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Chapter 103
Chapter 103: Mystical Oddity

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Under the cover of darkness, two people were slowly approaching.

They stood side by side on the branch of a big tree. In a quiet hollow in a tree not far away was black clothed man sitting upright. He wasn’t moving at all and his eyes were closed.

A fire was burning in front of him. If not for darksight, Marvin wouldn’t have been able to notice him.

Night Tracking was really too powerful. As long as he had some related item, Marvin would be able to lock onto the location of a fleeing enemy.

But this skill would use a great amount of Marvin’s stamina. The journey there used twice as much stamina as usual!

Since he found the target, Marvin immediately disabled Night Tracking.

This Outlaw of the Crimson Road hadn’t used any hiding abilities and seemed to be simply resting.

"Karel, that traitor." The Elven Prince’s eyes narrowed, apparently recognizing that person’s appearance.

"Karel?" Marvin asked in a low voice, "You know him?"

"Of course, 20 years ago he was still a captain of the Iron Elven Guard." Ivan stared coldly at Karel sitting in the tree hollow, his expression somewhat complicated.

"Not everyone accepted Nicholas’ high-handed rule. Karel was an elf that loved freedom. His potential was astonishing, but he was trained as a war machine by Nicholas. In the end, he couldn’t stand that kind of life and betrayed us."

"He turned into an Outlaw of the Crimson Road, fully falling into chaos. A lot of elves died at his hands these years."

"When he betrayed us, he took away a fragment of the elven race’s holy item, the [Knowledge Compass]. Because of that, Nicholas simply can’t find him."

"I also found him by chance when he passed through the Stone Giant territory."

Ivan solemnly said, "Karel is a very troublesome person, hide yourself carefully."

"Let me take care of it."

Marvin nodded.

The way he saw it, this guy was different from Black Jack who had been on the verge of advancing. He was a true 3rd rank class holder. It was very possible that he was a Half-Legend.

Marvin would die if he wasn’t careful around this kind of guy!

He chose a favorable location to watch the fight before quickly using Hide.

His Hide was originally not low, but after advancing to Night Walker, all skills would display their maximum effect during the night.

Soon, his body fused with the oak branch.

Without at least 20 points of perception, there would be no way to catch Marvin.

And an Outlaw of the Crimson Road would rarely have such high perception.

After Ivan confirmed that Marvin was properly hidden, he didn’t choose to sneak attack, but to rush forward instead!

In an instant, the distance between the both of them was reduced to less than 50 meters.

Inside the tree, the traitor Karel raised his head, still holding a black compass.


"It’s actually you!"

Karel smiled. "You and I are alike, both exiled by Nicholas. Why are you appearing here?"

Ivan laughed, replying, "To kill you."

"We are geniuses, and all geniuses are restrained by Nicholas. Why would we want to slaughter each other?" Karel coldly said. "You are still too stubborn. Don’t you have any resentment after 30 years of exile? "

"Even though that group of stone people are a bit simple, it’s actually very fun."

Ivan still had that same lazy appearance, but his sword was already aiming

at Karel in the tree hollow.

"I don’t need to ask you to come, do I?"

Karel calmly answered, "I don’t want to come out."

"Then I’ll come in!" Ivan burst into a swift sprint, as an extremely frightening pressure was emitted from his worn out sword.

In an instant, the entire forest began to groan softly, shivering!

‘This is… Peerless Sword Aura!’

Marvin had good eyes, and could make out Ivan’s current realm in an instant!

Worthy of the myth of being someone able to advance to the Elven War Saint rank! Marvin estimated that he would be unable to resist that move.

But at that moment, seeing Ivan’s sword about to chop at that great tree, Karel suddenly burst into laughter!

The two men’s surroundings suddenly began fluctuating.

As if the space in that area was overlapping and twisting.

‘Space Magic?’ Marvin eyelids twitched.

He had a bad feeling!

This Karel was obviously prepared!

But in a flash, Ivan’s figure was frozen on the spot. A faint radiance was emitted from Karel’s hands.

Knowledge Compass!

It was said to be a mystical oddity given to the elven race by the god of knowledge. Outsiders would be unable to understand its divine power!

The knowledge compass fragment floated up, its radiance gradually condensing before finally turning into an hexagonal sigil.

Ivan was inside the sigil, unable to move.

Karel slowly stood up. "Knowing that I have the knowledge compass, you still dared to rush in like that. You sure have a lot of confidence in yourself."

"I know the Knowledge Compass is unable to lock you up for too long. You are someone who has hope of advancing to War Saint after all. But I’ll teach you a lesson today."

"Arrogance has its costs."

Ivan was motionless inside the sigil, yet he still wore a calm expression.

It was clear that he knew the knowledge compass had this kind of ability, but he wasn’t afraid of it!

He had a way to break free, and he only needed a bit of time.

But his expression suddenly changed!

Karel had come out of the tree.

"Bang!" The tree hollow exploded, and splinters of tree bark fell to the ground.

Inside that big tree hollow lied many elven iron guard’s bodies!

The only survivor was actually an elven woman. Her helmet had been removed, and she was tightly bound and had a thick cloth covering her mouth.


Ivan’s expression was filled with anger!

He knew he’d fallen in a trap. Ollie had found Karel first but was captured. Karel would definitely make some preparations.

He killed the other elves and only left Ollie as a hostage. It made sense.

There weren’t many people who could threaten him in all of Thousand Leaves Forest. Whether it was that Nicholas whose perception was fooled, or the the Elven Prince Ivan, they couldn’t just watch Ollie die.

Thus, he simply used Ivan’s arrogant self-confidence to plan this trap.

The knowledge compass would trap Ivan for at least 3 minutes.

But Ivan couldn’t interfere with what would happen in these three minutes!

He had never expected that Ollie would truly find him, such bad luck.

"I originally wanted to keep you as a hostage," said Karel with some regret.

"Unfortunately, I suddenly changed my mind."

"At that time, I loved you, dear Ollie. But you’ve disappointed me. You actually like this coward!?"

"Don’t you remember what he said to that old geezer Nicholas? In front of all the wood elves noble families, he said he didn’t like women. And you actually still defended him!"

"This is no good, I am jealous."

Karel laughed and took out a frightening scythe from his sleeve!

"I didn’t have the opportunity to retaliate myself before, but today I’ll let you die in front of the one you like. Thinking about it, I’m actually a benevolent person."

The scythe was hooked around the front of Ollie’s neck.

Ollie just looked at Ivan. There was panic in her eyes, dread, and sadness, but it finally turned to calm.

She looked at him attentively.

Ivan glared at Karel.

"Don’t do this, it makes me look like a villain." Karel smiled, as the scythe started slowly cutting Ollie’s neck!

But at this time, a human shadow suddenly leaped from the darkness, ruthlessly colliding into Karel’s waist!

Karel was startled, but he reacted absurdly quickly, slashing sideways viciously with his scythe.

The shadow didn’t manage to escape and was split in two by that scythe slash!

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