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Chapter 3572: 3572
3572 I“ll Marry No One But Lu Yan 2

“Damn you . You’re almost naked . What are you talking about?”

Lu Yan felt she was dressed beautifully and thus was angry to hear Psycho Qiao’s lecture .

“What are you doing here?”

Qiao Fei was surprised to see her here since she hadn’t said she’d come .

“I was bored at the hotel, so I came here for free food . ”

Qiao Fei: “…”

“What’s that look on your face?”

“The Great Miss Lu Yan, one of the richest people in the world, said she’s here for free food . Do you think I’d believe you?”

“Hahaha, I’m just here for dinner . ”

“So, you took the name of our Qiao Family?”

“What do you think? If I said I’m the girlfriend of the bespectacled leader of the Taiwan Sanlian Gang, would you like it?”

“Then I’d kill him,” said Qiao Fei with a straight face .

“Right . So, to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, I took your name . ”

“Fine . You win…”

Lu Yan could always come up with a strange explanation but Qiao Fei wasn’t truly displeased with her . In fact, he was pleased when she told the receptionist that she came from the Qiao Family .

Of course, he wouldn’t let the happiness show on his face .

“Do you know how many enemies you have in here?” Qiao Fei asked in a low voice .

“Not many . There are over 20 gangs here; I made enemies with 15 of them . ”

“So… are you sure you’re not here to make trouble?”

Qiao Fei thought it was dangerous for Lu Yan to appear in this public place .

“It’s fine . None of them has seen my real face, not even your father . ”

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Hearing her words, Qiao Fei realized that she hadn’t worn a human skin mask today .

No matter where she went, on a mission or something else, she’d bring about 100 human skin masks in her suitcase .

Wearing any of them, she’d change into another person, or any person she wanted to pretend to be .

She had disguised herself as Amy so well that even Qiao Nan didn’t see through her .

At Lu Yan’s reminder, Qiao Fei looked down at her and realized she had come without a mask .

“Don’t you think it’s too risky?”

“It’ll be fine . This is more fun…”

“Be careful if the fun is too much for you to take…”

“But I still have you, right?” Lu Yan patted him on the chest, looking fearless .

Finally, Qiao Fei stopped scolding her; he took off his suit jacket and draped it around her shoulders .

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“That’s too hot . I don’t want it…”

“You can’t take it off . If you dare to take it off…”

“Then?” Lu Yan lifted her chin challengingly .

“Then I’ll tell everyone here that you’re Lu Yan . ”

“Damn it, that’s low…”

“So, stay low-profiled… After the dinner, move your little ass back to the hotel and sleep . ”

“Will you hate me if I kill your second elder brother?” Lu Yan murmured in a small voice .

“I don’t care . ”

From the look on Qiao Fei’s face, she knew he had no brotherly feelings for Qiao Nan .

She didn’t blame him; after all, Qiao Nan had tried several times to kill his younger brother to gain more benefits in the family .

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He even ordered Amy to put poison into Qiao Fei’s coffee . How could Qiao Fei regard him as a brother?

While they talked, an elderly man in a suit walked toward them . “Fei, I haven’t seen you in ages . You haven’t changed a bit…”

Lu Yan turned her head and saw the guy was a senior member of a Hongkong gang .

“Uncle Wu,” Qiao Fei greeted him .

“I haven’t seen you in years . I saw your father a moment ago and we talked about you… Huh… Is this your…girlfriend?” The guy glanced at Lu Yan .

“My fiancée,” Qiao Fei introduced her coolly and moved his hand from the back of her waist to her behind .

Lu Yan wanted to rail at him but she controlled herself since they were in a public place .

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