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Chapter 3590: 3590

“I don’t know what you’re talking about . ”

“Someone must have helped you get out of the psychiatric center, but this person can’t be one of your previous friends, or he wouldn’t have waited until then . So, I guess you took advantage of that person’s emotions . ”

“Don’t think you’re so smart that you know everything . ” Huo Yanyan looked nervous .

Huo Mian picked up a green pepper and broke it open calmly; the fresh scent of the vegetable-filled her nose .

Picking up a plastic bag, she put about six peppers in it and placed the bag in her shopping cart .

Then she continued calmly, “You hate Shen Mingxi the most and don’t want to see him happy, so you came out to seek revenge on him . But he loves Wei Ying and you can’t touch the Wei Family, so you thought of someone who likes Wei Ying . ”

Hearing her words, Huo Yanyan looked alarmed .

“I heard the son of the Ye Family has pursued Wei Ying for a long time and even had an argument with Shen Mingxi… Huo Yanyan, is it good to work with Mr . Ye?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Huo Yanyan turned her face away guiltily and denied it .

“Hehe . Your face betrayed you… I knew the person wasn’t a big figure . I think Mr . Ye only wants to use you to break up Shen Mingxi and Wei Ying and is not so stupid as to mess with me . So, Huo Yanyan, you’re by yourself . I wonder who gave you the courage to confront me here?”

Hearing Huo Mian’s sharp retort, even her bodyguards chuckled .

Their young madam was always kind and gentle, but she could be very sharp-tongued when she decided to give someone a dressing down .

Huo Yanyan’s face turned livid…

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“I looked like a moron while you guys used tricks to play me, but I won’t be so stupid now . I’ll fight you step by step… You just wait . Before long, you, Wei Ying, Shen Mingxi, your husband and your daughters will all end up in misery . ”

“Don’t let me see you again . I wasn’t familiar with you before and won’t be in the future . If you dare to touch my family, I’ll skin you alive . ”

Then, Huo Mian walked away with her shopping cart as the bodyguards followed her closely .

Despite her fury, Huo Yanyan didn’t dare to follow her; all she could do was curse Huo Mian silently .

“Mrs . Qin, you were very good… We’d never seen you quarrel with people . ” The bodyguards looked impressed .

“Um… I might have learnt something from Yan; I can rail against people so smoothly now… Haha . ”

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Remembering how she vowed to skin Huo Yanyan alive, she chuckled in amusement .

“You were perfectly right to be ruthless with people like her . ”

“Don’t take my words seriously . I was only bluffing…”

Not affected by the confrontation, Huo Mian pushed the cart to the cashier to pay for her goods and then went home to cook supper .

On the next morning, when Su Yu arrived at South Side in his car, he saw Han Yueyao was there waiting for him .

She had dressed up for the occasion in a new skirt . It wasn’t Mrs . Su’s gift but one of her own; pale blue, the dress revealed her shoulders and looked quite pretty on her .

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“You’re very punctual,” Su Yu walked over and said .

“I can only give you 30 minutes and then I have to return to work . I’d lose my day’s pay if I don’t return . ”

Su Yu: “…”

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go… But I have a question for you before we go in, President Su . If that woman scratches me, does it count as a work injury?” Han Yueyao asked solemnly .

Su Yu’s expression became precious when he heard it .

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