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Chapter 3564: 3564
Chapter 3564 Catfight 4

“My sister-in-law is extraordinary . Don’t underestimate her . ”

Qin Chu smiled but didn’t speak more about the topic .

“I’m a bit hungry . Want to go and grab a bite?” Gao Ran checked his watch .

“Sure . ”

“On you?” Gao Ran smirked shamelessly .

“It’s on me every time . ”

“But you’re rich… Heihei, you’re much richer than I am . ”

“Chief Gao, I know you’re honest and don’t take bribes; you even hand every penny of your salary to your wife . ”

“You’re not like me . Your wife doesn’t want your salary,” Gao Ran said with envy .

“My wife has no interest in money,” Qin Chu explained .

“No sh-t . Your wife is too rich to have an interest in money… . Vice Director Huo is a rich woman . I must tell my son to cozy up to his future mother-in-law, so she’ll give him more money, or the boy from the Wei Family might take it all . ”

“You sound so sure that my Little Bean will marry your son . ” Mr . Qin felt sour .

“It will happen sooner or later . My Boyuan treats Little Bean much better than he treats me or his mom… He’s so considerate and thoughtful of Little Bean . Of course, Chu, you’d better prepare billions of yuan for the dowry; when they get married, just transfer the money to my bank account . ”

“Aren’t you afraid the municipal public security bureau will investigate you for money laundering?”

“No . Before my son’s wedding, I’ll just quit my job . ”

“You’re the most shameless public security bureau chief I’ve ever seen,” Qin Chu insulted him .

“Haha . Thank you for the compliment . ”

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Gao Ran threw an arm around Qin Chu’s shoulders and they walked out of the bureau to get a night meal .

Meanwhile, Han Yueyao didn’t feel resentful after Su Yu gave her a lecture .

After all, she had expected the bullying in this place and had seen lots of such catfights in the dance academy .

If Su Yu truly had a low opinion about her because of this incident and kicked her out, she’d resign to her fate .

However, she knew Su Yu wouldn’t do it due to his concern for Huo Mian .

She had no interest in dealing with Gao Yaruo, thinking catfights were the most useless thing in the world; she’d rather play a round of King of Glory .

Returning to her room, she didn’t have an appetite for supper . Washing a few pieces of the fruits that Huo Mian gave to her, she put them on the bedside cabin and began playing the game on her cellphone .

At this moment, the door opened .

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Han Yueyao sat up and said, “You’re back . ”

Drenched in alcohol fumes, Su Xiaoxiao dropped onto her bed and grunted a reply .

“Are you drunk?”

“Might be . Please get me some water . Thank you,” Su Xiaoxiao slurred out the words .

“Okay . ”

Pudding down her cellphone, Han Yueyao stood up and poured her a glass of hot water; afraid it would scald her tongue, she added some cold water from the drinking fountain .

She handed the warm water to Su Xiaoxiao; the latter drained it in one breath .

“Is the… smell of alcohol on me very strong?”

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“Yeah . How much did you drink?” Han Yueyao asked .

“I don’t remember . About 8 bottles . ” Su Xiaoxiao touched her head as she tried to recall .

“You can really hold your liquor . ” Han Yueyao was exasperated .

“I heard you had a fight with them today…” With her spirits returning a bit, Su Xiaoxiao looked up at Han Yueyao .

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