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Chapter 102: Night Tracking

‘Worthy of being the Elven Prince. He is actually able to see the blessings I received…’

Marvin was secretly quite startled.

When he advanced to Night Walker, he did receive a bonus blessing from the Night Monarch. However, even the old blacksmith didn’t notice it.

But Ivan was able to see his special blessing with a glance.

"No need to be skeptical." Ivan smiled. "We both have the ancient elven god’s blessings, so I can perceive a few things."

"If it was anyone else, they would find it troublesome to detect your special ability. You are a very promising child."

Marvin frowned and rudely said, "If you want my help, you’ll stop using the word ‘Child’."

"A man pretending to be mature, regardless of his age, is always disagreeable," Marvin continued.

Ivan didn’t mind. "Sure. What should I call you?"


Marvin looked at the color of the sky and emotionlessly said, "The sky is still not completely dark, I can’t use my skill yet."

"It’s really troublesome for you Night Walkers," Ivan remarked, frowning. "A lot of abilities can only be used after dark."

"During that time, I hope you can teach me that trick."

Marvin directly raised his own conditions, looking at Ivan, "The trick you used to snatch that elf’s weapon."

Ivan displayed a startled expression for the first time. Shortly after, with a pondering expression he asked, "This is a deal?"

"Almost." Marvin added in a low voice, "If I help you find that Outlaw of the Crimson Road, I will face a huge risk."

"Risk?" Ivan raised an eyebrow. "You think I’m not his match?"

"That’s not it." Unexpectedly, Marvin‘s answer was negative. "The risk is you."

"If the Great Elven King learned that I helped you, heavens knows what would happen," said Marvin as he shrugged.

Ivan smiled, shaking his head with a lonely feeling, "You are right."

"People like me shouldn’t be interfering. Unfortunately… I also grew in Thousand Leaves Forest."

"Good, I’ll teach you this trick before the sky completely darkens!"

"Whether you learn it or not will depend on your perception!"

Ivan’s wrist rapidly flicked inside the thick smoke, catching Marvin off guard and suddenly making him lose his Fang!

Marvin felt a sharp pain on his wrist, but his eyes were still bright!

Half an hour later, the sky had completely darkened.

That bonus skill Marvin received, the [Night Tracking] skill, activated.

[Summon Night Crow] also lit up. All his attributes rose by 10%, increasing his overall fighting strength.

Even though Ivan didn’t seem very reliable, he was still a very competent teacher.

He seriously taught Marvin the trick to capture the opponent’s weapons, though this arrogant elven prince had never once thought that Marvin could quickly learn such a difficult skill.

"Still don’t remember? The crucial part of the trick lies in this flick and a snatch!"

"For this reason, you need to learn how to control all kinds of weapons, only knowing daggers won’t do. What if your opponent uses a two handed greatsword? Maybe you could disarm him, but you wouldn’t be able to snatch it because you don’t know how to properly wield a sword!"

"This skill isn’t that easy to use. At the very least, you need to get the weapon master title."

Ivan’s face displayed a hint of a smile.

However, Marvin simply remained calm and collected and just nodded.

All kinds of logs kept appearing.

[You understood part of a special skill while training… Edge Snatch (1/10)]

[You understood part of a special skill while training… Edge Snatch (7/10)]

[You perfectly used a skill move repeatedly during training – Edge Snatch. Spend 1000 battle exp to turn it into a personal skill?]

[Battle exp spent, you received a personal skill – Edge Snatch]

[Edge Snatch (20)]

[You received proper guidance from a Weapon Master, allowing your understanding of the skill Edge Snatch to increase. Edge Snatch +1]

[You received proper guidance from a Weapon Master, allowing your understanding of the skill Edge Snatch to increase. Edge Snatch +1]

Even if Ivan’s bad mouth was unequalled, his teachings were very effective. Every time he said something, Edge Snatch skill level would raise by one point!

Thus, Marvin hoped Ivan would say a bit more.

But the sky was completely dark and Ivan finally stopped his nagging.

Marvin regretfully looked at his Edge Snatch skill stopping at 40 points. That guy just needed to run his mouth and Marvin’s skill would quickly increase. Ivan’s own Edge Snatch must have had at least 150 points!

This was definitely not a mass of added skill points. It was purely innate skill comprehension.

Marvin was in fact not jealous, he knew there were many geniuses in this world, such as the Fate Shamans, or that guy.

Even though he was exiled by Nicholas, Prince Ivan was known among Feinan’s elves as the one with the most hope of advancing to [Elven War Saint].

Even his father Nicholas had no choice but to admit that Ivan’s talent was rarely seen in this world.

"Good, the sky is completely dark now." Ivan became serious. "We already wasted too much time. If we cannot find that Outlaw of the Crimson Road, many more innocents will die in Thousand Leaves Forest."

Marvin nodded, but doubtfully asked, "Thousand Leaves Forest’s trees are the eyes and ears of you elves. Why do you need my help?"

Ivan shook his head and answered, "That Outlaw of the Crimson Road has a knowledge compass. Even if it’s just a fragment, it’s enough to hide from our perception."

"Even that guy Nicholas can be fooled by him. We’ll need to deal with the enemy before that stubborn guy leaves the elven capital."

"Or it would be very troublesome. Once that old geezer with his bad temper arrives, there will be no way to reason with him."

Marvin agreed.

He took out the Outlaw of the Crimson Road’s token he got from Black Jack’s body and swiftly used Night Tracking.

His perception greatly increased. He used the token as a marker and checked the surroundings for any signs.

Soon, the scenery Marvin saw turned slightly green.

A scarlet path was slowly displayed in front of him.

"There!" Marvin quickly pointed in a direction and rushed over.

Ivan’s eyes shone, and he picked up his worn out sword and quickly followed.

In the forest, two people were quickly moving forward.

During that free time, Marvin asked, somewhat curious.

"Why were you exiled?"

Ivan answered, "My father had me marry Ollie, but I clearly told him I didn’t like her."

"You could have taken another? There will inevitably be an elven woman that could suit you in Thousand Leaves Forest," Marvin subconsciously said.

"No," Ivan said. "Ollie isn’t the problem."

"She is a very good and capable woman."

"But unfortunately… I don’t like women."

Marvin was frightenedly stunned.

‘Fuck! This is the reason for the exile of the Elven Prince?’

Before he could recover, Marvin suddenly noticed something ahead!

"Careful!" We are approaching!" Marvin said in a low voice as he was startled.

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