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Chapter 104: War Saint!

As Karel revealed his cards, Marvin silently prepared to make a move.

When Ollie appeared along with countless elven iron guards, he knew he couldn’t keep hiding any longer.

Ivan needed time to struggle free of the knowledge compass’ shackles.

Marvin could give him enough time.

Seeing Karel’s scythe hanging on Ollie’s neck, Marvin didn’t hesitate any longer and took out a small bottle. "Gulp!"

The third use of dragon strength!¹

This time’s use was more worth than last time.

Last time was only to handle a gnoll shaman and a group of gnolls. At that time, drinking a quarter of the potion was in fact a waste. But Marvin was too weak at that time, so he used Dragon Strength for lack of a better option.

Dragon Strength could increase strength by 6 points and dexterity by 4. Attribute-wise, it was like an increase of 20 levels!

Although the strength of classes weren’t simply dependant on attributes, at the very least with regards to the attribute field, Dragon Strength was enough to let Marvin withstand all kinds of Legend class holders!

Of course, if it was a caster, it would still be relatively troublesome.

Outlaws of the Crimson Road were less difficult, especially after Karel used up the abilities of the knowledge compass.

Marvin was confident he could stall for time.

It was only wasting time. Higher rank classes were stronger not only in attribute points, but also had all kinds of frightening skills and special abilities.

Marvin wasn’t arrogant enough to think he’d reached the state where he could eliminate a Half-Legend after drinking the potion.

On the contrary, he was very careful!

In order to save Ollie, he didn’t rush out openly, but chose to use stealth instead.

He used that innate skill from he got from the Book of Nalu, Shadow Doppelganger!

From among the shadows, a figure looking exactly like Marvin appeared. Its strength was half of Marvin’s and it could only exist for 3 minutes.

In order to probe Karel, Marvin didn’t hesitate to send the shadow up first!

He let out a deep breath at the outcome!

Karel actually downed Marvin’s shadow in an instant!

This guy really had the strength of a Half-Legend! If Marvin wasn’t careful, he would fall head first!

Using stealth, Marvin carefully approached Karel who had a serious expression on his face.

Karel’s expression was gloomy and cold, as he unceasingly checked his surroundings.

The scythe in his hand was an odd type of weapon. Very few people would use such an exaggerated weapon. People who used it were either fools who tried pass as being strong, or genuine experts!

Marvin was silently moving with Fang in his hands, neither too slow nor too fast.

Both of them were less than 10 meters apart from each other.

Marvin stopped. This distance was more or less good. The low perception of Outlaws of the Crimson Road didn’t mean that they wouldn’t be able to detect someone very close.

The darkness also help Marvin out. Karel was a dark elf, so he had some night vision, but it was far from darksight.

Karel looked irritable, his gaze like a hawk sweeping over prey.

"There is actually someone else…"

"Truly unexpected."

Karel took two steps back, suddenly approaching Ollie. The scythe in his hand slashed toward her!

He was forcing Marvin to come out!

Marvin knew his intention, yet he had no choice but to act!


A dart accurately shot toward Karel’s chest, before being blocked by the scythe.

Marvin was also unable to hide again.

He straightforwardly came out, raising his daggers!

Marvin was currently under the effects of the potion, so he wouldn’t be weaker than Karel in terms of attributes.

But the other side’s weapon filled Marvin with dread!

The giant scythe had the advantage over daggers because of its design. It could

easily steal a dagger or destroy it if the pivot strength cleverly used.

"Clang! Clang!"

After a simple probe, each had some understanding toward the other’s strength.

"Fascinating, 2nd rank Night Walker with the attributes of a 3rd rank class holder. Looks like you used some valuable potion."

Karel saw through Marvin in a glance.

Marvin didn’t say any superfluous words. The dagger in his hand ripped through the air as he rushed up to him!

There was definitely a difference between their strength, especially considering the fierce skills of an Outlaw of the Crimson Road. He absolutely couldn’t give Karel an opportunity.

Close combat was Marvin’s only way out!

Blade Technique – Rapids!

The twin daggers attacked together in an instant, leaving afterimages behind, enveloping Karel inside!

The 25 dexterity additional specialty [Flicker] showed its full effect through his weapons!

Two Weapon Fighting gave up some striking power in exchange for super high attack speed. Its nemesis was Iron Bastion, but the Outlaws of the Crimson Road didn’t have anything like that matchless defense!

Each slash of Marvin’s daggers forced Karel to defend. Otherwise it wouldn’t result in just a small injury!

The giant scythe obviously didn’t have the flexibility of a curved dagger, and soon, Marvin found a flaw and managed to slash toward Karel’s arm.

Although the latter had dodged in time, he was still cut.

This made Karel extremely angry.

He hadn’t though that he, as a Half-Legend powerhouse, would actually be suppressed by a 2nd rank newbie.

Marvin simply did not give him a chance and kept sticking to him!

He knew Outlaws of the Crimson Road were frightening, so he tried to stay close to Karel at all cost to make him unable to use the advantages of his giant scythe, and not leave him the chance to use any of his various skills!

That was the only way to maximize his own advantages!

"Fuck off!" Karel was extremely angry. He did a sudden sweep, forcing Marvin to abruptly back off. But there was still a line of blood on his abdomen!

The distance between both sides had increased.

Karel raised his scythe up, fiercely waving it over!

Marvin fearlessly used Shadow Step!

The distance covered by this step was extremely exaggerated, because he activated Burst along with Shadow Step!

Marvin directly crossed past the scythe’s attack range, intending to turn around and counterattack.

But at this moment, Karel suddenly bellowed, the sickle beginning to dance crazily in his hand!

In an instant, frightening blade shadows enveloped him!

‘It’s similar to Chaotic Dance!’

‘No good…’

Marvin was in a difficult situation. He sped up, and with the help of Flicker, he managed to dodge those frightening blade shadows.

But Karel chased after him, unwilling to let go!

While under the effect of this high level skill, Karel’s speed was no slower than Marvin’s.

His attacks were incomparably wild. Marvin used the terrain to dodge and but Karel simply reduced those trees into pieces!

This guy was a completely berserk human shredder!

Marvin who could still attack earlier had been reduced to being Karel’s prey. He could only depend on his high dexterity to keep running away.

"Drop dead!"

Karel’s eyes were filled with blood, and his speed slightly rose!

‘He can still speed up?’ Marvin was startled. He had used Burst several times in a row, and his body was already at his limit.

This guy was really too strong. Marvin had used a potion but was still overwhelmed!


A scythe slash ruthlessly hit the ground, leaving a long gash!

Marvin rolled awkwardly, covered in earth all over.

That was too close!

His heartbeat sped up. Seeing the scythe catching up once again, he didn’t even have the courage to block!

Because the daggers were simply unable to block it!

‘Can only run…’ Marvin ground his teeth, got back up and dodged again.

But at this time, a rumbling sound could be heard near Karel!

The next instant, he looked with shock at the knowledge compass fragment hanging on his chest as it shattered.

"This is impossible!"

"It hasn’t even been a minute and a half!"

Karel suddenly turned, and outside that place where the tree hollow previously was, Ivan had an angry expression, holding his worn out sword.

He had already broken the space prison! Even that fragment of knowledge compass shattered under his tremendous power!

"This is impossible…" Karel murmured somewhat dumbfounded.

"Unless you are already…"

Not letting him finish his words, Ivan already turned into a swift shadow rushing over.

He was fuming while looking at Karel and declared in a cold voice:

"War Saint? I reached that long ago!!"


1 - There is a little change here. One of the uses of Dragon Strength has been forgotten by the author (during that fight with the envoy + jack) as such, the maximum amount of uses has been changed to 4 to fit with the story.

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