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Chapter 106: Reckless Dual Wielder

Facing this kind of request, what could Marvin say?

Karel had already been half-killed by Ivan, he thoroughly became unable to move. Marvin went up and simply beheaded him.

That Half-Legend who had all kinds of skills and amazing specialties, apparently didn’t have an undying body in the end.

This was the highest class holder Marvin had killed ever since he transmigrated, a Half-Legend.

Thus, the amount of battle exp he received this time was a quite considerable 6400 exp!

As a result, his battle exp was at 9153. Even if he couldn’t level up his Night Walker class yet, he could level up his ranger class once!

"Thank you, young man." Nicholas smiled as he looked at Marvin. "Give me your ring."

Marvin nodded and handed over the Ring of Prayers.

With the status of the Great Elven King, it was unlikely that he would deceive such a minor character.

He had thought that this Ring of Prayers he got the from the Grave Robber was a counterfeit made by a human smith, but it was actually a genuine item!

But it also not too surprising, as lots of items went through the special skills of a [Concealment Master], effectively hiding their original quality.

Even though Marvin had a rich gaming experience, he didn’t have a high appraising ability. Inspect could barely make out a few items’ attributes. But for the advanced information, he needed a high ranked, or even master level, appraiser to check them.

Wizards enjoyed exceptional advantages in this field, and the spells passed down by the wizard god had some affinity with appraising items, making things easy.

The Ring of Prayers emitted a faint light in the hands of the Great Elven King. The originally rough appearance slowly began to fade.

This ring which had been covered by dust for many years finally revealed its true form!

While the Great Elven King was lifting the seal on the Ring of Prayers, Marvin unhesitantly spent 4800 battle exp.

His ranger level went up to 6! He gained a total of 24 skill points, and at the same time his HP increased by 30 points.

Now Marvin had a total of 198 HP, so as long as he wasn’t dealt a mortal blow, he would be able to survive.

Most important was that when the ranger class leveled up to 6, a random class specialty would appear!

Marvin attentively watch the logs. This specialty would be very important to him. If it was a specialty he couldn’t use, it would be wasted.

4800 battle exp wasn’t that easy to get after all.

[You gained a class specialty, (Ranger) – Reckless Dual Wielder]

[Reckless Dual Wielder]: When you are dual wielding daggers, your attack speed increases by 10%. Strength Modifier +3.

‘It’s actually Reckless Dual Wielder!’

‘This is practically the best outcome!’

Marvin was ecstatic as his specialties updated!

In the few specialties after Two Weapon Fighting, none were more suitable than Reckless Dual Wielder, especially considering the strength boost. His current power was still very weak. This specialty would completely make up for his strength deficiency.

What’s more, this specialty was not as simple as it looked.

Marvin knew that Reckless Dual Wielder had a hidden property!

When using two daggers alternately to attack, if he could make 10 pairs of strikes in one breath, this specialty’s hidden effect would be unleashed. The dual wielder would get a bonus: +6 strength for the next three attacks!

This meant that after twenty blows, Marvin’s daggers would get a +6 strength modifier!

This specialty also greatly upgraded Marvin’s current monotonous moves, prolonging his fighting time!

If burst didn’t trigger, he could try to stay in a constant melee with his opponent with no break in the fight, to trigger Reckless Dual Wielder’s hidden effect.

This fierce hidden effect was called "Qilin’s Arm" by the players.¹

When Marvin

was a Ruler of the Night, he almost fell to the Qilin’s Arm of a dual wielding ranger.

If he hadn’t guarded well against it, that sudden burst of power would have taken him down.

He’d earned big!

"The Ring of Prayers has been restored to its original form. This is a typical work of Fairy Turin, full of luck… and danger," Nicholas slowly said.

He returned the ring to Marvin.

Marvin sincerely thanked the Great Elven King. After all, from his point of view, a fourth of Dragon Strength in exchange for a Magic Item wasn’t too bad, let alone letting him deal the blow and receive so much battle exp effortlessly.

The current Ring of Prayers’ properties had already greatly changed. Along with the additional magic [Rainbow Jet], there was one more effect, [Turin’s Prayer].

[Turin’s Prayer]: Each month on Fairy Turin day, at midnight, you can use Turin’s Prayer. It can bring you luck, but it can also bring you a disaster!

The effect of Turin’s Prayer was pretty good. Even if it was a random prayer, most of the time it had a positive effect.

It was said that someone once used Turin’s Prayer and summoned a heavenly creature to serve him!

Of course, there were also some unlucky fellows who got imps and other things.

In short, this thing was quite reckless.

Marvin estimated that Fairy Turin’s day was roughly six days later.

‘In six days, just at the time of the Battle of the Holy Grail, such a coincidence…’ He thought.

"The matter of the Outlaw of the Crimson Road has come to an end."

"I am quite thankful for your help. The friendship between the Wood Elves and the Night Rangers will forever exist."

There was clearly the meaning of seeing a guest out in the Great Elven King’s tone.

Marvin felt the change, and looked at that father and son duo. Could there be a good show coming?

Ivan actually smiled to Marvin. "You saved Ollie, I’ll remember this favor."

"If you have time, you can come find me in the Stone Giant territory."

"But now, I’m going to challenge this old-fashioned old man!"

Ollie was worriedly looking at Ivan, while the latter was staring at Nicholas.

Nicholas calmly looked at Ivan. "Come."

"Thirty years of tempering, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of growth you had during that time."

"I know you are a War Saint, but this is far from enough!"

‘There is really a good show to watch!?’ Marvin was excited.

But at that time, Nicholas suddenly waved his big hand.

"Please, Young Man. It is a duel among wood elves. It isn’t convenient for outsiders to watch.’

In an instant, a gate randomly appeared behind Marvin!

The whole Thousand Leaves Forest was under the control of the Great Elven King. He could appear anywhere, anytime. Of course he would also be able to send other people out!

Marvin dejectedly scratched his nose and bid farewell to Ivan and Ollie before entering the door.

"What a pity…"

On the edge of Thousand Leaves Forest, Marvin couldn’t help but take a glance back.

He unexpectedly wasn’t able to watch this weird father and son duo’s catfight… Ah, wrong. "Duel".

Such a pity. They were both powerhouses of the Legendary rank.

But carefully thinking about it, Ivan himself told him he could go visit him in the Stone Giant territory. The outcome of the duel had probably already been decided.

Even though Ivan was a War Saint, he had just became a Legenda. Few people in this world were aware of Nicholas’ true strength!

Most people thought he was a Legend, which was right.

But Marvin knew this guy frightening situation!

His strength was far from that of the ordinary legends.

He was a Dual-Class Legend! Not a subclass, it was a dual-class!

If Marvin wasn’t wrong, Nicholas was a level 28 Wizard and level 21 Ranger!

A total of 49 levels! Almost comparable to the strongest gods.

This was a frightening existence that even made the weaker gods shiver during the Great Calamity.

He alone guarded Thousand Leaves Forest. The gods he killed could be counted on one hand.

And Ivan only just started to build some reputation during the Great Calamity.

The gap between both of them was too large.

Marvin no longer thought about it. He stayed for a while in the surroundings of Thousand Leaves Forest and finally found that eternal flower the Mad Lich wanted.

The eternal flower grew at very random locations. It wasn’t a treasure, but it could resist the assault of negative energy.

Thus, he completed all his tasks in the north.

Advancement, Eternal Flower, Book of Nalu, all settled.

‘It’s time to return to the Three Ring Towers!’

It was dawn when Marvin got back to Oak Town.

He returned to the inn he originally was staying at and rested for no less than a day, before making the preparations for the journey back.

This time, his strength had greatly increased. It would probably shock a lot of people.

‘There will definitely be a lot of people who made preparations for me in this Battle of the Holy Grail.’

‘The Unicorn Clan, and there should be other hidden enemies…’

‘Unfortunately for them, I also prepared enough surprises.’

Marvin silently made his plans. He pulled on his horse’s reins, leaving Oak City and galloping toward the south!

Two days later.

Magore Academy.

Magic training field.

"Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!"

Five fireballs fiercely shot out in succession from the sharp end of a snake-like magic staff, exploding into a thick piece of lead.

That frightening arcane power left a huge hole in the piece of lead.

Wayne wiped his sweat, displaying a relieved smile.

His strength had finally more or less recovered.

As long as his older brother returned, he wouldn’t be afraid of the next Battle of the Holy Grail!

Many people were looking at Wayne from outside the training field, running their mouths.

Most of them were Magore Academy’s students. They naturally were extremely familiar with Wayne, this apprentice who had displayed an outstanding talent just after joining.

But as they watched Wayne, most of their gazes were full of envy.

Wizard were carefully chosen based on their talents. They didn’t have Wayne’s talent, getting to level 5 after just half a year of studying and being able to become a 2nd rank wizard.

Thus their voices were full of ridicule and evil intentions.

"Really stupid, what’s the point of practicing Chain Fireball? In the snow mountain terrain, fire magic will have its effect reduced by half!"

"Yeah, last time he relied on his unfathomable older brother to win the final round, it’s a wizard’s disgrace! This kind of person can participate in the Battle of the Holy Grail?"

"Humph! The qualifying round was in the forest terrain. Even if he won, was it convincing? I don’t know what the higher ups thought."

As these comments fell into Wayne’s ears, his face was expressionless.

When he was young, and his strength was insufficient, he had learned that the best way to deal with it was to endure.

Who could have thought that at that time, a frightened shout could be heard in the crowd!

Those few mocking apprentices were suddenly kicked out of the crowd by a fast moving shadow!


TL1 – Qilin (also Kirin) is a mythical creature. There are many different representation, but it’s most often depicted as creature with ox, deer, horse and eastern dragon features.

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