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Published at 13th of September 2020 06:25:06 AM
Chapter 3591: 3591

“What did you say?” Su Yu looked incredulous when he heard the woman’s words .

“I asked if it counts as a work injury if she scratches me . ”

“Are you kidding me?” Su Yu gave Han Yueyao a dirty look .

“If the answer is no, then I’ve got to go . ”

“Hey! Hey! Come back . ” Seeing she was about to leave, Su Yu panicked .

“Then tell me, does it count as work injury or not?”

“Yes, it does . If she scratches you, I’ll have you vaccinated immediately, okay?”

“You also need to pay for nutritious food and damage on my mental health . ”

“Why don’t you go out and rob people?” Su Yu was furious .

“Robbing is against the law and I don’t want to be jailed . That’s why I want to negotiate with you,” Han Yueyao said earnestly .

“Han Yueyao, I tell you I’m so rich I could smash you to death with cash . No matter how much compensation you want, I can afford it . ”

“Fine, I’m relieved to hear that . ”

“I see you love money, woman . ”

“Yeah, who doesn’t? Money can buy everything . ”

“So… you’d do anything for money?” Su Yu glanced at her in disdain .

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In fact, he didn’t know the girl . His only in-depth exchange with her was when they had dinner with Huo Mian and Qin Chu . Then, they talked on phone or on WeChat; the only other time he saw her was when she had the confrontation with the other trainees .

“You can say whatever you want . I’ll just work hard to earn money . ”

To his surprise, Han Yueyao wasn’t angry at Su Yu’s reaction or railed against him indignantly for being arrogant just because he had money .

She looked calm as she walked into the hospital .

“Which ward is she in?” Han Yueyao looked back and asked Su Yu .

“The VIP ward in the Orthopedics Department . ” Su Yu had a dark expression as he was still angry at Han Yueyao for blackmailing him . He even considered talking to Huo Mian about the character of this distant relative of hers .

“Shall we go in empty-handed?”

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“What do you suggest?” Su Yu cocked his head .

“Shouldn’t you bring something when you visit a patient?”

“I sent gifts to her yesterday,” said Su Yu .

“But today is a new day . I think… you should give her a red packet of cash . The patient will be happy and recover sooner . ”

“Red packet? Unlike you, she doesn’t care about money . She’s rich,” Su Yu emphasized, trying to anger Han Yueyao like a vengeful child .

But he didn’t see the hurt flashing across her eyes . She was indeed poor; coming from an ordinary family, she must work hard to earn money so she could take her parents to travel .

“Suit yourself . I don’t understand the mind of the rich people anyway . ”

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Seeing Su Yu didn’t care to prepare a red packet, she didn’t pursue the topic .

They came to the door of the ward . Han Yueyao raised her hand to knock on the door when Su Yu strode up and threw an arm around her shoulders .


“Don’t worry . I’m not taking advantage of you . It’s just an act . I’ll make it up to you later . ”

Before she could reply, Su Yu knocked on the door and then walked in .

“You finally came to see me…” Zeng Rou was happy to see him .

Excited, she was about to sit up, but in the next second, her face fell when she saw the young girl he was holding against his side .

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