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Chapter 3576: 3576

“I’ll be fine . Brother-in-Law, don’t worry . The person who can kill me hasn’t been born yet . ”Then she ended the call .

If someone else said these words, people might think that they were boasting, but if Lu Yan said it, everyone would accept it as the truth .

After Qin Chu told her about her sister’s narrow escape, Lu Yan felt agitated .

When she returned to the room, she went in the opposite direction of Hu Ao because she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to control her temper and would stab him with a knife .

But it was not easy to get out unscathed if she dealt with him in this place .

Besides, she had other things to do…

Lu Yan felt restless at the thought that her sister’s identity was exposed and Huo Siqian’s whereabouts were still a mystery after he was rescued from under her nose .

In the past, she hadn’t felt so worried when she ran around the world, being hunted down by their enemies .

But things had changed; she got an older sister who was pregnant with a baby .

Now, Lu Yan had a clear life goal, which was protecting her sister and everyone she loved .

Lu Yan’s appearance was undoubtedly the highlight of the event .

Although many of the mafia leaders had brought their mistresses and daughters, none of the women were as beautiful as Lu Yan .

Qiao Fei was dragged to the side of a Malaysia Datuk by his father .

“Brother Zhu, this is my youngest son, Qiao Fei . ” His father introduced him to the Datuk .

“Whoa . Even your youngest son has grown up…”

Qiao Fei knew this guy had a very high social status in Malaysia, monopolizing many industries in the country . His ancestors came from China, so he looked like a Chinese person and could speak some Mandarin .

“Qian, come and greet Uncle Qiao . ”

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A young girl stood beside the Datuk . With long wavy hair, she looked sweet and cute .

“Hello, Uncle Qiao . ”

“Is the girl Qian? Wow, she’s such a big girl now . Very pretty . ” Qiao Fei’s father chatted with the Datuk .

“Fei, you met Qian when you were little . I took you to Malaysia to attend your Uncle Zhu’s birthday banquet . ”

“I don’t remember . ”

Qiao Fei’s indifferent response showed his lack of interest in the girl .

“It doesn’t matter . Now that you meet each other again, you young people can do some catching up . ”

The Datuk also wanted to fix Qiao Fei up with his daughter .

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“Qiao Fei, your silver hair is dashing . ” The girl smiled sweetly .

Qiao Fei didn’t reply; he just glanced at her coolly, showing his total lack of interest in her .

“Is Fei still single?” the Datuk asked directly .

“I have a fiancée . ”

“Ah? Qiao Nan hasn’t married yet, right? How come you…” The Datuk was surprised .

“Fei, don’t joke with your Uncle Zhu . ” Qiao Fei’s father tried to stop him .

“I wasn’t joking, father . Have you forgotten my fiancée? You arranged the match for me…”

“Fei…” His father tried to stop his son from talking .

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“Uncle Zhu, my fiancée is Lu Yan… I’d take no one but Lu Yan as my wife . ”

“You…” Qiao Fei’s father was so furious that his fingers trembled .

The girl looked at Qiao Fei curiously . “Qiao Fei, you’re a man, why did you say you’d take no one but Lu Yan as your wife?”

A smile finally appeared on Qiao Fei’s chilly face as he said, “Because my fiancée is much richer than me . She buys me food, clothes, lets me sleep in her house and with her, so she’s my wife that wears the pants in the relationship . ”

Hearing his words, the Datuk and Qiao Fei’s father turned livid .

“Brother Qiao, what’s up? The Lu Yan that your son mentioned is that… demonic killer?” the Datuk asked with a dark expression .

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