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Published at 7th of September 2020 04:00:18 AM
Chapter 3566: 3566
Chapter 3566 Catfight 6

“You’re the new girl . If he defended you, he’d anger the others . ”

“So I had to take the blame?” Han Yueyao smiled in resignation .

“No, you’re too good for them to ignore you . They’ll find any excuse to make your life miserable . Still, you talked back to Gao Yaruo even though you know she has connections . ”

“Yeah . Her backer is her aunt, who was the agent for that superstar, Nie Lingxuan . ”

“Then do you know the relationship between Superstar Nie and President Su?”

“What is it?” Han Yueyao was puzzled since she only knew Nie Lingxuan was an list star and had gone abroad .

“She’s rumored to be President Su’s girlfriend . ”

“Oh, I heard about that . ”

“But you don’t know the details . President Su was the reason that Nie Lingxuan went abroad, so he felt guilty to her and is nice to the people around her . When Gao Yaruo came, Nie Lingxuan had called President Su and asked him to take care of her . He must keep his words . ”

“Oh, I see…”

“So you must watch your words in the future . ”

“Xiaoxiao, I want to quit the training . ”

“Why?” Su Xiaoxiao didn’t sound surprised .

“I think the life of a trainee doesn’t fit me . I don’t want to make my debut as part of a team or as a solo performer . ”

“What do you want?”

“I want to shoot dramas and make money, just like you . My purpose is making money anyway . ”

“Who do you think you are? Without connections or money, how can you get roles? Sis, you’re so naïve . ”

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“I’m not naïve . I can start by playing little characters . I can work hard and am willing to take roles with very few scenes . I’d do walk-on parts . ”

“Walk-on parts? Don’t be silly… After I leave, you and Gao Yaruo are the most talented girls among the current trainees, and President Su will promote you guys; he’d help you release a single and do some hyping on the internet, then you’d become popular . If you do work as an extra, you never know when you’d rise to fame . ”

“It doesn’t matter . I don’t want to be a big shot anyway . ”

“That’s strange . I wonder why you entered an entertainment company . ”

Su Xiaoxiao found Han Yueyao’s thoughts were weird .

“In fact, I have second thoughts about it too . If I knew this road was so difficult, I should have taken the job as a dance teacher . ” Han Yueyao smiled bitterly .

“Forget being a dance teacher since you can’t do it for the rest of your life . You must make good use of Dr . Huo; she’d be a great help to you . ”

“I don’t want to be indebted to people . I will return the favors she did to me . Oh, have some fruit . ”

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Han Yueyao handed a piece of fruit to her .

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t take it; instead, she saw the bag that Huo Mian had given to Han Yueyao .

“A Gucci dress? Nice…”

“You mean this? I didn’t buy the dress; it’s from Sister Huo Mian . ”

To avoid unnecessary questions, Han Yueyao skipped the part about Mrs . Su .

“The dress costs tens of thousands of yuan . She’s really good to you . ”

“Yeah . Sister Huo Mian is very nice to me, so I must work harder and not let her down . ”

Han Yueyao didn’t open the bag because she didn’t intend to wear the dress that cost tens of thousands of yuan with a pair of flats that cost about 100 yuan .

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She was no princess and didn’t want to pretend as one . It was tiring .

Mrs . Su was well-intentioned, but Han Yueyao felt that this dress was too luxurious for her .

“If I were Huo Mian, I’d get a divorce and marry President Su,” Su Xiaoxiao stood up to extinguish the cigarette butt and said suddenly .

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