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Chapter 3574: 3574
3574 I“ll Marry No One But Lu Yan 4

“A small gang . Very insignificant . ”

Lu Yan spoke carefully with this guy; if she told him she was Qiao Fei’s fiancée, she’d be in trouble .

This guy was the Qiao Family’s biggest partner in Southeast Asia in recent years and the biggest arms dealer in this area—Hu Ao .

It was said he came from a rich family in Myanmar; only a little over 30 years old, he was already a ruthless man .

Qiao Nan had been very close to him, so Lu Yan had been wondering if Hu Ao was the guy who had been urging Qiao Nan to deal with her .

Since few people from the mafia gangs in the world had met Lu Yan in person, Hu Ao didn’t know he was talking to Lu Yan even though he wanted to catch her .

It was really ironic .

“I’m surprised that a small gang can have such a beautiful girl… Do you mind having a drink with me?”

“Mr . Hu, I guess I can’t refuse your offer . ”

“You know me?”

“Of course, you’re the most famous arms dealer in Southeast Asia . Everyone knows you . ”

“Haha… Young girl, you’re very funny… You look very young . Are you 20?”

Hu Ao looked the woman before him up and down, finding her not only exquisite but sexy .

She even had a little girl’s face, making a man want to press her under his body .

In the Golden Triangle that Hu Ao lived in, women didn’t have high social statuses .

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Only a bit over 30 years old, he had at least 21 wives and 26 children .

He had a big family, but none of his wives was a great beauty .

When he saw Lu Yan, he was drawn by her beauty and accosted her . He was pleased that the girl came from a small gang; awed by his reputation, any small gang in Asia would willingly give this woman to him in return for money or sponsorship, no matter if she was someone’s mistress or daughter .

“I’m not 20 yet . I’ve just reached 18 . ” Lu Yan smiled sweetly .

“18… Erm… Great age . Just a bud before blooming . ”

Hu Ao often had dealt with Chinese people and had learned some Chinese idioms .

“Wrong . A bud before blooming is used to describe small girls of about 14 years . I’m not that young . ”

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“Yeah . You’re near blooming . ” Hu Ao looked her up and down with a leer .

With a glass of wine in her hand, Lu Yan chatted with him patiently .

Not far from them, Qiao Fei was furious and was about to move toward them when his father stopped him . “Fei, I want you to meet this guy . ”

As he was dragged away, he sent Lu Yan a text message .

Although Lu Yan didn’t wear her watch, the tiny radio earbuds behind her ears could read out loud the text messages she received…

Five seconds later, Qiao Feil’s message came into her ears, “Lu Yan, don’t make trouble; stay away from Hu Ao . ”

Lu Yan chuckled, thinking, “Damn it . It’s Hu Ao who should stay away from me . If he knew whom he’s hitting on, his di*k would have turned soft in fear . ”

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“What are you thinking about?” Hu Ao leaned toward her and asked suggestively .

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