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Chapter 3577: 3577
Chapter 3577 I“ll Marry No One But Lu Yan 7

“Uncle Zhu, my fiancée isn’t a demonic killer… She’s the Queen of Mercenaries . Thank you . ”

“Qiao Fei, what nonsense are you talking about?” Qiao Fei’s father finally lost it .

“Father, I’m telling the truth . ”

“What truth? Haven’t you broken up with Lu Yan?”

“Who told you that? We’ve been together and Yan might be carrying my baby, your grandson now…”

His father: “…”

“Brother Qiao, what the heck is this… Humph…” Angry, the Datuk walked away with his daughter .

He had talked with Qiao Fei’s father on the phone and the latter told him to bring his daughter here, intending to unite the two families with marriage and then work together on the arms business in Southeast Asia .

Unfortunately, it turned out Qiao Fei was engaged and the woman was a tough one .

After the Dutuk was gone, Qiao Fei’s father turned stern . “Are you demented? Why did you spout that nonsense?”

“Yeah, I’m demented and unhinged,” Qiao Fei retorted .

His father: “…”

“Fei, do you know who that guy is?”

“Zhu Mingshun, Datuk of Malaysia and the richest man in the country . Under the guise of a businessman, he’s operating underground casinos, laundering money, and dealing arms . ”

“Right . Do you know what it means if you can marry his daughter?”

“I don’t care . I won’t marry anyone but Lu Yan . ”

“Do you know you’ll get killed if you stay with her? Do you know how many people want her dead?”

“Well, they have to kill me first . ”

“Crazy . You’re truly crazy . ” Seeing his son was so infatuated with Lu Yan, the old man was furious .

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“Father, if you want to unite with them through marriage, you can make Qiao Nan do it… Or my eldest brother can take more wives, or you can take a concubine since you seem to have a good body . ”

“Don’t be a jerk…”

His father was so furious that he would’ve slapped him if they were not in public .

He had thought his youngest son had broken up with that woman, but the turn of events caught him by surprise .

“If you don’t listen to me, you’d regret it sooner or later . ” His father pointed at him with a livid face .

“If I had listened to you, I’d have regretted it a long ago . ”

Without waiting for a reply, Qiao Fei turned and left .

Finding the banquet boring, he intended to return to the hotel with Lu Yan and have a cozy night with her .

But as he searched in the room, he found Lu Yan and her subordinates were gone .

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“Damned girl . She didn’t even tell me before she left . ”

Qiao Fei thought Lu Yan had left, but she had just left the conference room and didn’t leave the venue .

Pretending to be tired, she rested in the lounge room .

Meanwhile, Hu Ao was talking business with gangs from North America .

Probably because the talk wasn’t successful, he came out after a little while and saw the exquisite woman sitting outside .

“How come you’re here?” He subconsciously walked over .

“I felt dizzy and came out to get some fresh air . ” Lu Yan made her voice soft and sweet .

“I told you that if you’re tired, I can escort you back to the hotel . ”

“Okay… Then… let’s go…”

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This time, Lu Yan didn’t refuse; instead, she gave him a radiant smile…

Hu Ao didn’t realize that he was walking right into a trap .

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