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Chapter 105: Great Elven King!

War Saint!

A very simple Legend class. It wasn’t like some the other classes with fancy names. You simply needed to reach the pinnacle of fighters while mastering one kind of weapon!

Elven War Saints were very rarely seen. Wood elves were mainly gifted in magic and archery, so most elves were wizards or rangers.

The last Elven War Saint appearing in Feinan was at least 400 - 500 years ago!

‘As expected, that guy Ivan is already a Legend!’

Marvin sighed in relief. When Ivan broke the knowledge compass, the situation had already turned.

Karel was difficult to deal with, but he was only a Half-Legend.

In front of the true legendary class [War Saint], he had no chance of success!

Karel had no time to relax as Ivan suddenly exploded with his Peerless Sword Aura, thoroughly locking Karel in place.

He made a very simple swing with the worn out sword in his hand, the most basic of slashes, and a taunt!

But such a simple move was shining with a large amount of power in Ivan’s hands.


After four simple moves, Karel was appalled to see his own scythe breaking.

Because Ivan’s four consecutive slashes all targeted the same spot!

People able to reach War Saint each had their own Peerless Sword Aura. Even if Marvin didn’t know what kind Ivan had, it certainly was related to the Shatter property!

The Blazing Fury the old blacksmith gifted to Marvin had this [Shatter] property. This property was very fierce. Each attack would have a chance of shattering the opponent’s weapon!

The chance of the effect triggering was related to the hidden [Characteristic] property of the weapon.

Ivan’s worn out sword clearly didn’t possess the Shatter property. He purely relied on his own fierce strength!


A jelly-like membrane that bubbled up to cover Karel was cut into pieces with a simple slash!

Karel awkwardly fell to the floor, his face full of fear.

Ivan was holding his sword with one hand, coldly staring at Karel.

If Karel didn’t have a strange item to block for him that time, he might have already died from Ivan’s sword.

A War Saint was just this straight-forward!

There were no gorgeous skills, only true strength!

They would use the simplest martial skill to exert the fiercest strength.

Thus, people said that War Saint was the manliest class. Simple, violent, powerful.

All skills were useless in front of them. Only the knowledge compass, that artifact fragment, could trap Ivan for a short moment.

Taking advantage of Ivan keeping Karel in an awkward situation, Marvin rushed up to help Ollie.

After untying her, Ollie gratefully thanked him.

If not for Marvin rushing up and keeping Karel busy, she might have not lived until Ivan broke the knowledge compass!


Karel’s body flew, directly smashing through a tree after taking a left punch from Ivan!

He spat up some blood, trying to crawl up from the ground. It looked like he wanted to use some ability, but he couldn’t do anything.

Because Ivan was already standing in front of him!

"Traitor Karel."

"You had already been deprived of your rights, anyone can kill you. Even an exile like me has the right to punish you."

"Now, as Ivan the exiled, I declare you dead."

For the first time, a solemn expression appeared on Ivan’s face.

He was using a kind of special ability.

This ability could let his voice transmit through Thousand Leaves Forest to all those who had evil intentions toward the elves!

This was the blessing bestowed upon him by the Great Elven King when he was a kid, Judgement.

Killing Karel after using Judgement would definitely give a psychological blow to those Outlaws of the Crimson Road and those people up to no good!

Marvin watched attentively. When Karel tried to struggle, Ivan decisively used a Legend’s d

omain ability!

It was that ability which made Karel completely unable to try to run away.

‘Is it [Absolute Prison], or [Peerless Suppression]’?

Marvin was looking at Ivan, somewhat curious.

This guy was really too strong.

He was the strongest person he’d met up till now, if you excluded the red copper dragon. Even that Half-Legend Hathaway wasn’t Ivan’s match.

Spells couldn’t injure a War Saint.

Ivan had to go through a tough tempering of his martial skills to become a Legend. After becoming a legend, he would automatically receive at least three magic resistance specialties.

Even when Marvin advanced to [Ruler of the Night], he also received three legendary specialties: [Element Immunity], [Negate Death], and [Barrier Breaker]. Those three major specialties turned Ruler of the Night into one of the classes the wizards hated the most.

Of course, those legendary wizards’ power didn’t only lie on themselves, it also came from their forces, their wizard towers, and their disciples.

Other classes wouldn’t be their match as long as fully prepared legendary wizard hid in his wizard tower. This was a publicly known fact.

In fact, if Anthony was able to anticipate the Shadow Prince’s assassination, and made enough preparations, he might have been able to stop that Shadow Prince’s doppelganger.

Marvin stood to the side, watching as Ivan was about to kill Karel.

But suddenly two extremely bright rays of light suddenly shone in the sky!

Ivan stiffly held his sword. Ollie also stood up somewhat unnaturally.

Marvin was also slightly surprised as those two rays of light descended from the darkness, piercing through thick black clouds.

Once they reached the ground, they formed two pillars of light.

A charismatic voice echoed through everyone’s heart:

"Stay your hand. Ivan."

"You aren’t qualified to deal with a traitor. As an exiled, you violated at least 19 laws of Thousand Leaves Forest today."

"You are bringing trouble to yourself."

The pillars of light fused together, turning into a tall shining figure.

An extremely young and extremely handsome elven man!

His clothes were luxurious and graceful, his expression was peaceful, and his eyes felt like they were filled with wisdom!

He was wearing a laurel crown on his head.

Great Elven King Nicholas!

Marvin let out a deep breath.

He hadn’t expected that this frightening and honorable existence would be alarmed!

For the Great Elven King, every place in Thousand Leaves Forest was under his watch and protection.

He was previously fooled because Karel used the stolen knowledge compass to hinder his sight. Now that Ivan had destroyed the knowledge compass, the Great Elven King immediately sensed the fight that was happening!

He instantly appeared there. Even if it was only a doppelganger, it brought an endless pressure to everyone present.

"My King…" Ollie followed simple etiquette, somewhat struggling, "His Highness Ivan was... "

"I know he tracked the Outlaw of the Crimson Road," Nicholas calmly said. "But this isn’t his duty. He overstepped his boundaries."

Marvin frowned.

He had already heard that this Great Elven King was particularly unreasonable. His craving for power was as hot as fire, but he was also very old-fashioned.

Seeing it today, it was truly like that. Even the treatment of his own son was this harsh.

"Haha…" Ivan lightly laughed, "19 laws?"

"It doesn’t matter, not with that 500 years of exile plus that one or two thousand…"

Nicholas said expressionly, "It is 1460 years."

"Close." Ivan shrugged, "How do you plan to handle that Outlaw of the Crimson Road?"

"You won’t let me kill him, and you are a shadow doppelganger, so who’ll do it? Ollie?"

Ollie heard this and her expression immediately turned solemn.

But Nicholas’ gaze passed over Ollie and stopped on Marvin.

"He’ll kill."

"Ollie doesn’t have the qualifications as she was defeated by the traitor."

"There isn’t such an issue with our Night Walker ally. His performance was outstanding, like his teacher in his youth." The Great Elven King said very peacefully.

This however made Marvin extremely surprised.

Let him kill this Karel?

Was that true?

‘What the hell is that king doing…’

‘Yielding such a great amount of experience to me? Oh wait. It seems like Feinan’s natives don’t get exp for killing… But to let an outsider like me handle the elves’ internal matter, don’t you think it’s an issue?’

Marvin was confused.

But Nicholas had already opened his mouth:

"Are you willing to do me a favor? Young Night Walker?"

"If you lend me a hand, I can help you undo the seal on that Ring of Prayers, letting it regain its previous glory."

"A genuine Fairy Turin’s item. There aren’t many seen nowadays."

Ring of Prayers?

Marvin was moved. This Ring of Prayers was actually genuine?

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