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Chapter 3575: 3575

“Oh . Nothing . There are too many people here; I feel just a bit dizzy…”“Do you want me to escort you back to your hotel so you can rest? Which hotel are you staying at?”

“It’s not necessary . The banquet just began; how can I go back and rest?”

“I stay in the nearby Reston Hotel . If you’re tired, I’ll escort you to my room…”

“I’m fine . Mr . Hu, I’m really not tired . ”

“If you don’t have a companion tonight, I’ll keep you company…”

Hu Ao offered to stay by her side during the event .

Before Lu Yan could reply, her subordinate walked over . “Bo…”

He was about to say “Boss” when he spotted the stranger standing beside her; he immediately changed into, “Miss, you have a call . ”

“Okay . ”

Lu Yan nodded at him and smiled at Hu Ao apologetically .

“I’m sorry . Mr . Hu, I need to take a call . ”

“Of course . ”

With a smile, she followed her subordinate toward a quiet corner .

“My gosh . Boss, is that guy Hu Ao?”

“Yeah . ”

“Didn’t he spread the word last month that he’d wipe out our mercenary legion in three months?” Her subordinate was stunned .

“It’s easy to bluff . Do you think he has the ability to do that?” Lu Yan rolled her eyes .

“Were you… negotiating with him?”

“Bullsh-t . He was hitting on me… Couldn’t you see that?”

“Ahem… He was hitting on you… Does he know who you are?” Her subordinate almost spewed out blood .

“Of course not . If he did, would he have dared to hit on me?” Lu Yan sneered coldly .

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Lu Yan’s subordinates looked at Hu Ao with pity in their eyes .

After she walked to the corner, her subordinates made sure no one was around and activated the anti-eavesdropping system . Then, Lu Yan answered the call .

Seeing the familiar number from China, Lu Yan was alarmed .

“Brother-in-law, what happened? Did something happen to my sister?”

“Lu Yan, are you still in Thailand?” It was Qin Chu’s voice .

“Yeah . ”

“Good . I want you to find a person for me”


Qin Chu told her what had happened briefly .

Lu Yan gasped when he finished .

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“It was a narrow escape . My sister is in danger; you can’t let her go on business trips again . ”

“I tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t listen . ”

“I’ll call her and give her a dressing-down . ” Lu Yan was furious .

“Find out the people behind that person in Thailand . I must know who offered big money to buy your sister . ”

“I’m on it . Wait a second . ”

Lu Yan took her bag from her subordinate and turned on her watch; logging into her database, she put in the name and age of the person that Qin Chu had given to her .

The target was located .

“Hehe . It’s him . F*ck . It’s a small world . ” Lu Yan sneered .

“Who is he?”

“Hu Ao,” Lu Yan said .

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“Hu Ao? The drug dealer? Why does he want to catch your sister?” Qin Chu had heard something about Hu Ao but didn’t understand his purpose for catching Huo Mian .

“It’s not hard to understand . Hu Ao is my enemy and even boasted that he’d wipe out my team . He’s close with Qiao Nan, so I think there’s some conspiracy involved… Maybe Hu Ao also heard about the thing my dad has and wants to catch my sister . Of course, these are only my conjectures . ”

“Are you sure Hu Ao is behind it?”

“Didn’t you say those killers wore masks? Hu Ao has an assassin organization called White Tiger Hall, and its members like to wear masks on missions . I’m 100 percent sure they did it . Damn it… They dared to target my sister . ”

Lu Yan hadn’t been so angry even when Hu Ao announced that he would hunt her down . But when she realized he had tried to catch Huo Mian, Lu Yan went off like a bomb .

“Calm down . Hu Ao isn’t an ordinary guy and is not easy to deal with . He has lots of people in Thailand . ” Afraid Lu Yan would act rashly, Qin Chu tried to calm her down .

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