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Published at 7th of September 2020 04:00:18 AM
Chapter 3565: 3565
Chapter 3565 Catfight 5

“You heard about it already?”

“In this place, gossip travels faster than anything else . Those bitches are babbling about it in their Moments . ”

“Yeah, I had a little conflict with Gao Yaruo . ”

“That’s nothing unusual . She can get along with no one…”

“You’re not friends with them?”

“Of course not . We despise each other . They say I sell my body . Damn it, I have a great body to sell, but no one wants to buy them even if they had plastic surgeries . ”

Han Yueyao: “…”

Su Xiaoxiao’s words were frank and full of filthy words, making it hard for Han Yueyao to respond . But she liked this girl and cherished her frankness . No matter what Su Xiaoxiao did with her personal life, she wasn’t a two-faced girl and spoke her mind frankly .

Han Yueyao felt lucky to have her as a roommate; if she shared a room with any of the other women, she’d die of fury .

“Don’t worry . President Su won’t kick you out . ”

“Why are you so sure of it?” Han Yueyao glanced at her, wondering about her confidence .

“Because President Su loves Dr . Huo and you’re recommended by Dr . Huo . Not to mention an argument with Gao Yaruo, even if you dug her ancestors out of their graves, he’d not fire you . ”

“Hahaha… Don’t worry . I never dig graves . That’s too mean . ” Giggling hysterically, Han Yueyao found Su Xiaoxiao was fun to talk to .

“It was just a metaphor; I’m not suggesting you do it . ”

“I know . You’re so funny . I like talking to you . It’s relaxing to be with you . ”

“Are you afraid to be the target of gossip as my friend?”

“You’re not afraid of them, why should I be?” Han Yueyao chuckled .

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“In fact, you have good potential . Why didn’t you ask Dr . Huo to find a role for you? It’s a waste of time to work as a lowly trainee . ”

“I’m not that greedy . I don’t have a personal friendship with Dr . Huo . She helped me as a favor to her friend, so I don’t want to ask too much from her . ”

“No wonder… Do you know Dr . Huo’s surrogate younger brother?” Leaning on the headboard, Su Xiaoxiao lit a cigarette . She didn’t even ask for Han Yueyao’s permission, but she never played by the rules .

“I don’t know . I came from another city . ”

“Do you know Ni Yang?”

“I do . He’s super handsome . I like his songs, but unfortunately, he stopped releasing new songs and shooting new movies after he got married . ”

“Well, Ni Yang is Dr . Huo’s surrogate brother . ”


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“It seems you know nothing about her . What’s more, Dr . Huo has lots of connections; her husband is loaded . If she wants to promote someone into the list, she has money to pave the way… With her relationship with President Su, she could get you a female lead role with a few words with him . ”

“Forget it . I’m a dancer and have no experience with acting . I know my limitations . ”

“Maybe… you can join me . I’ll take you out and gain some experience,” offered Su Xiaoxiao .


“Of course, if you’re afraid, just forget it . After all, the people in my circle are not so nice . ”

“No . I just don’t want to impose on you since I’m nobody to you . ”

“It’s fine . My enemy’s enemy is my friend . ” Su Xiaoxiao coughed after choking on some smoke and laughed at her own words .

“Do you hate Su Yu for lecturing you today?” she looked at Han Yueyao and asked in amusement .

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“Yeah, I was dumbfounded . I can’t believe he’d believe the acting of a group scheming bitches…” Remembering how Su Yu reprimanded her, Han Yueyao felt hurt .

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