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Chapter 3598: 3598

Sun Feifei told him about Su Xiaoxiao and Han Yueyao’s misbehavior . To prove that she had told the truth, she even asked the girl named Tong to show Su Yu the photos she had taken .

“How did you get these photos?” Su Yu asked the girl .

“President Su, I saw Han Yueyao sneaking out of the building and knew she was up to no good, so I followed her out…”

“So, you skipped your class?”

Tong: “…”

She was astonished by Su Yu’s question .

“President Su, the mistakes that these two girls made are way more severe . You must punish them properly, or the new employees will ignore our rules, and it will be hard for us to manage them in the future . ” Sun Feifei tried to get Su Yu to agree to her decision .

Su Yu didn’t speak; instead, he turned to look at Su Xiaoxiao meaningfully .

“President Su, no matter what, you can’t fire me,” Su Xiaoxiao said .

“Come out with me . ” With a frown, Su Yu went out to talk with Su Xiaoxiao in private, leaving Han Yueyao in the room .

“What are you waiting for? Pack up and get out of here . ” Gao Yaruo looked at Han Yueyao with intense disdain .

“President Su hasn’t made the final decision yet . ”

“Hehe . You’re pigheaded… Don’t you think you’d be further humiliated when President Su declares the decision?”

“No . ” Han Yueyao was stubborn .

“Supervisor Sun, look at them… What do they take this place for? A kindergarten?”

Sun Feifei glanced at Han Yueyao and said coldly, “Don’t waste your breath on her . When President Su comes back, he’ll make the decision . ”

They all thought Su Yu would fire the two girls who had broken the company rules in a big way .

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However, when Su Yu and Su Xiaoxiao returned in five minutes, Su Yu only said, “I’ve given Su Xiaoxiao a dressing-down; she’ll go to her classes from now on . Let’s forget about today’s incident . ”

“President Su…”

Sun Feifei looked at Su Yu in disbelief, thinking she had heard it wrong .

“President Su, you’re not fair… They made a big mistake, and you just forgave them?”

Gao Yaruo was not happy; from the very beginning, she had been most wary of Su Xiaoxiao because the latter had a bigger personality and was more eye-catching than her . When Su Xiaoxiao entered the company, many scouts had come to lure her to other companies . Gao Yaruo was always afraid that Su Xiaoxiao would overshadow her .

She had been secretly pleased when Su Xiaoxiao skipped classes and went out to have fun .

However, she got uneasy again when Han Yueyao appeared .

She had finally found this opportunity to get rid of her biggest two rivals together, but to her astonishment, Su Yu just let it pass with a shrug .

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“You dare to question my decision?” Su Yu glanced at Gao Yaruo with a cold expression .

“President, I wasn’t questioning it . I just feel your decision will make people feel unfair…”

“If you think it’s unfair, you can leave the company…” Su Yu said in a huff .

Gao Yaruo was stunned, and so was Sun Feifei .

“Supervisor Sun, is the slap painful?” Su Xiaoxiao asked Sun Feifei with a smirk .

Obviously, she had almost sobered up .

Sun Feifei’s face paled in fury .

“Shut up… Remember to go to classes . ”

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“Got it . ” Su Xiaoxiao stuck out her tongue at Su Yu .

Su Yu glanced at Han Yueyao . “If you make another mistake, just pack up and get out . ”

“Thank you, President Su . ” Han Yueyao knew Su Yu did them a big favor .

Sun Feifei was obviously not happy, but Su Yu had the final say and she didn’t dare to object .

When they were gone, Han Yueyao closed the door and asked Su Xiaoxiao, “Xiaoxiao, what… on earth is your relationship with Su Yu?”

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