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Chapter 99: Torture

Critical hit!

All of Marvin’s tricks just now were for the sake of this moment!

His power was very limited and thus his strategy was to attack the enemy weak point, to maximize the amount of damage!

The curtain of night scattered and the setting sun shone onto Jack’s face, which showed unfathomable pain.

His knees were soft, and he slowly knelt down!

But what made Marvin shocked was that this guy was actually not dead!

"I have an undead body!" Black Jack roared toward Marvin!

However, his limbs were trembling and he couldn’t move!

Marvin’s eyes narrowed. He wouldn’t rashly approach.

Black Jack’s HP had dropped very low, but it didn’t end up as a Fatal Hit!

‘This guy is truly at the limit of the 3rd rank.’ Marvin was feeling apprehensive.

Luckily he chose this kind of attack!

Many 3rd rank class holders had a toughness characteristic that could make them immune to Fatal Hits!

Their body had been toughened up to a certain level. Their heart, and even their brain had an abnormal recuperative ability. They wouldn’t instantly die unless they were beheaded!

They would instead die slowly!

During that time, if they were properly treated, they could still recover!

‘Thankfully I didn’t decide to just use Cutthroat or aim at his heart, or else the consequences could have been unthinkable.’

There was some sweat in Marvin’s palms.

This was lingering fear.

In that fight, it looked as if everything was under his control, but Marvin knew how much pressure Black Jack, who was on the verge of the 3rd rank, gave him!

If not for the fury from watching those innocents lying in a pool of blood, Marvin might have not been brave enough to fight head on with Black Jack!

Those three consecutive combos almost exhausted all of Marvin’s cards and skills. Yet this was barely enough to knock Black Jack down.

If there was a mistake in any of these three combos, Marvin could have ended up on the receiving end.

This was like walking on a tightrope.

Fortunately, Marvin succeeded. Sure enough, Black Jack was immune to Fatal Hits, but the Kingfisher Jade dagger was still stuck in the back of his head, deeply piercing into his spine¹!

His nervous system had already been wrecked. It could be seen from his limbs’ movements. He wanted to stand up, but was powerless.

His very high HP was slowly declining.

But while dying, one wouldn’t avoid the pain, and especially the fear of knowing that death was approaching.

Marvin slowly went around and stood in front of Black Jack’s body, still maintaining a certain distance from him.

He was careful to not make a mistake. Who knew if this madman had something to drag him down together or not. Before he was thoroughly dead, Marvin would still keep his distance.


Black Jack spat out some blood, his eyes wide opened as he stared at Marvin. "Trickster, I’ll kill you..."

But he didn’t finish his sentence before he heard a "Woosh!" A dart was ruthlessly thrown at him, accurately hitting his shoulder!

His body immediately got knocked to the ground as he painfully groaned.

Marvin was holding onto a few darts, fiddling with them emotionlessly.

He didn’t bother to ask something stupid like why Black Jack killed those innocent elves. He had already guessed Black Jack’s reason. It was simply in order to advance.

This guy was so lawless, that he probably had fallen out with the Shadow Spider Order, completely losing their blessing. In the end, he could only seek refuge in the most extreme group.

The Outlaws of the Crimson Road had always been a source of chaos. In Feinan’s continent, every time there was chaos, the shadow of the Outlaws of the Crimson Road could be seen behind it.

He just stood there, ruthlessly throwing dart after dart at Black Jack!

Dart wounds weren’t deep, but they did


Marvin especially chose some non vital areas for his darts.

Soon, Black Jack’s body was covered in darts!

Upon taking a closer look, his current situation was very frightening. Blood was flowing everywhere. There were even two darts in his cheeks.

Marvin was just like the most ruthless executioner, ending Black Jack’s life bit by bit.

This kind of person… his sins were too great! To give him an easy death would be far too merciful!

Black Jack’s vitality was comparable to 3rd rank class holder, so after losing his ability to move, he could only endure this torture!

"Familiar with this scene, aren’t you?" Marvin estimated that Black Jack’s HP was just about to run out.

He coldly continued, "You looked like you enjoyed it when you tortured that black bear to death."

"Lunatic!" Black Jack said in a low voice, "That was a beast!"

"What about the elves living in that village? The wood elves who loved peace?" Marvin’s expression was ice-cold.

Even if he avenged them, those kindhearted elves would no longer wake up. Vengeance had always been a source of strength, but it lacked significance.

But some things had to be done.

Black Jack displayed a wretched smile. "You have elven blood? So your mother was fucked by an elf! No wonder you are this angry… Turns out you are a bastard!"

"Aaah!" He entered the throes of death before finishing his words. His mocking turned into a painful howl as he faced his end.

The wishful rope tied itself around him, coiling around his neck and hanging him on the wooden stake to the side that hadn’t been.

"Cough cough…" He raised his head and coughed violently, his eyes bloodshot.

He looked at Marvin with an expression full of resentment. "I... I… I’ll enter the evil spirits plane… After such a death…"

"I’ll avenge myself."

The wishful rope suddenly tightened. He couldn’t let out any sound and his sinister face turned purple!

Marvin lightly walked to his side and whispered, "Sorry, you won’t."

"From what I know, if the body is burnt right after death, there is no chance to enter the evil spirits plane."

"Thus, we won’t meet anytime soon, Black Jack."

Black Jack’s face displayed intense fear!

He painfully struggled, apparently wanting to say something, but Marvin no longer cared to look at him.

He directly set the wooden stake on fire.

The flames swallowed Black Jack, and the wishful rope automatically released the corpse and returned to Marvin.

The fire kept burning, ceaselessly.

Thick smoke irritated his nose. Marvin looked at Black Jack’s body turning into charred flesh in the fire. Marvin had a weary expression, thinking resolutely to himself:

‘I must get stronger!’

This was a chaotic world! A world full of crisis. Even though the Great Elven King protected Thousand Leaves Forest, a lunatic Outlaw of the Crimson Road was able to slaughter a village like this.

Then what about the small White River Valley?

An average ranger would have no way to protecting his people from the great disaster about to arrive.

‘After the Battle of the Holy Grail, I have to make White River Valley rapidly grow.’

‘After breaking off diplomatic ties, the only place that could trade food with us is Jewel Bay.’

‘It’s time to remove that barrier!’

Marvin silently planned.

But at this time, lots of shadows approached the village.

"Wicked human! You actually dared to kill elves in Thousand Leaves Forest?"

The Elven Iron Guard.

This Elven Iron Guard’s squad had at least 20 people wearing equipment of superior quality. Each one of them was at least a 2nd rank expert.

Their leader was a 3rd rank Magic Marksman!

Marvin took a glance at them and more or less guessed their squad’s strength.

Every guard was furious. This could be seen from the constant trembling of the bows in their hands. Elves usually had very stable hands. This kind of circumstance would rarely appear.

This showed how much they were suppressing their anger.

The Elven Iron Guards were trained by the Great Elven King himself to listen to their superiors’ orders. If their leader didn’t say anything, they wouldn’t attack.

"Sinful human, trust me, you’ll suffer pain ten thousand times more vicious than those villagers!"

That masked leader removed the mask, exposing a young face.

It was a very good looking female elf, her eyes filled with fury. But according to the rules, nasty people like Marvin had to be given to the Great Elven King so he could deal with them in person.

Thus she could only restrain her anger and get ready to capture Marvin before handing him to the Great Elven King.

But at that time, a lazy voice came out from the side.

"Ollie, you are still someone with big boobs but no brains…"

"This person, how could he be the perpetrator of this massacre? I really don’t know how Nicholas could be at ease while making you an Elven Iron Guard Leader."


TL 1 – Injury or severing the spine leads to paralysis, and it’s not as deadly as it looks.

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