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Chapter 110: Snow Mountain Summit!

Three days later, early in the morning, the Three Ring Towers’ Battle of the Holy Grail officially started!

The location of the Battle of the Holy Grail was still the same as the previous years, in the incomplete plane of the only Legend of the Three Ring Towers.

Wizard Leymann personally opened the entrance to the incomplete plane and let the competitors enter.

If others wanted to spectate, they had to gather in the three towers to look at the competition through a magic broadcasting screen.

On the eve of the competition, regardless if it was the Ashes Tower, the Thunder Tower, or the Craftsman Tower, all were filled to the brim with people.

The majority of these people were local wizards, but there were also wizards or other classes who would come to this place just to watch the competition.

The Battle of the Holy Grail had always been an exciting competition. It was said to decide the proportion of the benefits distributed among the three towers.

In the tall Ashes Tower, a temporary area was neatly set up with tables and chairs. Lords would take a seat based on their status.

And high level wizards would sit on hovering magic carpets to watch the competition.

The Ashes Tower would only be open to outsiders on the day of the competition. The Battle of the Holy was supposed a celebration for the Three Ring Towers after all.

"Quick, look. The competition began!" A voice came from the crowd.

The tower immediately became endlessly noisy.

"Silence!" A team of experienced wizard enforcers from the Ashes Tower with cast a Mass Silence spell.

In an instant, all the disturbances disappeared.

Everyone stared intently at the first wizard team appearing on the screen.

Marvin kept his eyes open as the snowy wind brushed against his face!

Despite being prepared, he was startled by this sudden arrival!

Because he had suddenly appeared at the summit of the snow mountain!

But just 10 seconds ago, he had still been in one of the huts in Leymann’s incomplete plane, talking strategy with Wayne.

And now 10 seconds later he was thrown into this world of ice and snow!

There was a golden key hanging around his neck.

The winds at the summit were bitterly cold. Marvin wasn’t wearing much in order to not influence his movements. Fortunately, Hanzel had prepared a few cold resistance medicines for Wayne and Marvin.

Otherwise, just this extremely low temperature would reduce Marvin’s fighting strength by a lot!

After drinking a bottle of cold resistance medicine, Marvin regained some vigor and cautiously studied his surroundings.

Because of the mountain’s snow and wind accompanying each other, the visibility was very low. Marvin could only see a stone platform standing to his right!

On the stone platform peacefully rested a gold Magic Holy Grail.

Faint green light fluctuated all around the stone platform. Those who knew the rules understood what it was. That green light was a solidified version of [Dissociation]!

If someone extended their hand to grab that Magic Holy Grail, his body would be shattered into pieces!

Under the stone platform were six keyholes. Only using the six keys together would remove the defensive measure surrounding the Magic Holy Grail.

Indeed, the six keyholes corresponded to six different keys.

Marvin had one of them hung around his neck.

Three Wizards and three followers were sent to this world of ice and snow. They would all fight each other to get the keys, with the final victor obtaining them all. They would be able to receive the Magic Holy Grail after getting the other two pairs of keys.

Thus, this Battle of the Holy Grail was a battle royale!

Even if you arrived to the summit in advance, it wouldn’t be useful without gathering all the keys.

Moreover, the Wizards and their followers were separated. Only the Legen

d Wizard Leymann and the audience knew where they were sent.

The competitors themselves didn’t know.

For example, Marvin was actually sent to the summit at the start.

He was surrounded by snowy slopes on all sides. He only saw an endless extent of snow when gazing downward.

‘The plan has changed, I didn’t expect to actually be sent to the summit.’

Marvin glanced to the side of the Holy Grail, frowning.

But at this time, he noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. He actually saw a shadow!

That person kept climbing forward!

He seemed to notice Marvin at the summit.

‘Fuck! What luck. To meet that one already."

Marvin was startled and couldn’t stop himself from cursing inwardly!

Because that was the Guardian!

"That Marvin finally ran out of luck?"

"Last time was on a forest field, so as a ranger it was natural that he could get a great advantage. But now it’s the summit of the snow mountain, he has nowhere to flee."

"This is the follower of the Apprentice Wizard of the Craftsman Tower, a level 7 Guardian. His attack power is ordinary, but it would definitely make that kid suffer!"

After the Mass Silence was disabled in the Ashes Tower, people gradually began commenting in a low voice.

Because the competition was happening in Leymann’s incomplete plane, he would know everything that happened.

Through his sightseeing spell, and then another to broadcast to the screens, the three towers were able to show a clear image of the scene.

Marvin seemed to be in a quite big predicament!

He didn’t meet any Wizards when the competition started, instead meeting the bane of Rangers, a Guardian.

Those few Apprentice Wizards who had been lectured by Marvin began to chat in a low voice, their eyes full of the joy of revenge.

And those nobles who wanted to curry favor with the Unicorn Clan also opened their mouths, shaking their head and pretending to feel sad for Magore Academy as they would end up last once again.

Even the neutral audience and those were thinking highly of Marvin also felt that the brothers had started off poorly.

Class restriction existed after all. The tyrannical Marvin facing a Guardian of the same rank would certainly suffer!

Of course, there were also people supporting Marvin.

"Impossible! Baron Marvin will certain find a way to get rid of that tin can!"

No one knew where that voice came from.

The older people shook their heads and smiled. Those words probably came from an ignorant young noble lady. Maybe because she admired Marvin’s previous wonderful display, or maybe because of something else.

But in the eyes of most people, Marvin was in huge trouble! This was indisputable.

‘Let me see what you prepared to deal with that issue.’

‘I hope you don’t disappoint me.’

In the Ashes Tower, Hathaway was lazily peeling an orange, eating while watching a screen.

In the picture, that Guardian from the Craftsman Tower had already reached the summit and was facing Marvin.

The area at the summit wasn’t big, and both were looking at each other from opposite sides of the stone platform.

Thunder Tower. A lot of people were also gathered.

Next to a table, a young man politely said to a young lady, "Miss Kate, please have a seat."

"The Battle of the Holy Grail is a rare large-scale Wizard competition in East Coast. It is a competition made to honor the Holy Grail created by the great Wizard God."

"Furthermore, this time, our Unicorn clan made preparations to eliminate a clown that dared to provoke our family."

"See that Baron Marvin? His luck is truly bad. Our people have still not acted and he already met a Guardian."

A hint of shock flashed through the eyes of the beautiful girl sitting there.

She had come across that person claiming to be a heir of the Unicorn Clan on her way back home. The latter was stunned at Kate’s beauty and kept inviting her to watch the Battle of the Holy Grail with him.

Kate remembered that her sister kept mentioning that to build a mighty force, they needed to befriend powerful allies. She had also heard in passing that the Unicorn Family was powerful in the East Coast and thus reluctantly agreed. She felt nothing for that man in front of her. But due to curiosity, she came to the Three Ring Towers.

But she hadn’t expected to see a familiar face in that Battle of the Holy Grail!

"Miss Kate? Are you okay?" The man apparently noticed Kate reacting oddly.

"Ah, nothing, it’s just that Baron Marvin seems to be a ranger, so that kind of situation doesn’t seem very favorable for him," Kate answered.

Kate wasn’t a fool. The Unicorn’s family seemed to be at odds with Marvin, so she immediately pretended to not know Marvin and gave such an answer to test the waters.

The man regretfully said, "It would be a pity if he died at that Guardian’s hands!" He proudly added, "Our clan sent the strongest elite killer to deal with him."

"We will let everyone in the East Coast know what happens to those who provoke the Unicorn Clan."

Kate faintly nodded, staring at the screen intently.

She didn’t know why, but the scene of that night where the two were stuck in that jail tree, and Marvin’s embarrassing request, flashed through her head.

Thinking there, her cheeks flushed.

And the man on the side saw this and assumed it was the result of his own charm. Thus, he kept talking about some things that he found very interesting.

But in reality, Kate’s attention had been completely focused on that image of the snow mountain’s summit. She hadn’t listened to a word he said.

‘It should be fine, that guy is a lot stronger than ordinary class holder powerhouses...’ she thought.

Snow Mountain Summit.

"Give me your key!" The Guardian asked in a bored voice.

"Your dagger is unable to break my defenses!"

"I saw the recording of that competition. It was a very clever strategy, but I don’t have that kind of flaw and my armor has been specially remolded to have no gaps."

"Give me the key and I’ll let you go."

He slowly walked toward Marvin. He was carrying a huge shield in his hand, a small hatchet was hanging on his waist, and was covered in armor.

His feet would deeply sink into the snow at every step.

"You can’t escape! We are surrounded by precipices, so if you jump, you’ll only fall to your death!"

The Guardian kept pressuring him with words.

"Yeah?" Marvin sneered, "Maybe you are too confident!"

He grasped the daggers in his hands.

"Since that’s the case, don’t blame me!" The Guardian said.

He raised his shield and charged toward Marvin!

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