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Published at 7th of September 2020 04:00:17 AM
Chapter 3567: 3567
Chapter 3567 Catfight 7

“President Su is very good to Sister Mian . ”

Han Yueyao recalled carefully and found Su Yu wasn’t a patient man and all the people in the company dreaded his temper .

But when they had supper together that day, Su Yu had looked at Huo Mian with such gentleness in his eyes that it seemed as if he was the gentlest guy in the whole world .

She thought about the impression that Huo Mian gave her and found the latter had a great personality even though she wasn’t a great beauty .

Huo Mian was quiet, smart, and low-key, which were enough to make a man love her for the rest of his life…

“If you were Huo Mian, would you choose Qin Chu or Su Yu?” Su Xiaoxiao asked her .

“I’m not familiar with President Qin, but I think the love between them must be very deep since Sister Mian had never given up on him no matter what happened . President Su is good, too, but he came late in her life while Qin Chu met her when they were in school . He has to accept it . ”

“I see your thoughts are very traditional . ” Su Xiaoxiao glanced at her with a smile .

“Of course . My parents always say that one can be poor or unsuccessful but has to maintain one’s integrity and never do things immoral; one should never break up a couple . ”

“Are your parents teachers?” Su Xiaoxiao guessed .

“My mom is a teacher . ”

“No wonder…” Su Xiaoxiao chuckled .

“What are you laughing about?”

“Nothing… Okay, I’m sleepy and have to go to bed now . ”

Su Xiaoxiao changed into her nightgown and went into the bathroom to take a shower .

Lying in bed, Han Yueyao got drowsy and was about to fall asleep when her cell phone beeped, signaling the coming of a WeChat message .

She picked it up and saw the message came from Su Yu .

“Come out . ”

“To where?”

“To WeChat . Where do you think?”

“What’s up?”

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“What do you think of today’s incident?” Su Yu typed out this question .

“I can only say you were blind today, President Su . ”

“?” Su Yu replied with a question mark, thinking she had made a typo .

“Didn’t you see those scheming bitches put on a drama and told you lies about me? Weren’t you blinded by their tricks?”

“Did someone hack into your account? Do you know who you’re talking to?” Su Yu asked patiently .

“Yeah, you’re right . I’m Qin Shi Huang . Transfer money now and I’ll make you into a terrcotta warrior . ”

Remembering the joke on the internet, she decided to use it on Su Yu to vent her anger .

Su Yu: “…”

“It seems I’ve got to have these trainees checked tomorrow for mental diseases . The company will fire the mad girls no matter who recommended them . ”

Reading his serious words, Han Yueyao almost laughed out loud .

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She remained silent .

Then Su Yu explained, “Tomorrow, you’ll quit from the trainees’ class . ”

“You are firing me? That’s what I get for my hard work in the last couple of days? You must pay for my return trip then . ”

“Who said you’re fired?” Su Yu replied in resentment .

“You mean…”

“Tomorrow, you go to the performance department and I’ll arrange for you to have commercial shows . You’re a dancer, right?”

“Um… Yeah… Do I get paid for the shows?” Han Yueyao asked cautiously .

“You get all the pay . The company doesn’t take a penny from you . ”

“Haha . Great . I like it . ” Han Yueyao was happy .

“When you’re not doing shows, learn acting from the teachers in the performance department . I’ll arrange for you to have some parts in the new movies or TV series . Of course, you can’t have the lead roles,” Su Yu told her .

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“No problem . I can play corpses so long as I get paid,” Han Yueyao replied enthusiastically .

Su Yu fell silent again .

This girl was definitely not a normal person; what did Huo Mian dump into his hands?

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