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Chapter 3557: 3557

Chapter 3557 A Devil in a Mask 7

“Yeah . The family, their partners in crime, and the cops pursuing you are all dead . ”

“Those people did it?”

Huo Mian referred to the people who offered 2 million to buy her .

She had known those people were evil, but the human traffickers were blinded by money and didn’t listen to Huo Mian’s advice, or they wouldn’t have been killed .

“I think so . ”

“Fortunately, we got away in time . Those people are ruthless . I wonder if they were sent by that evil guy Ian . ” Huo Mian only knew Ian and his brother Nalo wanted to catch her and weren’t aware of other forces .

“I’ll get to the bottom of it . ” Qin Chu had been on guard . Obviously, these people couldn’t catch Lu Yan and decided to target the easy prey that was Huo Mian, but Huo Mian hadn’t even realized how dangerous the situation was for her .

It was no longer a simple case of human trafficking . Even though the human traffickers were real, they were hunted down before they went out to find a buyer . It showed how powerful their enemies’ intelligence network was . They were surrounded by spies .

Seeing her husband’s sulky face, Huo Mian didn’t dare to say more, planning to make some of his favorite dishes to soothe Mr . Qin and comfort his scared heart .

“Honey, you didn’t tell anyone about this incident, right?”

Qin Chu was silent .

“Don’t tell Mom and Dad . They are old and can’t take the scare . We must keep it from the kids, too . ”

“Now you’re concerned . What were you thinking?” Despite not having the heart to scold her much, Qin Chu couldn’t help but say .

“They say pregnant women get silly . My IQ plummeted . Haha . ”

Huo Mian mocked herself with a smirk, trying to placate Mr . Qin .

After Zeng Rou and her two girlfriends were escorted back to the provincial capital, she went to see the mysterious figure again .

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“How did it go?”

“Very well . ”

“Did Huo Mian suspect you?”

“I’m not sure . She’s smart and the timing of my appearance was a bit too coincidental . But… our people didn’t kill Zhu Darong and when Qin Chu finds out who did it, we’d be in the clear . ”

‘Good . ”

“Sir, I don’t understand why we discontinued the line of Su Yu . ”

“I got the information that his mother arranged a woman for him . I’m afraid things would get messy if you returned . Then we’d waste our time without getting any useful information . After all, you saved Huo Mian and she’d be grateful no matter how smart she is . ”

“So what do I do now?”

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“You’ll be hospitalized . ”

“Hospitalized?” Zeng Rou frowned, not understanding his meaning .

“You have no reason to return to C City, so we must create one . Since Huo Mian is a doctor, you must return as a patent . ”

“Got it . What illness… should I assume?” Zeng Rou was afraid to disobey the man .

That night, when Zeng Rou went shopping in a mall, she was pushed down the stairs and got a slight concussion .

On the next day, she was transferred from the provincial hospital to the South Side Recuperation Center .

Huo Mian didn’t know this until Chen Jie mentioned it the next morning .

“Sister Mian, you know Zeng Rou, right?”

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“Yeah . Why ask?”

“She’s now an inpatient in our hospital . ”

“What?” Huo Mian was surprised . She found Zeng Rou kept crossing paths with her lately, and it gave her a strange feeling .

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