in the snow mountain, there were also many more other dangers.

The rest were carefully written rules.

Marvin attentively read it once, to completely understand the nature of the competition.

It was similar to the Battle of the Holy Grail in the game. But there were countless instances in the game, allowing many players to participate. But there was only one chance in the current Feinan, so he had to carefully seize it. He must get that Magic Holy Grail.

The snow mountain terrain was really not beneficial to Marvin. They had to use strategy.

Marvin thought for a moment and suddenly asked, "How many spells can you handle now?"

Other Wizards would hesitate for a long time when facing this question.

But Wayne didn’t hesitate to let Marvin know his own strength.

It was clear that he trusted his older brother a lot.

Wayne’s Magic Point value (MP) was 150. That was enough to exchange for about eight to ten 0-circle spells, and four to six 1st-circle spells each day.

This kind of ability was a lot better than regular level 5 Wizards. Moreover, he had also learned [Quick Casting], [Mobile Casting], [Lucky Proc] and other powerful class specialties.

This kid was really talented in the Wizardry field. If the Universe Magic Pool wasn’t about to collapse, he might even be able to become a Legend.


After Wayne finished explaining, Marvin sank into contemplation.

The reason why the Wizards were this era’s rulers was because of the existence of the Universe Magic Pool.

The way the Universe Magic Pool worked was like this:

Wizards would meditate and their consciousness would connect with the Universe Magic Pool. Most people would end up being unable to connect to the Universe Magic Pool at birth, so they couldn’t become a Wizard.

And those able to become Wizards could refine their own spirit power through meditation, thus further connecting them to the Universe Magic Pool.

To get a simpler image, becoming a Wizard was like setting up two channels between themselves and the Universe Magic Pool.

The Universe Magic Pool was like a pond, the magic power inside like water.

Using the first channel, Wizards would draw the pond water to their body; this was the meditation part.

After this step, the Wizard’s body would ha

ve magic power. But Magic Power (MP) alone wasn’t enough. You needed to exchange spells.

That’s right, exchange.

Wizards had to decide every day which spells they would use the next day and then redeem them. It had to be done before the start of the next day.

The exchanging channel was the 2nd channel. Perhaps using channels to describe it isn’t very suitable, but it’s something similar.

The way to exchange was to use MP to receive the spell that could be used tomorrow. It was based on the Wizard’s level as well as how much power the Universe Magic Pool gave you.

These spells would appear in the depths of your mind, and then you could use them when you wished to.

For example, a level 5 Wizard could use 20 MP to exchange for one 1st-circle spell, but he could also use these 20MP to exchange for three 0-circle spells. This depended on your choice.

From this point of view, the Universe Magic Pool was not only a giant magic power pool, but also a spell pool.

With the Universe Magic Pool, Wizards didn’t need to research spells, and only needed to continuously raise their own spirit power. They would then attack the barrier between the Universe Magic Pool and their consciousness to make the Universe Magic Pool open up more power.

Going back to the image, the idea would be to enlarge the first channel to receive more magic power, and at the same time, the power they would get from the attack on the barrier would increase the scope of spells they could learn.

In spite of this, the spells each Wizard could learn were different.

It was because of the existence of the Universe Magic Pool, which established this kind of social order without outside help, that Lance became the Wizard God!

Because this saved Wizards a great amount of time, only needing to focus on meditation!

They had no need to research spells. They only needed to keep increasing their magic power and then charge at the Magic Pool’s spell system to exchange.

This greatly reduced the time spent in training and freeing it up for use in other fields, and thus better arming themselves.

Therefore, this was the Wizard Era.

But this Wizard Era also lacked creativity because of the excessive reliance on the Universe Magic Pool.

Only Legend Wizards could get away from the Universe Magic Pool’s restrictions and directly absorb Chaos Magic Power from the void, and then create their own spells.

But when a 3rd rank Wizard had already become used to being dependent on the Universe Magic Pool, it would be very difficult to get rid of this habit.

Thus, there were advantages and disadvantages to the existence of the Universe Magic Pool.

It made it easier for wizards to reach high ranks. But becoming a Legend was more difficult.

Because Legends needed to completely get rid of the Universe Magic Pool’s influence on them to create their own Magic Pool and Spell Pool!

In any case, the existence of the Universe Magic Pool was good news to all of Feinan. At least, ordinary living things wouldn’t be corrupted by Chaos Magic Power.

And creating spells was a very deep field.

After all, they had a limited amount of MP they could use each day, so if they made a mistake with their setup, or miscalculated the amount of magic power, it would be very troublesome.

"Brother, this is what Teacher Hanzer and I discussed."

Wayne handed a spell list to Marvin.

There was a total of ten 0-circle spells and five 1st-circle spells.

The MP use was split in a 6 to 4 ratio, with 60% allocated to 0-circle spells, and the remaining 40% to 1st-circle spells.

There was no problem with this distribution ratio. This was a textbook golden ratio.

But Marvin only took a glance before immediately throwing away that document.

"Brother…?" Wayne was somewhat stunned.

"Switch to another setup," Marvin said.

He grabbed another piece of paper and started writing.

He soon finished.

Wayne’s face turned more and more shocked.

"Brother, this kind of setup…"

Wayne couldn’t help but ask, "Isn’t it a problem?"

Marvin shook his head, his gaze firm, "Just prepare according to this setup."

"I need you do to this."

Wayne was silent for a moment, before ultimately nodding. "Okay, I got it."

"I believe in you."

Marvin revealed a satisfied smile. He hadn’t needed to explain why, yet Wayne already agreed to his "Amateur"’s guidance.

Wayne’s trust in Marvin was really deep.

Next, the two brothers engaged in a thorough discussion about their strategies and Marvin explained a bit why he made Wayne choose this kind of setup.

After hearing everything, Wayne suddenly realized that Marvin really had his reasons for picking this setup.

Based on the circumstances, Wayne had to admit that Marvin’s choice would have a better chance of leading to victory.

They chatted late into the night.

"Go rest early." Marvin put down a map and yawned. "Our plan is tough and we need to keep our energy for the competition."

After saying this, he planned to go to another room to sleep.

Magore Academy’s dorms were very large. A student dorm had five or six single rooms. The old butler was sleeping in a room next door.

But Wayne suddenly pulled Marvin.

"Brother, we haven’t slept in the same room in a while."

"I’ve recently been dreaming often, they are very strange dreams. Can you stay with me?"

After saying this, he looked at Marvin, hope in his eyes.

Marvin was stunned but smiled.

This kid was just a 9 year old child after all.

He was actually still afraid of some strange dreams?

"Okay," Marvin promised.

Wayne sighed in relief, displaying a happy smile.

Thunder Tower, a quiet dorm’s balcony.

A female student wearing a bathrobe stood there, silently looking at the scenery.

At that time, a pair of strong arms covered her shoulders.

"Fuck off!" The student’s face flushed as she pushed that man away.

The latter was naked above the waist as he shrugged.

"I warned you last time, if you dare to touch me again, even the simplest touch, I’ll stop my collaboration with the Unicorn Clan at once!" the student shouted.

"You won’t. You lack money. And you are a very ambitious woman, I can see that." The man laughed as if it was natural.

"At least I won’t sell my body," The girl coldly said. "Now, as my follower, I order you to get out of my sight!"

"But your already sold your soul. Otherwise you wouldn’t have accepted our family’s price," The man ruthlessly mocked.

The female student actually replied calmly, "So what? Killing a few insignificant people isn’t going to burden my mind as far as I’m concerned."

"In my eyes, the men in this world are all filthy. In any case, I’ll also fight for that Holy Grail. That Marvin and his brother would just be killed in passing!"

"Good, I can leave." The man sneered as he walked away, "As long as you remember what you said properly."

"I don’t want any surprises in the competition. And I have to end that Marvin’s life, personally!"

"After all, he’s man who killed my dearest White."

At the end of his sentence, his voice turned to a woman’s voice!

The student threw a hateful glance at him and softly cursed "die pervert," before shaking her head helplessly.

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