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Published at 5th of September 2020 05:55:07 AM
Chapter 3559: 3559

Chapter 3559 A Devil in a Mask 9

“No . I didn’t tell him . ”

“You… don’t want to tell him?”

“No . I don’t want him to think that I’m using this excuse to see him… The relationship between us is… awkward . ”

“Okay . Get a good rest here . I’m familiar with the doctors in the Orthopedics Department and I’ll do checks on you regularly . Tell me what you want to eat, and I’ll have the cook in my home make them for you . Living alone in the hospital is not easy; just tell me if you need anything . ”

“Okay . ” Zeng Rou nodded .

“Then I’ll go and do rounds . ” Huo Mian stood up .

“Oh, by the way, Huo Mian, did your sister leave?”

“Yeah . She left . Why ask?”

“Nothing . I just think Lu Yan’s fun and want to hang out with her . ”

“She already left . ”

Huo Mian didn’t say much about Lu Yan; she wouldn’t talk about Lu Yan with anyone .

Since it was the first time that Zeng Rou asked about Lu Yan, Huo Mian didn’t get suspicious .

During lunchtime in the hospital’s cafeteria .

Mrs . Su found Huo Mian and took a seat across from her .

“Auntie Su, are you busy today?”

“No, I’m not busy . Mian, have you contacted Yao lately?”

“I haven’t . I just came back from a business trip . ”

“Oh… I see . ”

“What? Did anything happen to her?”

“No . But she’s been here for days and I haven’t visited her yet . I have two dresses that I bought in Europe and want to give them to her . But you know my appearance in Yu’s company always causes a stir, so…”

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“Give them to me . I’ll bring them to her after work . ”

As smart as Huo Mian was, she knew Mrs . Su’s intention immediately .

“I don’t want to trouble you…”

“It’s no trouble for me . Auntie, we’ve known each other for a long time . You like Han Yueyao and bought gifts for her; I’ll help you deliver it . Anyway, I told Su Yu she’s my cousin . ”

“Right . I think so, too . Mian, you’re so thoughtful . Thank you . ”

After lunch with Mrs . Su, Huo Mian returned to her office with the bag .

After work, she asked the chauffeur and bodyguards to escort her to Imperial Star first .

The trainees got off work late; when Huo Mian entered, they were still practicing in the dance room .

Sitting outside of the dance room, Huo Mian waited patiently with the bag in her hand while the bodyguards stood around her alertly .

At this moment, some nosy girl in the dance room glanced out of the window and murmured, “Look, isn’t that Mrs . Qin?”

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“You’re right . I haven’t seen her for a long time . Her skin is great; even in pregnancy, she looks good without make-up . ”

“You think so? I think she looks ordinary . I don’t understand why our big boss President Su likes her so much . ”

“You don’t understand it, so shut up . They say the woman has a high EQ and does things flawlessly . President Su loves her very much, or he wouldn’t have remained single for so many years . ”

The women gossiped with each other animatedly .

Han Yueyao didn’t speak; she turned her head and met Huo Mian’s eyes, signaling politely that she’d be out soon .

Huo Mian smiled at her .

After a dozen seconds or so, the class was finally dismissed .

Wiping sweat from her forehead, Han Yueyao headed out of the door .

“Han Yueyao knows Huo Mian?” The class president Gao Yaruo finally found the secret .

“My gosh . I was wondering how she could get into our class when she came so late . She was shameless to claim she didn’t enter the company through connections,” the other girls railed against her .

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“Sister Mian, I’m sorry to keep you waiting . ”

“It’s fine . Take a seat and have a break . ”

Huo Mian took out a wet wipe from her bag and handed it to Han Yueyao .

“Sister Mian, you came to see me for something ?”

“Um… Auntie Su asked me to give you these . ” Huo Mian handed her the dresses .

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