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Chapter 107: Rise to Fame!

Everyone was in an uproar outside the magic training field.

They froze for some time. Who dared to use violence in Magore Academy!?

This forbidden in the academy’s rules. Apart from the magic training field and the tournament area, students weren’t allowed to fight!

Those few apprentices wizards on the ground awkwardly crawled up, angrily looking at the culprit.

The latter merely stood there. "Whether me winning the match was convincing or not isn’t for you trash to discuss."

Saying this, he put both hands on his daggers, a smile rising in the corner of his mouth. "If you have questions about my strength, I’ll happily welcome your challenge."

"How about giving it a try?"

Marvin’s smile was very gentle, but in the eyes of those apprentice wizards, it looked like a devil’s grin.

"Fuck! It’s actually that Marvin! I wondered who dared to be this unruly…"

"Where had he gone, he seemed to have disappeared for a while. And he now suddenly appeared again."

"This guy truly dares to act, but this place is the Academy!"

"This guy keeps provoking the wizards’ prestige, he must be punished severely!"

They all started discussing, but only in whispers. No one took the initiative to stand up and criticize Marvin.

On the contrary, after finding out that Marvin was the one who acted, these people hurriedly got out of the way.

No one dared clash with Marvin. The reason was very simple. This guy was a ruthless person able to kill someone at the gates of Magore Academy without any consequences.

Those apprentices on the ground saw that it was Marvin who kicked them flying and turned timid.

Challenge Marvin? There was no mistake, that guy personally killed White in a one versus two!

They were only apprentice wizards, many still level 3 or level 4 without instant spells. How would they dare face Marvin, this kind of powerhouse?

Wizards were indeed powerful, but it wasn’t absolute. A battle hardened wizard could naturally crush a class holder of the same level.

But even if this was Magore Academy, there were also quite a lot of incompetent guys. They were descendants of small nobles from all over the south who simply came to get a graduation certificate before going back to inherit their family’s property. After all, before the chaos that followed the Great Calamity, all of southern Feinan was very stable under the care of the South Wizard Alliance.

They had no sense of crisis.

In fact, if they were really experts, they wouldn’t group up to chatter around Wayne when he was training. Most wizards knew that their own time was very valuable. When did they have time to waste mocking and ridiculing someone? These people all wanted to hug the thigh of the useless Unicorn Clan.

Thus, Marvin unhesitantly gave them a lesson!

As for those apprentices on the ground, even if they were full of anger, they looked at each other in dismay and didn’t dare to say anything.

This was the strength of intimidation!

Facing Marvin’s rude attitude, no one dared to answer!

Of course, this was also somewhat linked to Hathaway. Since Hathaway testified on behalf of Marvin and then changed the terrain for the competition, a rumor about those two spread through the Three Ring Towers. Even though the difference in status between both sides was too high, there were always some people with a dirty mind who would link the fact that Hathaway was still unmarried to Marvin’s delicate and pretty face. They would spread a few extremely unpleasant rumors in private.

But despite those words being unpleasant, they formed an invisible protective umbrella for Marvin. In the Three Ring Towers, very few people would oppose the Ashes Tower’s Master.


Marvin emotionlessly looked at those apprentice wizards patting their butt, awkwardly walking away.

This group of soft bones were cowards. T

hey didn’t even dare to act even after being humiliated like that!

These people had lived peacefully for so long and already forgot the cruelty of a chaotic world. They bathed in their forefathers’ glory and were infatuated with wizards’ supreme authority. It was to the extent that after the Universe Magic Pool thoroughly collapsed, those corrupt rulers and their descendants were all caught unprepared.

The end of an era might have happened overnight. But the preparations had been ongoing for who knows how many years.

Under Marvin’s sharp stare, everyone hurriedly scattered.

"Brother!" Wayne excitedly walked over from the magic training field.

Marvin smiled.

The two brothers fist bumped.

This was an action they liked to do to encourage each other since they were kids.

"I already recovered!"

"I got more power from the Magic Pool, I can use one or two more spells each day."

"Maybe it won’t be long before I advance!"

Wayne was very excited.

Marvin’s face still had a smile, but he began to frown inwardly.

Wayne’s training speed was faster than he’d imagined. It would be good if it was in the past, but that wasn’t the case now.

The Universe Magic Pool was about to collapse, and all Legend Wizards and below were unable to avoid its effects. As for those under Legend rank, the higher the level, the greater the impact.

He knew a way to help Wayne smoothly go through the night of the Universe Magic Pool collapse. But that was only if Wayne’s connection to the Universe Magic Pool wasn’t that close

If the connection was too strong, Marvin didn’t know if his method would work or not!

A real headache...

"Brother? What’s going on?" Wayne asked, somewhat baffled.

Marvin shook his head. "Nothing, I was only thinking of some matters."

"When does the official competition start?"

Wayne answered, "Three days later. Snow Mountain terrain. Brother rest assured, watch me this time!

"You always took care of me, so this time, I’ll let you see my strength!" Wayne said, the urge to fight audible in his voice.

Marvin smiled.

This 9 year old younger brother was quite eager to win. The reason he studied magic so hard might also be because he wanted to be able to protect the people at his side.

The two brothers were very similar in this aspect.

"No problem, I look forward to your performance." Marvin patted Wayne’s shoulder and then whispered, "We will talk again about it at night. I need to know the spells you have."

"Good!" Wayne nodded.

At that time, he suddenly hesitated and mumbled, "Brother, I... there is a matter I want to discuss with you."

"Small matter?" Marvin didn’t notice Wayne’s hesitation because at that time, a purple clothed wizard appeared besides Marvin.

"Baron Marvin, please pay attention to your words and actions."

"Don’t do as you please in Magore Academy because of Dame Hathaway being lenient toward you!"

He was very resentfully looking at Marvin.

Marvin raised an eyebrow. "Is this your wish? Or Hathaway’s wish?"

"Is there a difference?" The man coldly said.

"Of course there is," Marvin sneered. "But I’m more interested in knowing Hathaway’s reaction if I let her know that after she sent you to carry out a task, yet you wasted time in something else than your task, like jealousy for example. What would she think?"

The wizard immediately turned speechless.

‘The majority of wizards truly lack experience… Just a few words were enough to make you shut up." Marvin was laughing inwardly. ‘This guy has supposedly been in love with Hathaway for a long time and even recently became a 3rd Great Wizard. Tssk! … No chance. I guess he’ll be a Great Wizard for a lifetime.’

If that guy was switched for Ivan, with his unique badmouthing... Wouldn’t he ruthlessly strike back?

Thinking of this, Marvin’s heart itched a bit. He was still somewhat concerned about that father and son duo’s duel outcome.

"Dame Hathaway asked you to make a trip to the Ashes Tower, this is her order.

The purple clothed wizard ruthlessly stared at Marvin before turning around to leave.

"Looks like I have to go first." Marvin helplessly shrugged

Wayne nodded. He didn’t know why, but there was some relief in his eyes.

He went on ahead and returned to the dorms.

Top floor of Ashes Tower, the same familiar brown wooden floor.

Hathaway looked like a 16 year old this time. She wore a pink long dress, and her blonde hair was tied up into two braids. She looked pure and lovely.

"This time’s harvest in Thousand Leaves Forest wasn’t small…"

"Worthy of being a seer like me, quite an amazing potential."

Hathaway sized up Marvin a few times, displaying a stunned expression. "You met Nicholas?"

Marvin nodded.

"Your luck is really good, that stubborn old weirdo actually let you return alive. Looks like your advanced class has a pretty good relationship with elves."

Hathaway narrowed her eyes, but she couldn’t see through Marvin’s advancement path.

This was very normal because Night Walker was originally a very secretive and rarely seen class.

"This is the page of the Book of Nalu you requested."

Marvin got straight to the point, completing Hathaway’s task.

Hathaway solemnly inspected that page, confirming its status. "Good. Since that time, your White River Valley has been under the protection of the Ashes Tower," she said, very pleased.

"I already released the news of the alliance previously. You are currently a celebrity in the South!"

Marvin blankly looked at her, before immediately checking his logs.

If not for Hathaway reminding him, he wouldn’t have remembered to look at state of the Myths he had neglected to check! Once he took a look, he became quite startled.

Because he now had a certain reputation throughout the South!

On the myth rating log, there was now a [Rise to Fame] part!

‘Hold on! How could it be so exaggerated?’

Marvin checked log by log.

[Your deeds have been widely discussed. Region Myth +1]

[Region Myth (Masked Twin Blades) (River Shore City)]: Regarding Masked Twin Blades’ reputation widely spreading, you are at least well known in River Shore City. A lot of bounty hunters are sharpening their swords. Many merchants traveling between Jewel Bay and River Shore City spread this news. You already have some bad reputation in East Coast.

[Your Fame started improving. Region Myth +2]

[Region Myth (Masked Twin Blades) (River Shore City)]: Due to you helping Paladin Gordian to kill the Plague Envoy, confirmed by the Paladin himself, your fame rose up a bit. People are beginning to think that Masked Twin Blades was an expert leaning to the chivalrous side.

[Your deeds have been widely discussed. Region Myth +1]

[Region Myth (Baron Marvin) (Three Ring Towers)]: After suddenly killing in Magore Academy, you took out the Ninth Month Medal in front the wizard law enforcers and then successfully overcame the arbitration and trial. Soon after, in the final qualifying round of the Battle of the Holy Grail, you successfully emerged victorious in a 1vs2. Baron Marvin from White River Valley entered the sight of the southern nobles because of his exquisite skill with daggers.

[Your name has been widely discussed, Region Myth +2]

[Region Myth (Baron Marvin) (Three Ring Towers, River Shore City, Jewel Bay, White River Valley)]: Ashes Tower’s Master declared an alliance between the Ashes Tower and White River Valley, leading to an uproar among the southern powers. White River Valley formally entered the sight of every southern power, and as its Overlord, you also gained fame.

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