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Chapter 3569: 3569
Chapter 3569 Catfight 9

“Oh . It’s okay . I know he doesn’t care for me . ” Zeng Rou smiled self-mockingly .

“No . Miss Zeng, President Su feels… torn . As a friend, he’s supposed to come and see you, but… he’s afraid to give you wrong ideas and get your hopes up . He doesn’t want to hurt you . ”

An was an honest man, but it was awkward to speak the obvious .

Finally, Zeng Rou got angry .

“You tell Su Yu, even if he wants to marry me, I won’t marry him . Don’t think he’s the only good man in the whole world . Narcissism is an illness; he needs to seek treatment for it . ”

“Okay, I’ll tell him that when I get back,” An said honestly .

Zeng Rou was even more furious .

“Miss Zeng, do you want to eat some fruits? Shall I wash one for you?”

“No . Just put them down . ” Zeng Rou waved her hand, feeling impatient with An .

“What do you want to eat? I’ll go and buy it for you . ”

“No, you didn’t buy lotus leaf rice noodles for me . ” Seeing An only came with a flower basket and a fruit basket, Zeng Rou was piqued .

“Oh, I forgot about it . I’ll go and buy it now . ”

An patted his forehead in guilt and turned to go .

But Zeng Rou stopped him . “Forget it . When you come back, I’ll have no appetite for it . ”

“Miss Zeng, I’m truly sorry . It’s my fault…”

“Forget it . Anyway, I’m not Lu Yan and you won’t remember these details . ”

As she spoke, she watched An’s reaction and saw his shyness .

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He thought his feelings for Lu Yan was a secret, but it seemed all the people in the world knew it .

“Don’t be shy . It’s not a crime to like someone,” Zeng Rou comforted him .

An nodded and didn’t know what to say .

“An, are you in touch with Lu Yan after she left?”

“No . ”

“You don’t know the number she uses abroad?”

“No . ”

“I thought you were familiar with her . Why don’t you have the number?” Zeng Rou seemed interested in Lu Yan, although her superior had warned her many times not to investigate Lu Yan; if Lu Yan found out about them, the consequences would be severe .

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But Zeng Rou thought Huo Mian wasn’t as close to Professor Lu as Lu Yan . After all, Lu Yan had grown up with her father .

In contrast, Huo Mian had grown up in an ordinary family; despite her identity, she knew nothing about those secrets .

“Nothing will come out of me and Lu Yan . She’s…” An paused and then continued, “She’s way out of my league and has countless amounts of money . I’m only a lowly bodyguard . ”

“So what? Bodyguards are a great and honorable job . I think true love is everything you need,” Zeng Rou soothed him, trying to get An to talk more about Lu Yan .

“Forget it . Your point is not right . Just look at President Su… He’s loved Dr . Huo for years and would die for her, but he still can’t be with her . Many factors can decide if you can end up with your loved one . But none of them works in my favor . ”

“Don’t lose heart . Boy, when Lu Yan comes back next time, tell me, and I’ll speak for you . ” Zeng Rou gave An a comforting look .

“Next time… Hehe . I don’t know how long that will be…” An didn’t know when Lu Yan would return; even if she returned, she might not appear in public . At this thought, An felt a wave of despair .

– In Thailand in East Asia –

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As Zeng Rou and An talked about Lu Yan, Lu Yan felt her ears turn red for no reason .

“Who’s badmouthing me behind my back? Damn it…” Lu Yan leaped out of her bed feeling cranky .

“Boss, we got some information . ”

“Come in,” Lu Yan yelled and grabbed a bathrobe to wrap it around her .

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