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Chapter 3558: 3558

Chapter 3558 A Devil in a Mask 8

“How come she’s in our hospital?”

“I don’t know . She seems to have gotten an injury and was just transferred to our hospital . I heard people in the hospital say she’s Secretary Zeng’s daughter; even Director Wu went to the VIP ward to see her . ”

“Which department is she in?”

“Orthopedics . It’s said she has an old wound on her leg . ”

“Okay . I’ll go and see her . ”

She had planned to call Zeng Rou to ask about the incident that day and thank her .

Knowing Zeng Rou was an inpatient in the hospital, Huo Mian was stunned .

In the luxurious VIP ward at South Side .

This time, Zeng Rou didn’t disguise her identity so there were bodyguards stationed at the door .

With young nurses taking care of her in the ward, she now had the style of a girl from a wealthy family .

“Stop . Who are you?”

The bodyguard didn’t know Huo Mian and stopped her .

“This is our Vice Director Huo . ” Chen Jie gave the bodyguard a hard look .

Glancing at the name tag on Huo Mian’s chest, he let them in .

When Huo Mian entered, Zeng Rou was playing on her cellphone .

Beside her, a young nurse was carefully peeling an apple for her .

“Zeng Rou . ”

“Huh? Huo Mian, nice to see you… I thought you’d rest at home for a few days . How come you returned to work so soon?”

Zeng Rou was happy to see Huo Mian .

“Yeah . We got lots of things to do in the hospital and I can’t take a leave right now . What happened to you?”

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“Um… I can’t say . Forget it . Just don’t ask . ”

“What? Did those cops hurt you after I was gone?”

Huo Mian had felt guilty leaving Zeng Rou behind .

Seeing Huo Mian’s guilt, Zeng Rou found it easy to act .

“Oh . It’s okay . I’m fine . ”

“How did you get hurt?”

“I… fell . I fell when I was shopping . ”

“Don’t lie to me…” Seeing the uneasiness in Zeng Rou’s face, Huo Mian didn’t buy it .

“Guys, leave the room; I want to talk to my friend in private . ”

Zeng Rou looked up and sent all the other people out of the room .

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Chen Jie also followed them out of the room .

“After you were gone, the cops indeed caught up with us . They were rough to me and even smashed my cell phone onto the ground . I got furious and scratched his face . Haha . ”

“Did they do anything to you?” Huo Mian looked anxious .

“I’m fine . Later on, the army arrived, summoned there by my father’s secretary, and they escorted us home . ”

“How did you get injured?” Huo Mian looked at her leg bound in plaster .

“Thinking I was safe, I went shopping . Some guy pushed me from behind; fortunately, the stairs were not high, or I’d be dead . To add insult to injury, it exasperated the old wound I got in the car crash in Singapore, so I got hospitalized in the provincial hospital . But the doctors claimed that South Side Recuperation Center was the best in orthopedics in the province, so my dad had them transfer me here . ”

“It’s a big deal . Why didn’t you call me?” Huo Mian felt guilty .

“It’s no big deal . I’m not crippled . It’s just a small injury . ”

“Did you see the guy who pushed you?” Huo Mian asked .

“No . But my dad said… I might have ruined someone’s plan, so they retaliated . ”

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“I’m sorry . Zeng Rou, I dragged you into this…” Huo Mian was full of remorse .

No matter whether Qin Chu suspected Zeng Rou or not, Huo Mian knew Zeng Rou had saved her and even got wounded for it .

“No, it’s not your fault . ” Zeng Rou smiled with a shrug .

“Does Su Yu know you’re hospitalized?” Huo Mian suddenly remembered Zeng Rou’s previous relationship with Su Yu .

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