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Published at 13th of September 2020 06:25:06 AM
Chapter 3589: 3589

“Huo Yanyan…”

Huo Mian knew Huo Yanyan was out; after all, the latter had made a public appearance in the birthday banquet for Shen Mingxi’s grandmother and the media had done a big coverage of the scene .

She had somehow gotten the key to the house where she had lived with Shen Mingxi and had been living there even though the latter wasn’t there .

Ever since the birthday banquet, she hadn’t sought out Shen Mingxi, and no one knew what she was up to .

But her high-profiled appearance at the Shen Family meant that she wanted to humiliate them; by acting so gentle in front of everyone, Huo Yanyan had won the sympathy of the public, so it was difficult to send her back to the psychiatric center .

Seeing Huo Yanyan’s aggressiveness, Huo Mian’s bodyguards moved closer toward her .

“Hehe . Qin Chu truly loves you… and even sends two bodyguards to protect you in the supermarket . ”

“I didn’t expect that you’d come out of there . ” Huo Mian had refused her request to get her out because she knew Huo Yanyan was hopeless .

She knew Huo Yanyan hated her guts, but even if she had promised to set Huo Yanyan free, the latter wouldn’t be grateful to her .

Having understood the whole situation, Huo Mian didn’t feel guilty, but she was surprised that Huo Yanyan was so bold as to confront her in the supermarket .

“Of course, my husband loves me . ”

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“Yeah . You’re the luckiest woman in the world with a husband, children, and another baby on the way; Su Yu can’t stop loving you; Huo Siqian, the one-time prince of the Huo Family, ruined himself for you . Everyone rotates around you like morons . Hehe . Huo Mian, you’re indeed good . I admire no one but you… Even though you are not pretty, you can still make those men dizzy with infatuation . Is it because you’re really good in bed?”

Huo Yanyan’s insulting words didn’t anger Huo Mian since she knew Huo Yanyan hated her and was trying to provoke her .

“Do you think I’d be angered by these words? Huo Yanyan, don’t forget you’re mentally diseased and I’m a doctor… So, I won’t lower myself to exchange insults with you, no matter what you say . ”

Huo Mian said the words calmly and lowered her head to continue selecting fresh green peppers .

Her calmness infuriated Huo Yanyan .

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“Huo Mian, you ruined me and my daughter after getting my mom, my brother, and my dad killed . If not for you and that bastard Huo Siqian, my dad wouldn’t have died . You ruined my home and everything . ”

“You had all the good cards but played them badly… You know it’s not my fault . ”

“I don’t know that . The only thing I know is that none of these would have happened if not for you . ” Huo Yanyan was riled up .

When the bodyguards moved toward Huo Yanyan, Huo Mian stopped them, knowing Huo Yanyan wouldn’t dare do anything to her with so many people around her; she just wanted to rail against Huo Mian to vent her anger .

“Huo Yanyan, let me guess whom you contacted secretly to get you out of there . ” Huo Mian smiled . Seeing her smile, Huo Yanyan felt chills running down her spine .

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After all, she had promised to keep that person’s identity a secret .

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