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Chapter 100: Exiled

"It’s you?"

Ollie was looking at the elf coming out of the ruins, stunned.

Marvin also glanced and was immediately stunned… He also knew this guy!

He was a bearded elf dressed very slovenly, carrying a worn-out iron sword.

He looked very handsome, but his clothes, shoes, and other belongings didn’t seem to have been washed in years.

He walked out of the ruins, totally relaxed, his smile making people feel very warm.

But all the elves looked at him as if they were facing a great enemy!

"Your Highness Ivan! You shouldn’t be stepping foot in this region!"

Hearing the mockery, Ollie’s face turned red before turning extremely serious. "You should be waiting nicely in the Stone Giant territory. And not wandering everywhere in Thousand Leaves Forest!"

That elf named Ivan shrugged. "I don’t need you to remember my Exiled status."

"It says so on the tile on my waist…"

Marvin took a glance. That guy was really the same maverick as described by the myths. The tile on his waist had words marked in elven language:

Exiled Ivan.

This was a very special Exiled. All the elven guards stared at him. It was a huge headache!

Because he was the Great Elven King Nicholas’ only son!

In other words, he was the Elven Prince.

30 years ago, Ivan was exiled because he angered the Great Elven King and had always been waiting in the Stone Giant territory near Thousand Leaves Forest, playing hide and seek with those silent stones.

But this guy wasn’t content with owning the place. He would frequently enter Thousand Leaves Forest in secret. Who knew what he was up to?

Marvin looked at Ivan, somewhat curious. This guy was very strong. Marvin didn’t feel his arrival at all.

In the myths, Ivan was a very interesting guy. But in the game, Marvin had only seen his screenshot. It was mainly because Ivan appeared unpredictably. Very few people could befriend this Exiled Elven Prince.

As for the reason behind his exile, there were many different opinions. But everyone was very clear that based on the fact that the Great Elven King Nicholas would never go back on his word, if the reason for Prince Ivan’s exile was written down, it would be a thousand words long.

"People say that all Elven Iron Guards aren’t willing to meet you in Thousand Leaves Forest."

"Because the elves love your father, yet have no other choice but to escort you back to the Stone Giant territory."

"But… As your former fiancee, I am the one who feels the most shame," said Ollie calmly as she bit her lips.

"When will you grow up? Your Highness Ivan?"

"Why do you always act like a reckless child? Coming to cause trouble when I carry out my mission?"

The other elven guards chose to stay silent. Even though the Thousand Leaves Forest was huge, the elven race was few in numbers. Everyone was aware of all kinds of gossip.

Ivan and Ollie were once engaged and the Great Elven King himself was the witness of the engagement ceremony. But afterward, because of some unfathomable mystery, the engagement was cancelled. Then, the news of Ivan being exiled was spread.

While those two were talking, the rest of the elves didn’t dare to interrupt.

Hearing this, Ivan turned a bit serious. "Maybe we should look at the problem from another point of view."

"I had no interest in running here to disrupt your mission. In fact, were it not for that Outlaw of the Crimson Road with a knowledge compass intruding in my territory, I would have still been sunbathing in the Stone Giant territory!"

"This village was chosen by the Outlaws of the Crimson Road as an advancement ground, could it be that you haven’t noticed yet?"

Outlaws of the Crimson Road?

Hearing this name, Ollie’s expression immediately changed!

Her first reaction was still to look at Marvin...

"Idiot!" Ivan couldn’t help but chastise, "This child

is level 6, the Outlaws of the Crimson Road had nothing to do with him."

This child...

The corner of Marvin’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. Didn’t you just get called a child?

Even if he was still young, being called like always felt weird.

"But as a level 6 able to kill an Outlaw of the Crimson Road about to advance, you are very fierce." Ivan looked at Marvin, fascinated.

"Ranger? Oh? Very strange 2nd rank class… I actually can’t identify it…"

Marvin didn’t bother playing riddles with him and directly took out his pass along with his dark weary bird badge.

"I am a Night Walker."

Ivan immediately realized. Ollie also reacted, looking at Marvin apologetically. "Sorry! We almost made a mistake on the culprit…"

The Elven Iron Guards lowered their bows under her order.

The Night Walkers had always been good friends with the elves, a widely known fact. Along with the fact that Marvin was really level 6, he would be unable to kill these people.

"So you already killed the culprit?" Ollie finally noticed the body behind Marvin, the still-burning corpse of Black Jack.

Marvin nodded.

He quickly walked next to the wooden stake and directly pulled the Kingfisher Jade dagger from Black Jack Body.

The [Ghastly Gloves] could isolate the flames, so he wasn’t worried about being burnt.

Ollie took a deep breath and looked at those innocent elves that had died, showing a hint of pity.

"Since that’s the case, we will bury the dead first…"

But she was once again mercilessly interrupted by Ivan. "Do you have no common sense?"

"Outlaws of the Crimson Road never act alone! This guy was clearly about to advance, he still needed someone to guide him! That mentor was the one who led me to Thousand Leaves Forest!"

"The current situation is very dangerous… Forget about it. even if I told you everything, you wouldn’t understand. You only need to know, a true Outlaw of the Crimson Road might have the strength of a Half-Legend. He managed to hide himself from my stubborn father’s perception by using an item, sneaking into Thousand Leaves Forest."

"Don’t talk about ordinary villagers, even if Elven Iron Guards met this guy, they would be in danger."

"After saying so much, do you get it?"

Ivan solemnly came over and asked Marvin attentively, "When you arrived, did you see someone else?"

Marvin tried to remember, and finally shook his head.

When he hurried here, he only noticed Black Jack alone. He didn’t know much about the Outlaws of the Crimson Road, and knew nothing about a mentor.

"I understand!" Even though Ollie kept being face-slapped by Ivan, she had an extraordinarily good temperament, enduring all this time.

"This matter must be reported to the Great Elven King."

Ollie decisively sent four elves to rush to the elven capital to report to Nicholas that an Outlaw of the Crimson Road had sneaked in.

Afterwards, she left two elves to escort the Elven Prince Ivan back to the Stone Giant Territory. This guy was still exiled after all.

The others would follow her to look around the area.

Hearing Ollie’s plan, Ivan displayed a "I knew you would act like that" expression and loosely sat on the floor.

But Marvin said, "Hold on!"

He brought out the elven youth that was previously hidden.

"This child is the only survivor, how do you intend on taking care of him?" Marvin asked.

The elven youth had already become somewhat numb. He looked at everyone, his eyes filled with dread.

A few hours earlier, he was looking at Marvin with those two eyes full of intelligence, saying he wanted to look at the world.

A few hours later, his gaze had already turned vacant with painful.

He hadn’t yet had time to increase his knowledge of the wonderful side of the world when the sinister side of the world already took the initiative to bare its fangs at him.

Marvin sympathized with his bitter experience.

But he had no right to decide this youth’s fate. The youth was an elf after all.

Ollie looked at the pitiful youth and muttered, "Let him go to the elven capital. We will carefully find a place for him."

Elven capital?

Marvin felt like shaking his head.

This kind of ordinary youth who met with such a bloody event, could he be able to find a place he belonged to in the elven capital? Marvin was doubtful.

But Ollie had already decided and Marvin had no right to interfere.

Thus, he went to the youth’s side and solemnly handed the Kingfisher Jade to him.

At the same time he used a piece of cloth to cover it.

"I used this dagger to avenge your elven village."

"This dagger has the blood of your enemy. I gift it to you."

He then blinked at the overwhelmed youth.

The youth numbly received it, but still carefully hid it away. He even forgot to thank Marvin.

Marvin looked at the backs of the Elven Iron Guards taking the youth away, inwardly sighing.

He didn’t feel bad giving away the Kingfisher Jade dagger. After all, he had plenty of weapons in his hands at the moment. He was sighing at the youth’s fate.

‘I hope he would be able to see a ray of hope when he is losing himself to despair."

The dagger wasn’t most important. It was that cloth covering the dagger.

It was a map of Thousand Leaves Forest and the surroundings.

Very few elves could leave Thousand Leaves Forest, because the Great Elven King didn’t allow this to happen.

But Marvin had a feeling that this youth might be able to stand out from the masses.

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