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Published at 5th of September 2020 05:55:07 AM
Chapter 3560: 3560

Chapter  3560 A Devil in a Mask 10

“What are these?”

Looking at the exquisite bag in Huo Mian’s hand, Han Yueyao didn’t reach out her hands .

“Dresses . ”

“Sister Mian, I can’t accept them . ”

“Why not?”

“I’ve used Auntie Su once; I can’t accept such expensive gifts from her . ”

Glancing at the logo on the bag, she knew the dresses of the brand were expensive .

Although she came from an ordinary family, she didn’t want to take advantage of other people’s kindness .

Huo Mian understood her feelings .

“You must understand the old lady’s eagerness to see her son married . This is Auntie Su’s gift for you; just take it . If you feel guilty, you can buy gifts for her when you have money . ”

“Sister Mian, you don’t blame me?” Han Yueyao was surprised at Huo Mian’s benign tone .

“For what?”

“For entering Imperial Star with this despicable trick . ” Han Yueyao lowered her head .

“No . In fact, I appreciate your frankness . You told me you’d never do anything to hurt Su Yu and just want to be a performer and earn money . There’s nothing wrong with that . ”

Huo Mian smiled warmly .

Coming to the strange city with no friends or family, Han Yueyao felt touched by Huo Mian’s kindness to her even though she knew Huo Mian did it as a favor to Auntie Su .

“Then I’ll take them; I don’t want to make things difficult for you, Sister Mian . ”

Han Yueyao took the bag graciously .

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“Good . ”

“Sister Mian, will the baby arrive soon?”

“Not for a while…” Touching her belly, Huo Mian chuckled .

“You must take good care of yourself and the little baby . ”

“I will . Yao, I’ve got to go now . If you need anything, just PM me . I can’t have supper with you today . ”

“Oh . It’s fine . ”

“Oh, by the way, this is for you . ”

Huo Mian handed her a food bag .

“This is…” Not knowing what was in the bag, Han Yueyao didn’t dare to take it .

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After all, people like Huo Mian and Su Yu used things worth exorbitant prices and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to return the favor if she accepted their expensive gifts .

“I bought some fresh fruits in the supermarket to make juice for my daughters . Seeing the peaches and sweet melons were quite fresh today, I bought some for you . Fruits are good for the skin . ”

Seeing it wasn’t something valuable, Han Yueyao took the bag .

“Thank you, Sister Mian . ”

“You’re welcome . See you . ”

Then Huo Mian stood up and left with her bodyguards .

Han Yueyao returned to the classroom with the fruits and found her classmates were looking at her with strange eyes .

“Didn’t you say you hadn’t used connections to enter the company? But you know Huo Mian?” Gao Yaruo demanded in an aggressive way .

“So what? Is it illegal to know Huo Mian?” Han Yueyao replied in a cold voice .

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“Don’t play dumb with us . Everyone here knows Huo Mian is our President Su’s friend . With such a big backer, you still pretended to be a newbie . Disgusting . ”

“Yeah . Han Yueyao, I didn’t know you’re such a scheming bitch . I was so nice to you . ”

Seeing Gao Yaruo start the confrontation, the other girls walked up, too .

“It’s funny to see you guys speak in this way . Even if I entered the company through my connections, what’s it to do with you? Gao Yaruo, if your aunt wasn’t Nie Lingxuan’s agent, how could you enter the company? Don’t think I know nothing just because I came from another city . It’s like the pot calling the kettle black . ”

“What did you say? Who’s the pot?” Angry, Gao Yaruo rushed over and caught Han Yueyao’s collar .

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