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Chapter 3570: 3570
Chapter 3570 Catfight 10

“Boss, we just got the news that Amy had been tortured to death by the people working under Mr . Qiao’s father . ”

“Oh? So soon?”

“Yeah . They were very cruel to her . To make her tell them Qiao Nan’s whereabouts, they used all kinds of ways to torture her and triggered the toxin in her body . It eroded her body and killed her . ”

“Where’s her body?”

“The people of the Qiao Family put it in a bag and tossed it into a river . Amy has no records in the whole world; even if the Thai police found the body, they won’t dig into the case, since she wasn’t a local citizen . ”

Lu Yan nodded . “Yeah, lots of people die in Thailand each day . No one will investigate it . ”

“That bitch is finally dead . She betrayed you and deserved to die long ago . ”

“Do you know what Amy’s biggest mistake was?” Lu Yan asked her subordinates .

“She shouldn’t have craved for Mr . Qiao . ”

“Wrong, that was only a small mistake . The biggest one was that she didn’t understand her relationship with me . She always thought she was my employee and subordinate, but she was wrong… I saved her life when she failed a mission and was hunted down by her many enemies and even her employer . She had nowhere to go and begged to work for me, saying she’d be my servant . But a servant wouldn’t disobey her master like this . ”

“She was too greedy and had a scheming mind . Boss, you were very good to her, giving her money and weapons… But she still tried to steal from you . ”

“Still these were not her mistakes; everyone is greedy . The only thing I couldn’t bear is her stupidity . Staying with me for so long, she didn’t learn anything . Working with Qiao Nan is a lousy idea since he is a big jerk . ”

“Oh, Boss, shall we keep Qiao Nan locked in the basement or just kill him . ?”

“Of course we can’t kill him . I’m waiting for a big fish to take the bait . ” Lu Yan smiled .

“Okay . We’ll continue watching him . ”

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“Where’s Psycho Qiao?”

“He went to the conference with his father . ”

“Well . With Qiao Nan missing, he finally remembered his youngest son . I can only say that Uncle Qiao… is old and muddled in the head…”

“Boss, what about us? Shall we stay at the hotel?”

“Of course not . I’ll change clothes now . Wait for me downstairs in five minutes . ”

“Where are we going?” They were surprised .

“We’ll go to the convention . How can I miss the Asia Mafia Conference?” Lu Yan smiled devilishly .

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Five minutes later when Lu Yan came downstairs, her subordinates’ jaws dropped when they saw her .

Usually, Lu Yan wore tight leggings and a black windbreaker so she could fight with convenience .

The only time she was dressed up like a socialite was in China when Huo Mian put those dresses on her .

With her beauty, she was stunning even in ordinary clothes .

However, since she spent most of her time hunting down enemies and being hunted down, she was most familiar with the bathrobes in hotels .

Her subordinates had never seen her dressed so sexy and stunning .

The pale pink knee-length evening gown exposed her shoulders and neck; in place of her regular watch was a Cartier bracelet that cost hundreds of thousands of yuan .

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Her long hair was pulled up in a bun behind her head, exposing the expensive pearl earrings; in her hand was a Hermes purse .

She was dressed like a social lady in the top rung of the world .

“Boss… Are you going to enter the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant?” one of her subordinates blurted out .

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