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Chapter 101: The 6th Pearl

The four elven guards took the kid to the capital. Marvin had no clue what his name was.

Ollie also left very quickly, as she had the duty of protecting Thousand Leaves Forest. She had to immediately capture that Outlaw of the Crimson Road who had sneaked in, unafraid of the consequences of killing in this place.

Even though she might not be the other side’s opponent, she had to do it.

Two guards were left behind, ordered by Ollie to escort the prince back to the Stone Giant territory.

No one would dare to go against Nicholas’ order, and it was the same for Ollie.

But Ivan looked at those two elven guards and said with pity on his face, "Have you offended Ollie? That narrow-minded woman?"

The two looked at each other in dismay, forcing a smile. "You Highness Ivan, please don’t make things difficult for us."

"Relax," Ivan casually said.

"Bang!" His iron sword was thrown on the ground.

"Don’t say I bullied you, I am unarmed as you can see. This is your chance."

Ivan winked and the two elven guard felt helpless. The two rushed up to him!

To have to personally arrest their own prince was already a very loathsome thing, but what made them more depressed was that they also knew that this prince was a genius who reached Half-Legend 30 years earlier.

Even if a part of his power had been sealed by Nicholas, it wasn’t something that two members of the Elven Iron Guard could handle.

Thus Ivan asked whether or not those two pitiful elves had offended Ollie.

As both sides fought, Ivan moved like lightning, extremely nimble. In an instant, he surprisingly stole one of the guards’ weapons!


Seeing that scene, Marvin who was sorting out the remaining loot of Black Jack displayed a surprised expression.

This move was really amazing...

To actually be able to directly snatch a weapon from someone’s hands, this was definitely a powerful skill!

A hand meeting a sword, only people with experience knew just how dangerous that was. The sharp edge of the cold weapon wouldn’t be lenient to the warm skin.

But Ivan’s move was completely effortless, snatching the other side’s weapon with a simple flick of the wrist.

The most important part was that this move was exceptionally carefree and graceful.

‘Worthy of an Elven Prince, might be an innate skill…’ Marvin guessed.

He had seen similar skills from Martial Monks and Pugilists, but he had never seen someone doing it as if they were just lifting a light weight.

While that elven prince was toying with those two elven guards, Marvin finished sorting out the loot from Black Jack.

Black Jack was a very cautious guy. Most of his things were in a storage item.

That storage item was also equipped with a self-destruct device. After Black Jack’s death, the equipment in that dimensional storage item was automatically destroyed. All the items within flew to the void.

But even so, Marvin still plundered a few things from Black Jack.

First was those daggers he used. That pair of daggers was very heavy, many times heavier than the average daggers. In the Ranger’s advancement tree, probably only the strength of the [Dark Murderer] class could manage such heavy daggers. Even if Marvin couldn’t use them, he still threw them in the void conch. He could use them as gift, or simply sell them.

The quality of that pair of daggers known as [Annihilations] didn’t differ much from [Fangs].

Then there was a pouch made of water lizard skin. The pouch was very delicate and Black Jack chose to hide it very carefully on his person. It most likely had a special meaning for him, probably a gift from someone important to him… Of course, this was just Marvin’s conjecture.

Water lizard skin can protect against fire, so it wasn’t damaged. When burning the body, Marvin believed that truly good items wouldn’t be burnt down, and only useless th

ings would be burnt.

But when Marvin opened the pouch, he was thoroughly shocked by the amount of wizard gold!

‘Even though I knew that pouches made of water lizard skin could store a great amount of gold due to their simple space layering effect..’

‘And that Black Jack as a killer would earn a lot of profit...’


Marvin saw the wizard gold in the pouch and remained speechless.

‘But more than 200 wizard gold is too ridiculous?!’

This was 200 000 silvers!

What chamber of commerce did Black Jack end up looting to get so much money?

‘Hold on…’

Marvin instantly thought of something. Black Jack was originally a member of the Shadow Spider Order, but he had decided to advance as an Outlaw of the Crimson Road… This meant he was abandoned by the Shadow Spider Order.

The Shadow Spider Order’s plan for disobedient members was simply eradication.

‘This guy had so much money… He wouldn’t have looted some of the subdivisions of the Shadow Spider Order, right?’

Marvin instantly made the connection.

But regardless, such a large amount of money would be useful to him. At least he could alleviate White River Valley’s financial crisis.

Although these wizard golds were very valuable before the Great Calamity, it would suddenly depreciate after it. He had to spend it as quickly as possible.

Apart from the water lizard pouch, Marvin also found a burnt piece of iron with some red paint on it. This was the token of an Outlaw of the Crimson Road.

The final item was an uncommon necklace.

Marvin’s necklace was Mark of the Moon, letting him see under the moonlight, but now that he had Darksight, Mark of the Moon could simply be stored away.

This uncommon necklace’s effect was very ordinary, simply giving 3 daily uses of [Clean]. It was relatively nice, girls should be very fond of it.

Just as Marvin was hesitating whether to wear the necklace or not, he suddenly found something unexpected!

Every pearl of this small pearl necklace was black except the central pearl, which was pure white.

In the white pearl, a small fish could faintly be seen moving about. But if one watched attentively for a long time, they would find out that this might be their own misconception and that there was no small fish.

Marvin’s heart moved as he looked at that white pearl.


[Inspect (35) used…]

[Inspect failed…]

[Inspect results: This pearl might have a great origin, or might be nameless. If you want to learn more, you’ll need a pearl appraiser’s specialized opinion.]

Inspect failed!

Marvin was smiling.

He didn’t expect to get this white pearl here!

Marvin was very familiar with this thing. If he wasn’t wrong, this pearl was a hidden copy. One of the keys to [Cursed Pearl Island]!

There were a total of 6 similar pearls, and most were scattered around Jewel Bay.

When Marvin was gathering those six pearls, he had to pay a huge amount to a foreign player to buy the last pearl, and that player was dead set on not telling him where he’d obtained it.

That moving fish… Marvin could definitely tell it was that 6th pearl!

Pearl Island, Pearl Island, even if it’s a cursed land, there are plenty of treasures there!

And especially that legendary item!

‘Looks like going to Jewel Bay has to be put on hold!’

Marvin carefully put away the 6th pearl.

"Boring indeed. They obviously knew the outcome and still struggled. These guys were all brainwashed by that old-fashioned rigid geezer."

Ivan had effortlessly put down those two iron guard elves, not forgetting to run his mouth.

Marvin simply stood there, looking at the Elven Prince, "Being so harsh to a woman who loves you that much, isn’t it too unreasonable?"

Ivan froze for a moment, and then playfully looked at Marvin. "How did you notice, child?"

"An idiot could notice, that girl Ollie, her expression when looking at you is too obvious," Marvin said.

"Oh my! A precocious child," Ivan laughed. "Ollie is a good girl, her looks are also first-rate."

Marvin nodded, agreeing with him.

Ivan continued, "Therefore, in order to not let her die to that Outlaw of the Crimson Road, use your real skills."

"Help me find that Outlaw of the Crimson Road."

Marvin frowned. "What do you mean?"

"No need to pretend." Ivan’s eyes shone brightly. "I can see the extra blessing of the Night Monarch on your body."

"That [Night Tracking] skill should be able to help me find the enemy.

"Or why would I wait here for so long, until it got dark."

The night had slowly crept up during that time.

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