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Chapter 3571: 3571
Chapter 3571 I“ll Marry No One But Lu Yan 1

“Damn it… I’m going to a conference . ”

Her subordinates: “…”

“What are you waiting for? Drive the car…”

Sitting in the antique car, Lu Yan directed them crankily .

She only brought three subordinates, including the chauffeur; the rest were left in the hotel to keep an eye on things and guard Qiao Nan in the basement .

Lu Yan’s arrival stunned everyone…

Many people in the Asia Mafia Conference hadn’t met Lu Yan in person but had heard about her astonishing reputation .

When Lu Yan arrived, it was almost the end of the check-in time .

“It’s ridiculous . Even a mafia gathering looks like a red-carpet event . Whose damned idea is this?”

Lu Yan cursed in a low voice as she walked in .

“Hello . Can you tell us which house are you from?” the receptionist asked her in fluent English .

“I’m from the Qiao Family in Russia . ” Shamelessly, she took the name of Qiao Fei’s family .

If she told them she was Lu Yan, then bedlam would break out since some of the guests were her enemies and had had many of their members killed by her .

The Macao Mafia was one example . They had taken goods from a gang in Laos and killed their people, including the youngest son of the gang leader . Furious, the Laos gang leader paid Lu Yan 500 million yuan to wipe out the whole family of the leader of the Macao Mafia .

Lu Yan did the mission with her subordinates .

Even though the Macao Mafia had a new leader now, the old grudge was still there .

If they knew Lu Yan was here, they’d probably draw their guns .

“Do you have an invitation?” The receptionist tried to determine Lu Yan’s identity .

Lu Yan smiled and picked up her purse .

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Her subordinates thought their boss was going to draw out a gun and begin a killing spree .

However, she just took out a small mirror and freshened up her make-up in front of the receptionist .

She looked quite seductive .

“My boyfriend has my invitation…”

“Can you tell me the name of your boyfriend?”

Losing her patience, she was about to rail against the guy when Qiao Fei strode up to her side and held her against his side .

“Baby, you’re late . The meeting is about to begin…”

Lu Yan smiled stiffly as she suppressed her anger at Psycho Qiao for taking advantage of her .

“I’m sorry . We didn’t know she’s your girlfriend, Young Master Qiao . ”

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The receptionist saw she was indeed from the Russian Mafia and thus didn’t dare to ask more questions .

Qiao Fei walked her into the room with his arm around her waist .

Behind them, Lu Yan’s subordinates began to gossip among themselves .

“Young Master Qiao is cool; he dares to place his hand on our boss’s waist . If he was another man, she’d have broken his wrist . ”

“Nonsense . She’d have broken his neck . ”

“Yeah . Young Master Qiao is indeed a mighty guy… I think they are a perfect couple . ”

“Damn it . Can you remove your hand?”

Lu Yan felt uneasy as Qiao Fei held her tightly against his side .

“I haven’t scolded you yet . Why are you dressed like this?” Qiao Fei reprimanded her with a dark face .

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“Like what?” Lu Yan looked up and gave him a dirty look .

“You’re almost naked…” Qiao Fei liked to see Lu Yan’s sexy side, but he hated to have other men see this side of her .

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