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Chapter 108: Territory Situation

This was news!

A large power like Ashes Tower which had some say in the entire South, formed an alliance with the minor White River Valley. It was very ridiculous in itself.

If it wasn’t for Marvin looking for the Book of Nalu on behalf of Hathaway, and the fact that she mistook Marvin’s identity as a Seer, this would have never been possible.

In the eyes of outsiders, this was a very strange matter.

The stranger the situation, the more interest it would draw. Thus, this simple alliance declaration attracted a lot of attention.

At the same time, Marvin’s achievements came into view.

Adding on his previous rude and unreasonable display in the Three Ring Towers, it would be very difficult for people to not imagine things.

Most people thought Marvin and Hathaway had a special relationship. It was no wonder that the purple clothed wizard who admired Hathaway would display such hostile behaviour.

‘A tall tree attracts the wind, indeed.’

Marvin bitterly smiled.

Now he had some fame, but that fame wouldn’t necessarily be beneficial.

It had been many days. What he did in the Three Ring Towers might have already spread to River Shore City.

Anyone that paid attention should be able to speculate about the relationship between Baron Marvin and Masked Twin Blades. If they were smart enough, they might wonder whether those two were one and the same!

His identity as Masked Twin Blades might come under suspicion.

But Marvin wasn’t worried. This kind of thing wasn’t a big deal.

What’s more, there were plenty of people using two daggers in this world. Explaining that it was a coincidence wasn’t difficult.

He wrote a letter back then to have the two phantom assassins put on masks and deal with a few things in River Shore City.

Anyways, as long as he didn’t admit it, others would at most suspect him.

After the Rise to Fame, Marvin could be considered famous in the south. This would be helpful for his following plans.

His Region Myth status had increased very quickly. There was one more at the end:

[Your name has been widely discussed, Region Myth +2]

[Region Myth (Young Night Walker) (Thousand Leaves Forest)]: You helped with the elves’ vengeance by killing two Outlaws of the Crimson Road. Your reputation among the Wood Elves quickly increased.

This was the Fame obtained by Marvin’s third identity. It could be of use when needed.

"Regarding that Battle of the Holy Grail in three days, how confident are you?" Hathaway suddenly asked.

Marvin stopped focusing on the log window and decisively said, "100%."

"Arrogant," Hathaway disdainfully said. "Don’t think Seers are unrivalled. You don’t even know your opponents and still dare to come to this conclusion?"

"Did you know that the Thunder Tower and the Craftsman Tower made many preparations for you?"

Marvin shook his head and still said very confidently, "No one made enough preparations."

"I am clearly more prepared than they are."

"The snow mountain field is different from the forest field." Hathaway frowned. "I am very curious. Where did you get that kind of natural confidence? Wizard is the strongest class…"

Marvin interrupted, "Only for now."

Hathaway threw him a hateful glance. "Ok, for now."

She also saw some part of the devastation after the destruction. Moreover she had recently heard from the Legend Wizard Assembly that this Calamity was already unstoppable. Even Sir Anthony had already fallen.

Wizards might really decline after the Calamity.

"But regardless, you’ll be facing the strongest from the other two Academies. Their casting ability are a lot stronger than your brother’s. Even If I’m unwilling to admit, Magore Academy is really the worst out of the three Academies. It’s probably related to my lack of management due to the peaceful times."

Hathaway rubbed h

er temples for a moment. "Moreover, from what I know, the Thunder Academy changed their follower at the last moment."

Marvin sneered, "Someone from the Unicorn clan?"

"Must be, they are aiming at you. They only have one purpose, vengeance!" Hathaway reminded him, "You killed White, and the Unicorn Clan would never leave it at that. And although the rules of the competition mention that the follower’s level cannot exceed the wizard himself by more than two levels, a 2nd rank powerhouse is still troublesome to deal with."

"And the wizard from the other Academy, the Craftsman Tower, also switched his follower for a powerful Guardian. They will definitely switch to a full set of excellent quality equipment, highly restraining your daggers to the point that they wouldn’t have any effect."

Marvin nodded.

This was within Marvin’s expectations.

His performance in the forest terrain was outstanding and was definitely noticed by his opponents. Wizards able to participate in the Battle of the Holy Grail weren’t fools.

"Many thanks for your intelligence. I’ll remember it."

Marvin simply thanked her.

He had gained so many things in this trip in Thousand Leaves Forest. It was time to show his strength!

This Battle of the Holy Grail was bound to attract many people’s attention. Showing his strength would be beneficial to the development of White River Valley.

As for the Unicorn Clan, the day that the ancient red dragon would be awakened by a volcano was approaching.

It seemed to be on the day of the Battle of the Holy Grail.

He just had to deal with the killers and kamikazes they would send for him.

He had killed a Half-Legend, so why should he be worried about a trifling 2nd rank killer? Although the former was crippled by Ivan when Marvin made a move, it greatly increased Marvin’s confidence.

Marvin chatted with Hathaway for a short moment. She wanted to exchange more information regarding Seer’s knowledge but unfortunately, Marvin had never been a Seer. He could only say a few sentences to fool her before departing.

After this meeting, Hathaway would truly enter seclusion and not leave until she became a Legend.

Marvin remembered that in the game, Hathaway managed to become a Legend roughly a week before the Calamity.

It should be quicker now that she received the Book of Nalu.

A Legend Wizard as an ally was obviously a great thing.

He returned to Wayne’s dorm, but found that he wasn’t there. According to the old butler, he was discussing strategy with his teacher Hanzel.

"Young Master Marvin, here is a letter from White River Valley."

"It was sent by Anna and arrived two days ago. Your personal seal is on it. Young Master Wayne and I haven’t looked at it."

The old butler took out a letter.

Marvin nodded and opened the envelope, not suspicious, and read it on the spot.

The old butler was like Anna. Both were dedicated to White River Valley and were truly on their side. Even though he was too old and most of the time couldn’t handle much work even if he wanted to, there was no need to question his loyalty.

There was a lot written on Anna’s letter, roughly describing what happened in White River Valley during this time:

Gru had indeed followed his words and brought his Bramble Team to join White River Valley. This team of adventurers joining greatly increased White River Valley’s defenses.

Most of the territory’s inhabitants already settled down.

Autumn was very quickly approaching and the food issue was becoming extremely serious. The gnolls had previously set a lot of fires and as a result, the grains left were only enough for a month.

There was still a lack of smiths and craftsmen in the castle town. They couldn’t really do anything about that, as White River Valley was a rural area after all. And there was nothing special about the craftsmen that were interested. Even if Marvin posted notices of recruitment for a high price, very few people came.

The majority of craftsmen had a family to feed, so very few were willing to move. Most of those who moved were single people.

A rumor had appeared in the surroundings of White River Valley and River Shore City: [White River Valley’s Overlord, Sir Marvin, is Masked Twin Blades.] Even though Anna denied this and forbid the rumor from spreading, there were still a lot of people secretly gossipping. Anna couldn’t do anything about this matter, as she was only a butler after all, not the Overlord himself.

Fortunately, White River Valley’s population was fine with it. They knew that Masked Twin Blades himself had lead people to recover the territory. They probably saw it like this: If the Overlord is truly Masked Twin Blades, that was good. This powerful Overlord would be able to protect this territory.

At the end of the letter, Anna mentioned several people:

That swindler named Lola had returned to White River Valley once again. This time she claimed to have reached an agreement with a chamber of commerce in Jewel Bay. They would sell at a price 30% lower than the market price on the premise that Marvin agreed to some of the chamber of commerce’s conditions.

Because this thing had to be decided by Marvin himself, Anna had let Lola stay for the time being, slowly dealing with this matter.

As for the little girl known as Isabelle that Marvin mentioned before, she still hadn't appeared.

And finally, a strange man calling himself "The Greatest Alchemist in all History" had come to Anna with the hope of settling in White River Valley. Anna let him stay outside the castle town for the time being.

There were too many matters pertaining to the territory and Anna could only make a few decisions. Marvin had left for quite some time, leading to some issues appearing.

He hesitated for a moment and then started writing an answer for Anna. Plans for every matter.

As for Isabelle, he was somewhat worried. This young girl’s courage had left him with a deep impression. Her eyes also had a faint dark red color, apparently a bloodline from a mysterious race.

‘Forget about it. I’ll take a look when I go back to River Shore City.’

Marvin wrote, quickly replying to Anna.

In less than half an hour, he carefully arranged for all the matters, big and small.

Magore Academy had special carrier pigeons. Marvin carefully sealed the letter with wax and let the old butler send it.

Before long, Wayne came back.

"Brother. Teacher gave me a few things. You might find it useful." Wayne saw Marvin and immediately took out a few spell scrolls.

These were given to him by Hanzel, but he planned to give it to Marvin.

Marvin didn’t move. Instead, he looked at Wayne.

"You wanted to talk about something earlier?"

Wayne froze, and then began to hesitate.

His fight turned faintly red, apparently struggling to decide whether or not he should tell Marvin about this.

Marvin calmly waited.

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