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Published at 10th of September 2020 06:05:05 AM
Chapter 3578: 3578
Chapter 3578 I“ll Marry No One But Lu Yan 8

When Qiao Fei followed them out, he saw Lu Yan had entered Hu Ao’s car .

Hu Ao had been the most active person trying to kill Lu Yan . Now that Lu Yan got into his car…

“No, it’s too dangerous . ”

Qiao Fei dashed up to stop the car but was intercepted by Lu Yan’s subordinates .

“Young Master Qiao, the boss said you can’t follow them . ”

“She’s taking a big risk . ”

“It’ll be fine . The boss has a good plan . She asked you to wait for her in the hotel and she’ll meet you there in a little while…”

“Hu Ao’s men are very good and not stupid at all . I’m afraid she’ll get stuck…”

“The boss said she’ll be fine . ”

“Why is she acting so rashly? She didn’t tell me about this plan . ”

“Mr . Qiao, please calm down . The boss changed the plan at the last minute… We heard that Hu Ao’s men targeted the madam . ”

“What? They targeted Sister Mian?” Qiao Fei was surprised .

“Something like that . Anyway, the boss was furious when she got the call from the madam’s husband and changed the plan . ”

“She can’t kill Hu Ao alone . ”

Qiao Fei knew everyone had to be scanned for weapons at the entrance, so no one could enter the venue armed .

It meant Lu Yan didn’t bring her gun or dagger .

After she got into Hu Ao’s car, she’d face Hu Ao, his chauffeur, and his bodyguard . Lu Yan wouldn’t have a chance to kill him anyway; instead, she might get herself in a dangerous situation .

“Young Master Qiao, don’t worry about the boss . Even if she couldn’t kill Hu Ao, she’d find a way to get out . ”

Despite his worry, Qiao Fei knew it was too late to stop her now . So, he went back to the hotel with Lu Yan’s people, praying Lu Yan would come back safe .

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In the luxurious black Bentley, Hu Ao handed a bottle of water to Lu Yan .

“Have some water and you’ll feel better . ”

“No, thank you,” Lu Yan declined with a smile .

She’d never drink anything they gave her; everyone knew people in Southeast Asia liked to put drugs in beverages and water . Many jerks would make women drink something called Love Lotion to make them compliant . Lu Yan would never make such a stupid mistake .

It seemed Hu Ao truly took her as an ordinary woman .

“What? Are you afraid I’d drug you? Do you want me to drink it first…?” Hu Ao teased her .

“Okay . Go ahead and drink it, and I’ll see if you’ll get dizzy or not,” Lu Yan said jokingly .

“Little girl, you’re so… naughty… But I like it . ”

With a lewd smile, he reached for Lu Yan’s face .

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She raised her hand and brushed his hand away . Then she picked up her purse and said, “I have to freshen up my make-up . ”

Sitting before them, the bodyguard grabbed his gun, afraid the woman would take out a weapon from her purse since Hu Ao had lots of enemies .

They relaxed when Lu Yan took out a small mirror .

“You look very tense . What? Are you afraid I’m a killer trying to kill Mr . Hu?” Lu Yan chuckled .

“They are nervous because many killers have attempted to get me . Don’t be angry…” Hu Ao soothed the woman . Right now, he felt dizzy with lust and wished he could jump on the woman in the next second .

“Stop for a minute; I want to eat mango shaved ice,” Lu Yan yelled when she saw a dessert shop .

“You can have it in the hotel . ” Obviously, Hu Ao didn’t want her out of the car .

“I want to eat it now . What? Are you afraid I’d take the chance and leave you, Mr . Hu?”

“No . Hehe . Well, I’ll have my men buy it for you . ”

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“Mr . Hu, it’s better that I go with the lady, so I’ll know which flavor she likes . ”

Hu Ao’s bodyguard was smart, wanting to take Lu Yan with him so the woman wouldn’t be able to harm his employer while he was gone .

But he played right into Lu Yan’s hand .

Her smile turned bigger until her eyes became two crescents .

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