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Published at 15th of September 2020 04:55:05 AM
Chapter 3599: 3599

Looking at Han Yueyao, Su Xiaoxiao smiled but didn’t speak .

“What are you smiling about? Come on… Tell me your relationship with Su Yu . ”

Han Yueyao wasn’t stupid and knew Su Yu had gone easy on them for a reason .

Since she didn’t think Su Yu did it for her sake, she knew it was the result of the private negotiation between Su Yu and Su Xiaoxiao .

“In fact… I’m Su Yu’s secret mistress . ”

Su Xiaoxiao said the words with a cheerful face, making Han Yueyao want to hit her .

“Be serious…”

“I’m serious . I’m truly his little mistress…”

“Impossible . Don’t lie to me…”

“Why is it impossible? Su Yu hasn’t had a girlfriend for years; he’s a man and has a man’s needs . Why can’t he keep a mistress in secret?”

“Don’t tease me . Su Yu loves Dr . Huo and doesn’t even date the girls that his family arranges for him . How can he keep a mistress? I’m not stupid and won’t buy it . But… your family name is also Su; does it mean…?”

“Mean what?” Su Xiaoxiao looked at her curiously, wondering where Han Yueyao’s imagination would take her .

“Maybe you’re Su Yu’s illegitimate daughter?” Han Yueyao pointed at Su Xiaoxiao with faked astonishment .

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“Hahaha… Get out of here… Su Yu is a little over 30 and I’m 20; damn it, 20 years ago, he was only ten years old . Have you seen a kid of ten have babies? I think he didn’t even have a di*k at that time!”

Han Yueyao: “…”

“Okay, no more kidding . Anyway… if you’re my friend, just let it go, okay? I promise you Sun Feifei won’t dare to make trouble for us in the future… As for Gao Yaruo, just watch how I deal with her tomorrow . Since I promised Su Yu I’ll go to the classes each day, I’ll… torture her each day . ”

Su Xiaoxiao had never liked Gao Yaruo, but since she always skipped classes, they hadn’t crossed each other’s paths a lot .

But this time, she was infuriated that Gao Yaruo’s people followed them and took pictures of them to tell on them, so she decided to give Gao Yaruo a good lesson .

“Forget it . It’s not worth the trouble, don’t you think?”

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Han Yueyao always thought it a waste of time to fight with those crafty women . After all, they walked in different circles .

“Oh, Xiaoxiao, don’t go out and drink with those guys anymore . Today, I got there in time, but what if I couldn’t and those guys took advantage of you? You must be more careful . ”

“No, they won’t do that . ” Su Xiaoxiao was sure she would be fine .

“Sis, how can you trust a group of thugs?”

“No, he’s not a thug… He’s the best man in the whole world…” Su Xiaoxiao looked a bit melancholic as she said it . Instantly, Han Yueyao remembered the man called Lin who had sat in the middle and remained silent most of the time . It seemed he was important to Su Xiaoxiao .

“Anyway, it was a narrow escape for us today . We can’t do that again . ”

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“Han Yueyao, I must… thank you for what you did today… I almost got you fired . ”

“It’s fine, since you used your connections and solved the problem . ” Han Yueyao chuckled .

“Are you in love with someone?” lighting a cigarette, Su Xiaoxiao leaned on the headboard and asked Han Yueyao .

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