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Published at 15th of September 2020 04:55:05 AM
Chapter 3600: 3600

“No . ”

“Good . You’re indeed a good girl; you’ve never been hurt by love…”

“Just because I’ve never been hurt by love, I’m a good girl?” Han Yueyao was puzzled .

“You’ll understand it in the future . If you trust me, just remember… never ever fall in love with a man . ”

“It’s not realistic . I’m getting married someday . ”

“No, marriage and love are two different things . The man you marry might not be the man you love; the man you love might not marry you . ”

“Sis, you’re only 20 years, so don’t brainwash me . ”

“I meant it… As a woman who’s been there, I advise you never ever allow yourself to fall in love; you’ll end up in misery…” Su Xiaoxiao warned Han Yueyao with an earnest expression .

Thinking she was joking, Han Yueyao didn’t take her words to heart . But in the future, she’d remember Su Xiaoxiao’s words and realize she had been right .

Never ever fall in love with someone, especially when that person doesn’t return your love; that feeling is worse than death .

After dealing with Su Xiaoxiao’s incident, Su Yu returned home and found An had bought him the food he liked—spicy duck collar bones, necks, feet, and intestine .

He went to the fridge and took out two cans of iced beer .

“Come and drink with me…” Su Yu beckoned at An .

“What happened? President Su, you’re in a great mood; is it because you saw Miss Zeng Rou?”

“Oh, please don’t mention that woman to me…”

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Su Yu waved his hand . When he was on his way home, he got a WeChat message from Zeng Rou who railed at him, saying he was such a despicable man for bringing a girl over to show off in front of her and accused him of being narcissistic .

He understood her anger and wouldn’t talk back, but still, he felt frustrated to be the target of her constant insults .

“What are you happy about?” An was puzzled .

“Do I have to be happy to drink some beer? I’m just bored and want to relieve it with some beer . You have a problem with that?” Su Yu rolled his eyes .

“Of course not . You’re the boss; you’re always right . ”

With a smile, An sat across from Su Yu and began to eat and drink with Su Yu .

“Your mood has improved . Is your special friend gone?” Su Yu glanced at An .

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“Special friend?” An was puzzled .

“Girls have a special friend visiting them each month; you, too, have a special friend visiting you each month… It’s why you were so cranky,” Su Yu said with a smirk .

“President Su, you’re not my friend if you keep mocking me like this…” An was embarrassed .

“I’m not your friend; I’m your boss . ”

“Humph… You can only win our argument with your identity . ”

“You’re no longer obsessed with your goddess Lu Yan now?” Su Yu teased him .

During the first few days after Lu Yan left, An looked like a possessed guy and couldn’t eat or sleep . He even bought many snacks and delivered them to Huo Mian, hoping she could mail them to Lu Yan . He felt stupid about it .

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Even though Su Yu didn’t know Lu Yan’s true identity, he knew someone like An would never be able to manage a woman like her .

Not to mention An, even Su Yu himself wasn’t sure he could manage Lu Yan . The girl was like a small demon .

“President Su, can we talk about something else? Have you decided what to give Dr . Huo for her birthday this year?”

An successfully changed the topic, knowing anything about Huo Mian would gain Su Yu’s total attention .

Sure enough, Su Yu looked thoughtful . “Yeah… What should give her this year? Mian… doesn’t need anything . ”

“Well, I’ve got an idea,” An offered with a grin .

“What’s it?” Su Yu looked at him doubtfully .

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